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Over the last decade, Smart phone app have change the life of human being completely. In early 90’s no one even think about that they can manage their home from any where in the world. But today’s with Home Automation, you can make your home into a Smart Home and manage your home completely with your smart phone any where in the world. To manage your home, you require some Best Home Automation App which will provide you complete access of your home.

With best home automation ideas and home automation app, you can make your home a complete smart home.

If you go to apple app store or Google play you will find a huge number of applications that promises to change the way you live. With more than 80,000 functioning app it gets difficult to find the best one that would fit your needs. Though there are no criteria to rate the same but finding the most popular app will be a good approach.

Mentioned below are the Some best home automation app. These app will help you transform your home into a technically sound home. With the help of these app you can convert your home a complete smart home.

#1. Smart Thing: Best Home Automation App For Smart Remote Control

best smartthings smartapps

This is one of the best home automation app that helps in transforming your mobile phone into a remote control. It helps in connecting various sensors to your smart phone. All you need to do is to buy a kit that has a number of sensors. It would help you connect you smart phone to the home appliances.

Be it a coffee maker or your garage door the smart thing kit will let you connect it all to your smart phone. It would also help you monitor the same. Smart thing is an app that comes with an open technology which indicates the fact that you can add end number of devices to make your home the most advanced home. There are some of the best smartthings features that makes everything handy for you.

One of the best feature of this smart home app is that this lets the different devices connect each other. In this app there is an easy flow of information which indicates that if your oven is connected to your smartapps. You will be informed by the app if the oven is on. You can also troubleshoot remotely in the circumstance when there is a problem. This technology is growing its popularity and with the passage of time is gaining its market.

#2. Ninja Blocks: Complete Home Control Automation

complete home control app

Ninja is another hot cake in the category of home automation. This is one of the best home automation app that allows the reception of signal from the sensors to the computer. To operate the automation you need not be a programmer. However, with the app you can have a complete control over the home automation. You can also decide the behavior of your home with the creation of your own customized app.

This is one of the hot favorite for the home automation DIYers. If you are one of them, than you should go for the app to amaze you with the things that it can do for you.

#3. WeMo: Best Automation App For Your Plugged Devices

App for Plugged Device Automation

Anything that can be plugged in can be controlled by wemo smartthings. This is a wonderful device to completely change your basic home appliance like your lights, fridge, and washing machine into a smart application.

WeMo is an external plug that can be plugged into your wall plug points. With WeMo you have different choice to control this devices with the help of your smart phone. Now all you need to do is to download the WeMo app and buy the WeMo plugs. So now you will have the best home automation app along with the plug point that knows your smart phone. It will take the information from your smartphone to switch on or switch off your devices. Now you won’t have to panic anymore with the iron being left on while you are out of your home.

All you need to do is to check your smart phone and few taps will switch it off. Another advantage of the smart home app is that this can be scheduled. So you can schedule your coffee machine according to your preferences while you wake up to find the coffee ready for you.

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#4. Savant True Control: Home Automation App For Apple Users

Automation app for apple users

This is one of the best home automation app that is being designed on the apple OS. If you are an IPhone lover than this app is for you. This offers you an easy and familiar usability. This is one home control app that works with the home automation system being developed by Savant. This offers a two way control where your IPhone or your IPad is communicating with the gear and vice versa. This way the function of the app becomes easy and quick.

The portable devices have a software-controlled switch that can work with the software that is being installed in your IPhone or your Ipad. The remote access of the automation app works with a Wi-Fi network or the cell network. Even if you are away from home this is one of the app that will offer you a complete control of your home.

This smartapps is different from the other app because of the fact that the other app either offers lesser function or makes the interface very complicate. In this case there are a huge range of functions being offered by the app however, offering an ease to operate.

With this app the backgrounds and the icons can be changed. You can also get your favorite functions categorically managed.

#5. Nest: Best App For Complete Control On Temperature

nest manager smartthings

To make this app function you have to install Nest Smart thermostat. This is one among the best home automation app that communicates with you smart thermo state. This means that your room temperature control is in your hands now. Nest manager smart things is one controller that can set the room temperature at the right degree. It is also ensuring that you can completely schedule the same.

Nest is one of the app that is popular in the countries will chilly winters. For an instance, you want to come back home from shivering cold weather and feel warn, all you need to do is to pick the smartphone and direct the thermostat to raise the room temperate to a desired level. This way the complete control of the temperature of your room will be in your hands. This is one of the smart home app that would offer you a complete solution to your room temperature control.

