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echo dot to turn light bulb

With the technology going far behind the human imagination the Amazon echo is one of the devices that can help any individual to turn his home into a smart home. In our busy lives it is becoming quite difficult at times to take care of every titbit and if we have the technology for the same then living in such a home can be a bliss. So automate your lights with alexa is one the best home automation idea. In this article we will explain how does alexa turn on lights?

Amazon Alexa if they are just used for the Bluetooth speaker or for asking about the weather of the day, then do know that there are many software in the market providing such kind of services.

Alexa can help your living comfortably and allow you to perform actions all over the space by just sitting at a corner. Installing and using voice activated lights couples with Alexa is a fine example of such kind. Alexa powered echo dot bulbs are readily available online and offer as per the customers usability.

Alexa technical details to control light

Amazon Alexa is a smart Artificial Intelligent assistant to support and control every appliance of the house that supports the electricity of your house using the voice terminals. For the same, you need to buy an Amazon echo Dot for your home.

If you want another portable Bluetooth speaker, you can look for Amazon Tap which arrives with Alexa and can be connected to the original echo. The network needs a wired connection to a power outlet. To know about how Alexa turn on lights, you can go through the below guide to know in details.

Why should you connect your home with the Alexa device?

There have been many debates putting Alexa into question to make the usage of Alexa Compatible devices and why the efforts should be made for buying and synchronizing for your home. To answer this experiencing Alexa is recommended as it makes sense to control your home with just a single button. The device arrives with many functionalities like “what can you ask Alexa” so that user can be aware of the Alexa features and commands.

Alexa is exceptionally adaptable as per your home technical equipment and synchronize their working and put all of them together to be used as one. With a single command, you can control multiple lightings, switches, smart plug Alexa and various other devices installed in your home. This is one of the best way to automate your home. The users can set the mood for the whole house which means with the single action you can turn all lights off  before you go to bed, be ready for some TV time, etc.

How can the users set up any smart device through Alexa?

For the same, you need to scroll down the instructions of your device like Amazon floor lamps, Echo dot light bulb, etc. But make sure that equipment is installed successfully and is working correctly through the application installed. These instructions are applicable for any devices, if they are not Amazon made too, as you need to install them properly from their implementation and form their ecosystem before connecting through Alexa.

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How to get Started to know about Alexa ?

If you do have smart lightning mounted in your home supporting Alexa integration, with Amazon you can choose from a full list of lighting options from multiple brands. The user is suggested to follow the manufacturer’s instructions to connect your lighting system with your home Wi-Fi for the Alexa to control them.

Below is the instruction to help you out to know how does Alexa switch on the lights:

add your device in alexa to control lights
  • Download and launch the Alexa Application on your mobile phone
  • You will find three lines at the top left corner of your mobile screen termed as a menu icon, tap on the same.
  • Now Tap on the smart home.
  • Click on Add device and wait for Alexa to discover your device.
discover the device in alexa to turn on and off the lights

Now you can scroll downwards to check the newly added smart echo dot light bulb, and the same will appear in your device list.

Things to consider:

Before you start connecting your lights with Alexa below are the few crucial things you need to know about:

  • The smart bulb, hub or voice activated light switch you are looking forward to joining should be compatible with Alexa.
  • The manufacturer’s instructions can be check to set up the Alexa dot or smart devices before you look for connecting them to Alexa. These features can include the terminologies like “Living Room Switch,” “Bedroom Light,” and “Hallway,” as this will allow you to remember about them quite easily.
  • If you have not downloaded the Alexa Application than you should download it and connect through the same wireless network.

How you can connect a smart bulb with Alexa?

For making the connection of a bedroom lamps Amazon with the Alexa try to look for the directions from the manufacturers for the installation of the lamp. While connecting the bulb, the manufacturer’s instructions are essential as it will help you in identifying if there is any other hub other than Alexa involved.

  • Use your mobile and open up your Amazon Alexa application.
  • Now tap on the menu button which appears like three horizontal lines placed in the upper left corner of the home screen.
  • Look forward to the button named as Smart Home in the menu category
  • Try the make sure that you select the devices tab and then look forward to the button displaying Add device. Now the Alexa starts searching for the compatible devices, and the list will display the devices available within the vicinity.
  • The smart light option will also be listed in the respective category. The user can identify the same easily as it will be displayed as a bulb icon with the light name that was assigned by you during initial set up.
  • The last step is comprised of tapping on the light names and completing the setup.

