Best Pool Automation System | How to Find (An Ultimate Guide)

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If you think that pool automation is only for those who are tech-savvy, then you are mistaken. Even if you are one among those, who would like things to be simple than also installing the best pool automation system will thrill you. It is always nice to control your pool with few buttons even if you are sitting a thousand miles away.

Yes! With the installation of a pool automation you can do this in an easy and smart way.

You can manage the entire pool with the help of your smart phone. You enjoy the liberty that new technology has to offer ensuring the fact that you have a total control of your pool without even being present there.

With the new technological advancement of the pool remote control systems, You can completely schedule your pumps, turn on the spa and make adjustment of your pump speed while you are on the go. Thus, your pool is completely automate without you being present there.

When you are back home, you are ready to dive in the fresh water and enjoy a great swimming session. So automate your pool is one of the best home automation idea that will make your life easy.

To setup the same it needs few simple things which includes your Wi-Fi network, Amazon Alexa and some of the automation tools. Well, of-course you also need few hours of time to get the setup done. Few hours of your time will reap benefit for years when you see your pool getting ready automatically for you to dive in.

Things that required for Pool Automation setup

best pool control systems for your pools
  • This is quite obvious that power supply to the pool equipment need to be automate to get complete control you on your pool. This sounds overwhelmingly difficult, but the process of doing this is straightforward.
  • Second and the foremost important thing that needs to consider for the proper pool automation is that you should have an internet connection with minimum download and upload speed of 3 Mbps. If you are wondering how to test the speed of the internet then don’t worry there are online speed tester available that would let you know the speed of your internet.
  • The advance wireless connection helps in the connection of your home network or you may have an Ethernet connection in that case.
  • Once you are sorted with the internet connection you need to get a control hub. The control hub is the heart of your pool control systems. To ensure the fact that you have the best pool automation system, you should have an efficient central control hub that controls your pump, heater and smart relays.
  • Additionally the automation should also control lights and booster pumps.
  • With some of the best pool automation system, pool pad is provided, which will help you to control the pool even if you do not have a proper internet connection.
  • Some pool automation system would also offer you a control of valve actuator which will allow you to control your pool to spa controlling switches.

Newer products in the markets have made the automation mechanism easy and user friendly. These automation devices designed in a way that additional gadgets would easily fit the automation system.

Advance automation system is coming with essential features and functions like Pentair pool automation and wifi pool pump timer. With these features you can complete all the task easily.

In the market, few best automation systems are available that you can install with in two hours. These new automation system also have some additional features as well.

However, before you start the installation process it is essential take safety measures. In the circumstances you are not savvy with electrical wiring you need to hire an electrician and the rest of the process is easy.

Tip: Home Automation DIY

Why do you need pool automation?

If you are wondering how exactly a pool control systems would help you be efficient. Than here are some of the instances when this pool automation systems will benefit you.

A perfect spa night:

perfect spa night with automation of pool

When you are in the process of wrapping your dinner date and willing to amaze your bae with warm swimming experience. All you need to do is tap buttons in your mobile. Some of the best pool automation system presets for the spa nights. You just need to do is to activate the same to ensure the fact that straight back home the pool is ready for you and your partner to dive in.

The advanced pool automation will offer you several themes to choose from. Your wifi pool pump timer will set the adequate amount of pool water and also set the perfect temperature for you to enjoy the swimming session back home. So, with some of the best pool control systems, you will have no interruption in the process. Now You have no need to wait until the water gets heated.

Right from the place where you are, you need to activate the spa theme. Everything will be set automatically for your swimming experience.

Pool remote control systems offer you genuinely convenient options for the controlling of the pool. You can schedule everything from a faraway distance with the help of a Wi-Fi mechanism.

Your complete relaxation plan:

automation of pool for your perfect relaxation

Now that you are done with the exhausting day in your office, you need some relaxation back home.

It is understood that you won’t have enough patience to wait for your swimming pool to be ready and then you have some swimming experience (Maybe you doze off by then).

What if you had someone who would prepare your swimming pool just before you have arrived back home.

Well that someone could be your very own pool automation system.

Yea! This system would ensure the fact that your pool is at the perfect temperature with the fresh water — all can be scheduled and managed by you through your best home automation app before you have arrived at your pool.

So, now what?

Just make a deep dive to the pool and enjoy the moments or relaxation and get rejuvenated completely.

Stress free vacations:

pool control system which are best for automation

If you have own a swimming pool than you know it, the stress and the thoughts of your swimming pool being ruined by algae and other infections germs. It may be due to not replacing your pool water from time to time.

When you are in the vacation who is going to do that? When you back home you have to take the pain of cleaning each and every corner of the pool and fill it with fresh water. Those thoughts of handwork when you back home might keep you stresses.

Well now that you have a pool control systems. All you need to do is to set the pool control in the vacation mode. This mechanism comes with some of the best pool automation system. The pool is self-efficient to clean the water and change the temperature from time to time. When you reach back home after your vacation you find your pool completely spotless.

Alongside offering this function the automated wifi pool pump timer can be set at the time when the electricity rates are low offering you to save your money while doing all the hard work by itself.

Party time assistance:

best reviews of automation of pools for party

When it’s a grand party at home and you are busy with the decoration. All you need to do is reach out to your voice assistance ordering it to activate the party theme. There are beautiful themes available with the best pool automation system which allows you to set the lighting patterns and the pool is completely ready for the party.

By simple voice command the pool control systems will initiate the pre-programmed party theme. These themes also cleaning the water and raising the temperature to the required level simultaneously.

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Some exceptional automation functions

Above we have mentioned some standard automation functions that are being offered by the pool control systems.

However, with the advancement of technology, the best pool automation system offers the most advanced controlling mechanism.

If you are looking for that advanced automation system!

Then you may go for pool automation that offers variable speed pool pump mechanism. This allows a complete control of your pool, pump, lights and heaters with few simple taps on your mobile phone.

Some of the best pool automation system also functions with easy voice commands to Amazon Alexa by the process of enabling of preferred skills within the devices. In the circumstance you are having a pool pump and you are willing to replace the same, check out for the latest pool automation system reviews and find the most advanced version. It won’t be much of a difference in the cost.

If you are looking for an all in one package for pool automation!

You can find some of the best pool automation system which comes with the pump and heaters. So you don’t have to spend extra for pumps and heaters in that case.

Pool automation, light automation, room temperature automation etc are some best way to automate your home completely.

Concluding lines

With the advancement of technology there are some of the best pool automation system available in the market. These pool automation system offers you a complete control of your pool. With the automation your pool becomes self-efficient to manage several functions. This is one of the reasons why the pool control systems are in trend now a days. The advanced automation system has to offer you a lot more function. Some of the advanced system also comes with in-built pumps and heaters. All you need to do is to go through the latest pool automation system reviews. Than find the right one that fits your needs. The choice is obviously yours. 

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