How To Connect Alexa to Wifi? (Step By Step Guide)

alexa connect with your wifi

Everybody knows using Amazon Echo is one of the best home automation Ideas. To know about the real working of Amazon Echo, you need to know about the use of every light and button on the device. The majority of Amazon Echo devices work and control in a similar way. The Echo device arrives with an action button, light ring, volume controls and a microphone off option.

For troubleshooting or set up your desire, you can use the action button which is resembled by the white dot at the center of the Amazon Echo.

The volume control in the Amazon Echo is represented by plus and minus buttons. You can also use ring on Amazon Echo for the same. The volume can also be increased by rotating the volume ring in a clockwise direction.

If you desire to put your microphone off or allow Alexa to stop listening to you is represented by a microphone having a line passing through it. Once you have disabled them, it will turn and pressing it again will allow your receiver to turn on and back into action.

For starting with Amazon Echo, the user should say “Alexa” and is followed by a command or question. If the Amazon Echo recognizes your voice, then it will turn blue, indicating its listening capacity.

How to connect Alexa to WiFi is usually the first question that comes from maximum users. Because this is the first step for using Alexa and setting up as per the user’s requirement.

Step by step how to connect Alexa to wifi for the first time?

alexa connect with wifi first time
  1. To start with “How to connect Alexa to wifi”, first download and install the Alexa application. The users can act by accessing the App Store with iPhone, iPod, and iPad touch devices and for Android, please download through Google Play Store.
  2. If you are using any Alexa-enabled device, then you can skip steps named as 2-4. The users are prompted to start the set up as soon as the application is launched.
  3. Launch the application and enter your Amazon account details and click on sign in.
  4. Once prompted, the users are requested to press the “Get Started” tab.
  5. The application will ask you to select your name of Amazon account from the list generated or if it is not your correct name then look for the option named as “I’m someone else”.
  6. Now the Amazon will ask you to access your notifications and contacts. It is not desirable for connecting Alexa to Wifi so you can choose Allow or later as per your preference to go ahead.
  7. Now tap on the Alexa menu as shown by three horizontal lines. It is located at the upper left-hand side corner. Once the drop-down menu is seen, the user can select for the settings option.
  8. Now tap on to add a new device button.
  9. Look for the appropriate device type and choose the one you are using from the list depicted (i.e. Echo Dot, Echo, Echo Plus ).
  10. We have chosen Echo dot, 2nd generation here as a model for setting up.
  11. Now plug your Echo dot.

You can have a look if Alexa not responding to your voice.

How to enable Alexa Skills?

If you are a Home Automation DIY’rs than you should aware about how to enable the Alexa skills. So here I am providing you step by step instructions. Have a look at this:

  1. Open the Alexa application and click on the three lines placed in the left-hand corner and tap on skills now.
  2. The Amazon website also holds a full list of skills. These skills can be browsed by opting for different categories like travel, food, games, business, finance, etc. The application allows you to search the specific skill you are looking forward by mentioning your input in the search box. Also, you will find another option on the right-hand side of the screen named “ My skills”. You can click the same to know the ones which you have already subscribed for.
  3. Once you have found the skill to go forward. Select it and you will find a dedicated page opening up in front of you, now click enable. Few skills also require you to creating your account or respective subscription. For existing accounts, you can enter a username or password to proceed ahead.
  4. For each skill name, you can see what the skill does and its supporting languages. Also, you can add to what you need to say for launching the application. To start, you can tell Alexa (Skill name) and if you need any help with the skills begin with the Alexa try saying Alexa (Skill name) Help.

If your Echo dot does not flash the orange light right:

  1. If you find your Echo couldn’t be able to display a light orange ring, then look forward to holding and press the action button for about six seconds. Once you will see the Echo light turning blue then tap on the tab named as “continue”.
  2. Now you can connect the Alexa app to echo. You need to follow the manual process for the same and import yourself to Wi-Fi settings and select the network for your internet. Once your phone is connected to the custom-named network of Amazon, then return to the app home page and continue with the setup process.
  3. After completing the above step clock on the button named as “connect to wifi.”
  4. You will find a huge list of wifi networks and now select the one you are using through for connecting Alexa to Wifi.
  5. When Alexa gets connected with the internet, as a user you will receive a text message named as “Setup Complete” and (device) is connected with wifi network.

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Why your Amazon Echo is not connected to your wifi?

why wifi not connected with amazon echo

We have listed below five steps for you if your Amazon Echo can’t get connected to wifi:

  1. Try to investigate the status of connection echo dot to wifi status with the help of the light ring. Orange or violet lights are found to be related to the wifi.
  2. The wireless network under coverage, if found to be secured then double click on the icon to enter the wifi password for setting up the Amazon Echo.
  3. Now, restart the wireless router and Echo, you may not perform the former one of you are a part of a big network, for example, hotel wifi you are staying in.
  4. Now move your Amazon Echo quite closer to the router as there are chances that it can be out of the optimum range, now try to connect echo dot to wifi again.
  5. If found available, then connect your echo device with 5 GHz wifi network rather than looking forward to 2.4 GHz wifi network. As there are fewer devices connected with them and the interference is also found to be minimal.