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#6. Control4 My Home: Automation App For Entire Home Management

App to manage complete home

With this app you can have the control of the entire home at the palm of your hand. This is one of the app that provided you a complete connectivity to your home electricity, lighting entertainment system and various other applications.

All you need is a smart phone and you are right there to manage your home even if you are not back home. This is one of the best home automation app that offers you a complete monitoring of the entire home. If your child is busy with the video game console all the time when you are not home you can simply switch it off through few taps in your handheld device. The operation seems to be a little complex but this is one of the best home control app that one can have.

This is one great app for the people who are mostly outside home and still wants to manage everything back home. The hardware is an integrated control system that allows the complete control of the power and electricity in your house.

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#7. Best Home Automation App For Time Scheduling

Automation app to manage time scheduling for smart home

This is considered to be one of the most popular smart home app that is available in the market. With this app you not only control but also get updates about the things happening in your home. This application functions with all the enabled devices and helps in a complete control of your home.

This is one of the best home automation app with great ratings being given by the users. It is one of the home control app that has the highest amount of satisfied users. The interface of the app is very easy to use. Remote monitoring system allows you to control almost everything.

You can do a lot of thing with this app which includes opening of the garage doors, manage your timings and getting notifications when your kid is back home from the school. All you need to do is to keep your mobile phone handy and you are ready to control everything you need.

#8. ADT Pulses: Complete Management And Protection Of Your Home

Complete home protection and management

Whether you are home or you are away from home this is one of the application that helps you manage everything with your mobile phone. This home automation app can manage your massages and emails too. Thus, while you are away from home this automation is one of the best automation that can help you manage things.

Be it a water leakage, locking and unlocking of door, managing thermostat or setting an automated alarm, this is one of the best smartapps that can do everything. All you need to do is to install the required hardware and rest of the work is to be done through your mobile phone.

#9. Honey Well Total Connect Comfort: Home Automation App For Thermostat

Complete Control on temperature of your home

How about changing the color of your interface based on the color of your wall? If that sounds amazing that Honey well total connect comfort is just the right app you were looking for. This is not just an app that changes color but this is one of the best home automation app that helps you monitor the room temperature and adjust according you your needs.

One of the most interesting factor of this smartapps is that can monitors your habits and learns the same with the gradual passage of time. Thus, the app helps you schedule the temperature according to your pattern of living. For instance if you regularly come back from the gym and find the room to be warmer than the app recognizes the pattern and drops down the temperature every day at the same time.

If you don’t want to get completely controlled by the app that there are options where you can do it yourself. You have a complete control over the cooling and the heating options with the app. It will ensures a comfortable and cozy environment whenever you want.

#10. Direc TV: Automation App To Voice Control Your TV

App to control TV with voice

If your mobile phone and TV is connected through the same Wi-Fi than you can easily control the TV with the help of voice commands. All you need to do is to have this app in the mobile and command your TV to function according to your wish.

This best home automation app is designed to let you relax and get entertained even without touching the remote. You can do a lot with the voice command which includes recording your TV shows, finding the genre you want to watch and various other things that will amaze you.

#11. Philips Hue: Limitless Light Control Automation

Control you lighting with smart home app

This is another great app that lets you control the color of your light. This is one among the best home automation app that lets you control the color, tone and the brightness of your Philips hue lights. With this smart home app you can always set different moods to the room. You will be amazed to see tone changing gradually.

This is one of the best lights available in today’s time and the app lets you have a complete control of the same. With this app you can set the moods for different occasions be it a Christmas party or a Halloween night. While light plays a vital role in controlling your mood, now the lights are in your control. In fact you get a complete control over the light with the smart app.

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How to use Home automation app and the ways it function?

There are certain things that needs to be there in your home for the successful functioning of the home automation. One of the most important thing is the internet connection. An active internet connection is an essential thing to have to ensure the fact that your home automation functions. Without the internet connection the communication with your home automation device cannot be established.

Before doing automation, you should go through best way to automate your home.

It is also important to understand that each and every application has to have a hardware kit. The hardware kit is bridge between the application and the real-time functioning of the application. The flow of information is generally generated from your application and sent to the internet which then is received by the hardware that is back in your home. The hardware responds to the information being collected and functions accordingly.

Most of the hardware kit available in the market are DIY kits which can be installed by anyone who doesn’t even have the knowledge of computer. Mostly these kits come with an elaborate manual that helps in the process of installation.

Apart from that there are several online tutorials that are available. These tutorials would help you have the guidance to install the hardware.

However, in the circumstance a hardware has to do something with the electricity. If you are not comfortable with it than it is suggested to call a professional electrician who will be able to connect the wiring and you are good to go with the home automation set-up.

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