Connecting the smart switch with Alexa:

how to connect smart switch with alexa

For connecting Alexa with the smart switch, the user must install the switch first. Most of the smart voice activated light switches require the user to install the hardware set up directly in their home wiring system, look forward to the manufacturer instructions for installing the switch directly. If you have any doubt refers to one of the certified electricians for ensuring that the voice activated light switch is wired correctly.

  • Open your Amazon Alexa Application on your mobile device.
  • Now tap on the menu button, appearing like horizontal lines placed at the upper left corner of the home screen.
  • Now select a smart home from the menu.
  • Tap on the device tab and then follow up by tapping the Add device button. It will allow Alexa to search for the compatible devices and will display the list of devices discovered under the heading soon.
  • Now scroll down searching for the switch name you have assigned during the initial set up.
  • Tap on the switch name to complete the set up the Alexa Dot ASAP.

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How to group lights to turn the light off or on?

The Alexa host this special feature of grouping the smart lights so that they can act upon in a single instruction from the user. The lights can be turn on and off by the user’s instructions. The user can decide which light names he wants to group (i.e., bedroom lights, dining room, kitchen, living room, etc.) and look forward to arranging them for a one-stop action for all of them.

how to create group to turn on or off all light
  • Start with downloading and launching of Alexa application on your mobile.
  • Now look for the top left corner on your screen for the menu icon displayed as three lines.
  • Under the menu category, the user can find the Smart Home button.
  • Now tap on groups placed at the top of the screen.
  • Look for Add group icon.
  • And then click on Smart homegroup set up
  • User can name the group as per his feasibility like bathroom or living room.
  • Click on next
  • Select the respective lights you want to include in your group.
  • Tap Save
  • Now you can say “Alexa Turn On the lights.

Post creating your groups, you can try your network and can ask Alexa to turn on the lights and the different lights.

Create and Connect a smart hub with Alexa to turn on lights:

The Amazon Echo is said to have a big line of products that can built-in the center for every device like Echo Plus. For every version of Echo Plus, the smart hub is necessary for connecting the smart devices. Try to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for setting up the smart hub and allow yourself to communicate through this instruction to join Alexa:

  • Initiate the process by tapping on Menu option which appears like three horizontal lines placed at the left corner of the screen.
  • Now tap on the skills button.
  • Now browse, or you can enter to search keywords for finding various skills for your device.
  • Next step is followed by tapping on enable button and then try to follow the various on-screen instructions for completing the processing of linking.
  • Now make your selection for Adding device to your smart home category for Alexa App.
  • Now you can refer to your manufacturer’s instructions to follow specific steps that are specific for the hub. For example, if you try to connect the Alexa with Phillips Hue try pressing the button for the Philips Hue Bridge.
  • Try speaking out, “Alexa, turn on the lights”.
  • Once the group is established try asking Alexa to turn on all the lights, and you will find that the different lights associated with your Amazon Echo are switched on. Now you can also try controlling other features of these voice activated lights like colors and dim brightness by using the same commands.
  • Alexa! Turn on the lights
  • The set up can be easy for your guests too for accessing as if they don’t know the exact lighting name. They can address Alexa directly and tell them what to do.

However today, there are multiple best home automation apps are available from which are compatible with Alexa and help you to manage your smart home.

Various other actions that alexa can do to turn all the lights on:

The Amazon devices are found to be excellent in controlling the functions of your smart voice activated lights and various voice commands. There are two separate guides for controlling lights using voice over with Alexa:

Create Customized Routines:

Try creating your custom voice commands for controlling lights or Alexa enabled ceiling fan with the help of Alexa routines.

Create lighting groups:

Create control groups of lighting or light bulbs or Amazon floor lamps and operate them with a single command.

Dimming your smart lights:

Alexa understands the term “dim” term for dimming of lights. If this feature is important to you do read through manufacturer instructions before making your purchase as not every smart or Echo dot light bulb has this feature.

Have a look at various Alexa Commands that can be used through? Or What else can you ask Alexa?

When you have set up the lights, plugs, cameras and various other devices with Alexa and your scenes and groups too. Here are some of the ideas which will help you in getting through:

“Alexa, dim main lights to 50%.”

“Alexa turn the lights off.”

“Alexa set the temperature to 21.”

“Set the light to soft white.”

“Alexa, it’s Bedtime” [for activating a Scene].

Alexa, lights on.”

“Make the light cooler/warmer.

“Set the light to Red.”

Many people are using Alexa for their residential as well as commercial properties, because of the feasibility of response in one command have made their penetration well in society. Not only households even the big commercial setups are installing them to make their work easier. Knowing your about how does Alexa turn on lights, will allow you to make your space full of technical feasibility and use recent technical.

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