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Smart home is the next big thing in the evolution of living spaces. With the advancement of Internet of Thing (IoT) the fully automated house is not anymore a scene from a science fiction movie. It is possible to control various devices and gadgets with the help of internet connected devices. Handhelds and mobile phone can be used for a completely functional automation for the purpose of connecting devices that you can control from the remote spaces. With the market flooded with advance gadgets it is possible to customize your home and transform it into a smart home. This way you will not only be Home Automation DIY evaluation but also can contribute to the same. Mentioned below are the 10 best Home Automation diy that would help you to transform your living space into a completely modern home.

1. Security Camera Automation – Raspberry Pi

home automation systems for security camera

Get hold of a Raspberry Pi and you will build a complete smart control system. Raspberry Pi offers you a diy home automation that would allow you to control your security camera with the help of your mobile phone. Setting this diy home automation is very easy as there are several tutorials available online that would let you manage your security camera with few taps of your handheld device.

To get started with the same all you need is few gadgets and you are sorted with setting up of your diy smart home camera. Once you get hold of the Raspberry Pi all you need is to download a software called motion pie and you are ready with you home automation diy camera with features like motion detection, image uploads, and FTP support.

2. Garage Door Automation DIY For Door Opening- Hands-free Garage Door Opener

controllers automation for Garage door

Shout it loud and the garage door opens. What better experience can diy home automation offer you better? Yes, this is possible with the smartest Diy solution that you would love to install and flaunt your technical skills with your friends. All you need is a practical photon and a practical spark core. The whole thing functions with some of the IFTTT commands.

The whole controllers’ automation seems an overwhelming mechanism but it is very simple to install. When you get the hardware you will be provided with a step by step installation process that will make the whole installation process easy. Once you have all your gadgets installed you can view the garage opening in the mobile phone and also control the same with it. With this diy home automation systems you get to make your garage a complete automated system a little shouting and the automated mechanism detects your voice to open the garage door.

3. AC Automation For Your Smart Home – Sensibo

control4 diy smart home

A little effort and a small investment can make your AC one of the smartest AC available in the market. Sensibo is one of the gadget that functions with most of the AC. All you need to do is to stick the home automation diy gadget in front of your AC. This will be an intelligent add-on to your AC unit and would allow a complete control of your ac with the help of your mobile phone.

This is one of the add-on that would let you control the temperature and the timer of the ac with the help of your mobile phone. This controllers automation also helps you saving the bills and would also ensure the fact that the ac is switched off and switched on in the right time. This is one of the simplest smart home hack that you can use to control all your air conditioner in the smartest possible ways.

4. Home Automation For Temperature And Humidity Reading – Amazon Echo

smart home automation systems

All you need to do is some hardware hacking and some software coding and amazon echo is all set to detect the temperature and the humidity level of your living space. This diy home automation functions with a temperature sensor and few coding that would allow Amazon Echo to interpret the information being sent by the temperature sensor. This is one of the diy smart home mechanism that would let you have the exact information of the temperature and the humidity level of the living space which can be further used for the controlling of the AC.

5. Home Automation DIY For Your Fridge – Smart Fridge Door Alarm

smart home automation systems for Fridge

You may have had those days when the door of the fridge was open and you all your milk and food spoiled due to the rise in the temperature. You wished if there was someone who would let you know that you had opened the fridge. Well, that someone can be a home automation diy that will be installed in the fridge to sense the temperature of it. This is one of the diy smart home kit that will be kept inside the fridge and in the circumstance when the sensor of the kit senses out the rise in the temperature of the fridge it will immediately send you a message. This is one of the smartest ways to control your fridge and also to save your food you had kept for the next day.

6. Home Automation DIY To Control Pool Temperature – Automated Pool Controller

pool temperature automation tricks and tips

In the first place you are one of those lucky people who has a swimming pool back home. To make this even better you have a smart mechanism that controls the pool. All you need is a Rapsberry Pi and a windows IoT 10 software. This will help you control the pump, lights and the temperature of the pool with few simple clicks. This is one of the most advance mechanism that can be installed in the pool and you have a diy remote control light switch that will help you control the lights of the pool in an easy way. So, all you need to do is to relax in your pool with your mobile handy to control each and every thing in the pool in a simple and easy way.

7. Home Automation For Lights Smart Lights

control4 diy for smart lights

This home automation diy functions with some Pi and some remote controlled power outlet. You would also need a software that will be controlled over the web which would ensure the fact that your diy remote control light switch is being controlled with the help of your mobile. Once you get everything handy you need to use all your technical skills. Don’t worry, it’s a little bit of shouldering and cutting and you are all set to control your light with the help of your mobile phone. This is one of the best home automation ideas that will make your life easy and will also help you save a lot of electricity bill.

8. Doors Automation DIY A Door That Recognizes Your Face

smart home door control4 diy

Until and unless you have a face mask like mission impossible there is no one who is going to open the door without your permission. Raspberry Pi or Minnow Board MAX is needed for setting up this mechanism and this mechanism will be controlled with the help of Windows 10 IoT core control. Don’t expect to set the whole mechanism with few hours but this is one of the installation process that you will thoroughly enjoy and this home automation diy will also help you increase the level of security you have. You need not worry about the instruction because all the instruction for setting up this diy home automation systems can be found online.

9. Curtains Automation For Your Home – Curtain Timer

smart home automation for curtain

It’s early in the morning and the curtain opens right at the time when the early rays of sun has to enter your room. Well if that’s not enough then one of your favorite early morning music starts playing which sets the mood for the perfect morning to start. This is possible with the home automation diy called the curtain timer. You have to buy a littlebits kit and follow the instructions that is being given. This controllers automation is a little complicated when it comes to the process of installation however, with the instructions being provided in the diy smart home automation kit a beginner smart home enthusiast will also be able to control the same. Once this mechanism is set all you need to do is to have your IFTTT sorted and you can control the curtain timing on a daily basis.

10. Room Lights Automation DIYArduino-powered Smart Lights

diy remote control light switch for smart home

This is one of the home automation diy that is controlled by the Arduino minicomputer. This lights are the hue style lights that adds grace and class to your room. One of the unique feature of this diy home automation systems is that it can help you control various aspects like the colors and the timings of the light which makes this lights the most advanced type of lights for the smart homes. In the recent version of the automation system there are several features and functions available, which can be completely controlled with the help of smart phones or computers.

In this article we have explained few best way to automation your home doing it your self. Means you can automate your home by your self with out taking much help from any automation company.

Concluding lines

Home automation diy will not only make your life easy but will also bring excitement with the process of installation. You get to handle and use some of the most advanced gadgets that will be controlled by your mobile phone and your laptop. So, get set to have the best diy kit and make your house the most advanced house in your locality.

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