Few simple ways to solve the issues if your Amazon Echo is not connecting to wifi:

solve amazon alexa issue by simple ways

Many users are facing routine problems with their Amazon echo device is not connecting to wifi. If they are connected to, it keeps on getting disconnected. Is this the case with you, let’s resolve this issue now by following below steps:

Restart your Echo device and wifi Router:

Millions of times it has been seen that just restarting the router and echo device has rectified the problem. Therefore unplug and switch off your echo unit and wifi router to reboot. After reboot tries to connect Alexa to your wifi again.

Connect your wifi appropriately:

 Connecting Alexa to Wi-fi is very much important. Do you know that making connections for my Amazon Echo can be quite tricky if the internet shows tantrums? Please confirm the Echo set up first to relax and verify the respective setup wholeheartedly.

Connect Echo Device to the right wifi network:

update your wifi password to check connection with amazon alexa

If you have more than one Wi-Fi at your place, and from which the only one of them works perfectly. If you have linked your Echo device with both of them, then try to connect with the right wifi among them, now as you desire to use a stable connection. Also, you can opt for the dual-band wifi set up.

For checking the current connection with Wi-fI network follows these steps:

Step1: Open the Alexa app and linked it now with your Echo and can press the button named as devices placed at the bottom.

steps to check alexa connect right wifi

Step 2: In second step tap on Echo & Alexa followed by echo plus model.

know about wifi connected with alexa

Step3: Now the application will take you to your echo device setting, where you need to confirm the Wi-Fi under the Wi-Fi network options.

check echo device connected with wifi or not

While setting up the Wi-Fi, you do not tend to forget a Wi-Fi network from your Alexa app. Here you can either turn off your router, look for changing your password, followed by resetting your Echo device and then restart your setup process all over again.

Update your Wi-Fi Password:

This issue usually occurs once you enter the wrong Wi-Fi password. Or if you or someone else have changed the Wi-Fi password recently. If your answer is yes then you need to update your password in your Amazon echo device now. For the same goes to your echo device setting in your application and can now tap on change next for Wi-Fi. Now follow the other on-screen instructions for setting up your Wi-Fi and try again to connect your echo device to wifi.

Delete all your saved passwords on Amazon device:

For making it fast and switching between your echo devices, Amazon is said to remember all your Wi-Fi passwords. Now run your Wi-Fi setting once again on your Alexa application, with the help of the change Wi-Fi option.

For deleting your password, follow the below mentioned steps:

  • Open the Amazon website and log in. Click on “Manage your content and device” placed under your name.
delete amazon saved password to connect alexa
  • Now click on the preferences as the second step.
steps to connect amazon alexa to wifi devices
  • Below preferences now click on the small arrow and look for the next option for the saved password and press the delete button to proceed.
connect alexa to wifi by deleting saved password

Unhide your Wi-Fi network:

The hidden networks many times did not connect well with the echo devices. So we would like to suggest to unhide the network and then try connecting Alexa to Wi-fi.

Look for removing Wi-Fi extender:

The primary purpose for extenders allows you to increase your Wi-Fi range, but using them with the Echo does not allow to go well at times. You can look for skip linking to Echo and can connect with the unit directly with the help of a Wi-Fi router and test your Alexa device connected or not to your wifi.

Try setting up  simple Wi-Fi passwords:

Having complex Wi-Fi passwords comprising of special characters, the chances are higher that Echo devices could not able to understand the same. Try not using the special characters as Wi-Fi passwords and updating the same in the Alexa application as well. So put the password simple and connect your echo device to wifi. 

Update your Alexa App:

update amazon alexa app to resolve the issue of wifi connection

The old Alexa app installed on your phone can also be one of the issues for your Wi-Fi connection. Look forward to updating your app to remove all Wi-Fi bugs and connect your Alexa device to wifi.

Change your router security settings:

The chances are high that your Wi-Fi must be using WPA + WPA2 security method. The methods mentioned above can rectify your issue but if none of them can help you out then try for WPA or WPA2. The steps for settings change can vary from companies to the router. You can have a look at the model number and then look for instructions for the same. This may solve your problem of Alexa not connecting to your wifi.

Change your Wi-Fi frequency band:

The Alexa Echo is designed for connecting well to both the Wi-Fi bands (5 GHz and 2.4 GHz). At this time you can look for switching between them and make sure you have both the bands well defined on your router and can be connected to the echo or phone.

At last, resetting your Echo is the only option you are left with. But before resetting, you should know that resetting will delete all your settings and will restore your device to the factory version.


When you follow the above instructions, you can easily connect Alexa to WiFi and automate your home. If you still face any issue in connecting Alexa to wifi then you need to know every aspect of Alexa first and follow the troubleshooting steps given above one by one. It will definitely solve your problem.

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