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Best Ways to Automate your home

Home Automation is not just like to involve the use of a smartphone for switching on/off the things at home. It’s much more than that to know.

In this Article I will give you Best Ways Of Home Automation. I will also provide you reviews of some Best Product use for Smart Home. These reviews will help you in choosing the best way to automate your home.

I will be giving you the Home Automation Tutorial which will make your Home Automation easy.

Tutorials & Tips About Home Automation:

What is actually Home Automation?

Home Automation is basically automate the the things used at your Home. It used the combination of Hardware and Software that provides you control and management over appliances and devices within your home. Home Automation is easy and it’s like turning up your home into a smart home.

Home Automation Kit helps you to connect with your home technically. You can manage the lights, doors, windows, thermostat, sprinklers and many more of your home using the Home Automation.

With home automation, you can dictate how a device should react, when it should react and why it should react.

Automation of your home is includes your home security like access control and alarm system etc. So Home Automation is the best way to secure your home and get an alert when anything goes wrong like presence of intruders and all.

How to learn about Home Automation?

home automation IdeasDon’t worry about the information you need to get regarding Home automation. There are many Home Automation Tutorials and Home Automation Ideas available Online and get all the information you need to get regarding the Home Automation Kit and Home Automation Components.

Home Automation Tips:

Before choosing Home Automation Kit and Home Automation Component we need to consider the following below points.

Remote Control Homes Are The Best:

It’s the best thing to choose a remote access Home automation components. This helps you maintain your home connectivity as you can access your House Control Panel from wherever you are from. You can check everything like switching on/off your lights,fans and many more. You can even grant access to your sudden visitors in your absence. Home Automation Controllers helps you to check your home through CCTV.

Smart Home Concepts Regarding The Product:

With the help of an App, you can use home automation kits with ease. An app which is like a smart home gateway and should clean, clear and run smoothly for operating simple home automation systems. You can just control the home with the phone.

Intelligent Homes Systems With Wireless Connection:

Many companies want to make something different from others. And wireless connections are which makes the difference. Right now smart home automation ideas are being implemented through Z-wave protocol. Which is best for the most of voice automation system. 

Smart Home Components:

When you decide to sell your best home automation system there will be one problem which needs to be solved. Third Party Compatibility- this will helps you to sell of the total set at ones to the other party. They won’t be facing any issue while installing home automation features.

Best DIY Home Automation System

Here we have taken few best home automation system. So scroll down to check it out .

Vivint :

Vivint home remote control is full of technologies. You can get all the features in this one company product. Vivint is popular for many products other than the smart home programming like Amazon Echo, Kwikset smart locks and Nest Learning Thermostat. Similar to the other companies Vivint also have the third party feature but while using Vivint its more fun than the others.

You can get the Z-wave devices to activate the smart home networking. The Vivint company technicians will fix up the devices which are switches, lights, etc. This is a voice command home automation system so you can give your command and make the things done no need to pause your works for such things.

Whenever there is a problem you can call up to the customer care you will get the pleasant replies. Any issues you want to complain regarding your fully Automated House can do online and the technician team will get in contact with you within no time.

Pros :

  • It’s one affordable home automation.
  • Google Assistant access is there which can be controlled by Vivint App.
  • You can choose monthly options. As in you can deactivate when you are in no need of it for short period kind of.


  • The monthly monitoring payment is for sure if not the smart features of the fully automated house will be stopped immediately.


This company has some cool home automation ideas, that is the reason it has Bio metric voice recognization. You can give a particular voice to the home automation computers. You can give out the commands with that voice to get them done like operating the doors, lights and many more.

This product is slightly high priced comparative to others but you can say high quality for high Price.

When it comes to the other devices for the computer controlled house you can just get them from the same company. No need to search for the third party for such products.

The company technicians will be installing these devices you don’t need to learn home automation and install them by yourself while understanding home automation.


  • Bio metric Voice recognization.
  • No third party involvement while purchasing other products.
  • No self Installation required.


  • The price is more while comparative than the others.


You can cut the installation charges if you choose Front Point. You need to check some points regarding how to automate your home and within 40-50 minutes you can automate your house with yourself.

There are no wires involved so it’s easy to set up your remote controlled home. When it comes to the sensors and the batteries. Company diagnose them on 24 hours basis which makes you not to worry about them at all.

Within 30 seconds of time span you need to disarm your home automation control panel or else the police will be notified. It makes your home more safe from the intruders. If anyone tries to destroy the panel then the police will be receiving the message regarding it.

The Frontline’s Z-line is compatibility with almost all products. So you can get any products like locks, switches, lights, a thermostat from anywhere. As the company doesn’t sell these products directly into the market.


  • Intruder alert as soon as possible.
  • Compatibility with almost all products.
  • Easy to set up.


  • Own installation is required.

Protect America:

It has all other features of Vivint and other company products. This home automation gateway is easy to handle. You can get free of installation charges not because you have to install it is because of the free installation charges.

The monitoring of the home automation will be 24/7 which is the best part of the product features. It is one of the voice command home automation systems. Ones you decide to choose the protect America than within an hour your household automation will be ready.

The package is also affordable similar to the product itself.


  • Voice recognition.
  • Affordable
  • Free installation charges.
  • Easy to handle the ultimate home automation.


  • More expensive without the landline.

Home Automation For Beginners:

If you are not much aware of the Home automation then this is for you. Its easy use of technology and also you can say more secure homes can be built up with these house automation ideas.

Whenever you get home from a long day work or feel lazy sometimes. Home automation can come in handy. If you get the best tablet for home automation that way you can make use of its features much more.

Smart Home Magazines Ideas:

One of the smart ideas from these will be surveillance cameras. This is the best idea to make your place more secure and have an eye on it in spite of your absence.

And few more ideas like app-controlled devices can make things easier. Like you can control the lights, thermostat and outlets.

You can also put tabs on your power usage and can control it to avoid the power expenses. Not only putting tabs or controlling these electrical gadgets you can even control your doors, windows, garage and all.

You can open/close the doors, windows, garage whenever you want without being physically present smart home tablet or any other smart gadgets through an app.

Benefits of Home Automation:

  • Security of the Home.
  • Can control the things at home without much involvement of the movement.
  • Save the power as in if you forgot switch off anything and left your home you can just make it done from the smartphone through the relevant app.
  • Can make things done (like sprinkling water in the garden, Opening the door for the people you wish, etc.)


These can be helpful as the home automation beginners guide. Hope you got the required information regarding the products as well as the home automation systems too. You can even give out home automation gifts according to other party usages.


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