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If you are planning to turn your home into a smart home as in getting a Home automation system. Then you can use some of the Best Home Automation ideas which we are going to be explained in this Article. With these Ideas, you can improve the efficiency of your home and reduce the cost of operation.

In the market, there are multiple ways to automate your home. When you are going to get the best home automation system 2019 in your home then better to have some smart home ideas in your mind to make better use of it. So here I will explain some best Ideas for Automation.

1) Smart Music:

home automation ideas which are best to automate your home

Music became part of our life from the past few years. Music never sees an occasion to come into your life. We usually listen to music through phones, iPods, and many more. Now as the technology developed into a whole new level, the way of enjoying music also been changed with the help of this technology.

Music became part of our life from the past few years. Music never sees an occasion to come into your life. We usually listen to music through phones, iPods, and many more. Now as the technology developed into a whole new level, the way of enjoying music also been changed with the help of this technology.

Here are few Music Automation ideas:

  • You can control your home music system through a touch board screen linked to the audio system and also through your phone.
  • With the relevant music, you can change the lighting of the room too.
  • Not only in your room, but you can also play music in your entire house.
  • No need to play the same music in every room. You can play different play tracks in different rooms according to your taste.
  • You can set the radio to play automatically whenever you want it to play.

2) Home Security:

secure your home with home automation system

With the best home automation system, there is always a step up importance to home security. Why not? After all its regarding the safety of your loved ones and your home. With the help of technology like phones and other connections, things became easy when it comes to security.

Here are few Home Security Automation Ideas:

  • An intrusion always happens when no one is at home. If you make up a  ‘Mokupancy’ scenes it gives an impression of people at home.
  • You can have access to your CCTV cameras through your smart devices with an internet connection.
  • We always double-check the locks while leaving home. This Smart home idea will lock/unlock the door as per requirement.
  • Whenever a sudden intrusion happens first thing we search for lights. With best home automation lighting, whenever an intrusion occurs all the lights in the home will be switched on automatically.
  • Ones it’s dark your locks will automatically lock your door.

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3) Home Theatre:

Enjoy with best home automation system

Home theatre is one of the many entertaining things happen at home. It gives you an extraordinary vision of 4k and the audio too. To put up more feel to the theatre it needs to have few final touches. But it’s too much work to do for that. And sometimes we settle with popcorn in a place and the play starts then you remember to do these final touches. This might kill the mood too for a couple of minutes. What if these all can be done automatically.

Here I am going to tell you the best home automation for Home Theatre:

  • When you come back home from the hectic work it automatically turns on your television to relax your brain by entertaining you.
  • You can set the volume level for your kids to prevent high volume, which might affect there hearing.
  • Ones you start the play all the blinds and lights will turn off automatically.
  • You can set bedtime to automatically off the television. It can be your kid’s bedtime or yours. It makes sure you have a night of beauty sleep to get ready for the next day’s work.
  • If you want to pause the play in between there will be a reason. So, the lights will be automatically on which helps you to do your work.

4) Smart Lighting:

automate your smart home light

It’s difficult to walk in the darkness. Especially when you are tired of your daily work. The days are gone when you need to search for the switchboard in the darkness. With the help of home automation projects, things became easier like Alexa turns on the light. With one command we can easily manage the complete light system of our house.

Here are a few things about the best home lighting automation:

  • You can set the system to dull or brighten the lights according to the presence of the natural light in the room.
  • There can be a period of time in a day when no one will be at home. Then you can set that time to switch off all the lights automatically.
  • With a single button, you can turn off/on all the lights in your entire home or in a room.
  • When no one is in the room the motion detectors will turn off all the switches in the room.

5) Cooling and Warming:

manage your home temperature with top home automation ideas

Among many Home automation ideas, Cooling and warming are one of the best to be implemented. There are many times where you will be in need of this home automation project.

Here are the few things you can do with top home automation ideas regarding cooling and warming:

  • You can turn on your AC when you are nearby your home. It will make the home a bit chilly when you arrive home which can relax your muscles instantly.
  • You can set the heater to turn on slight before you woke up. So that it will be all set when it is time for your shower.
  • You can set the AC to work according to the natural room temperature.

6) Party times:

enjoy party at smart home with smart ideas

Whenever there is a party there will always be a kind of adrenaline rush. It can be from excitement or can be nervousness. You can plan and execute the perfect part with this best home automation system 2019. And top of that you could even enjoy your party without any second thoughts.

  • You can play out your playlist automatically when the time comes. Different play tracks according to the status of the party.
  • When a guest arrives you can set the system to give out a small sound or anything else through the speakers.
  • You can give the command to the refrigerator through your iPad. It starts the production of ice. We don’t want our guests to dry drinks.
  • When you have any announcements to do. You can connect with the entire home audio system to connect with your microphone. Every room in the house will be connected to your microphone.

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7) Alerts and Notifications:

Alert and notify yourself automatically with automation system

Sometimes in our day to day life, we forget a few things or don’t notice them. Which might turn into a home accident. This home automation project will make sure to avoid these accidents.

  • When there is a letter in your mailbox you will get a notification. You can tune your notification sound as per your taste.
  • If you forget to close the garbage bin, turn off the oven you will get a notification.
  • You can get an alert message regarding a few things you can set them to your taste. As in when your wine collection cabinet is open. There are many more things you can set up too.
  • No need to wait a late night for your teenagers to come home. The home automation system can turn on your room lights when they arrive home.

8) Luxury:

make your home luxury with automation projects

There are many things which make you happy but luxury is the other level to talk about. Luxury is been in many things and all things. Not to have the luxury in home automation projects will be a loss.

Here are few home automation ideas that make things more luxurious.

  • You can set a specific door lock code and a specific function for each code. Like for one code your favorite channel will be playing on television.
  • When you are cooking daily a little bit of entertainment will give some kind of enthusiasm. With a single button in the kitchen, you can playout your favorite play track easily.
  • In the winter sometimes its difficult to walk on the floor even with the socks. You can put some temperature sensors in the attic or garage. You can heat up your floor with that by changing the temperature according to the natural temperature.

9)  Climate Control:

control climate of your home with automation system

You can get used to a few things when there is a slight change in the climate. You can’t control the natural climate but what about setting your own climate at your place. This helps you to cope up with the natural climate if it is too much. There are many top home automation systems that can be put to good use with home automation ideas.

Here are few which can be useful:

  • You can make your day more beautiful with a pleasant view and pleasant surroundings immediately when you wake up. This system will slowly open up the drapes which slowly let the light enter into your room. Not only that it will settle the room temperature according to the natural climate.
  • With the help of the Home automation system, you can set the drapes open/close according to the position of the sun.
  • In the gym, you can make the system to do a few things automatically. Like changing the temperature, play your favorite play track. These things can make your workout more intense and good.

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10) Energy Saving:

save energy by using automation app

If you are a home automation DIY‘rs then you can easily implement this best home automation ideas 2019 with the help of the best home automation app. In this way, you save a few energy elements. This is not just to save the elements but also it gives out grace and style to your home.

Now let’s see these energy-saving home automation ideas:

  • You can set the water sprinklers to switch on/off for a certain period of time in a day.
  • The system can lower the heat of your home when no one is at home.
    You can manage your solar panels through this system and can keep tabs on your home temperature.

In this article, I have been explained the best home automation ideas. Hope this will be useful for you and help you to solve your purpose.

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