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echo dot not responding

We know some times Alexa not responding to your voice commands, there may be multiple reasons behind this. You have no need to worry about as here we will provide certain troubleshoot measures. With these troubleshooting steps, you will find a proper solution to get rid of your Alexa not responding to the voice command problem.

Tips and Tricks to finding the solution why Alexa not responding

The use of Alexa is the best way to automate your home. But some time Alexa not responding so we need to troubleshoot the issue. There are several steps that must be needed to follow to take precautions so that Alexa can listen to your command and respond accordingly.

why is alexa flashing green
  • Step 1: The primary step requires the process to use the right power adapter that allows the Amazon Echo device to turn on. Because few other local adapters do not provide enough power to turn on and work in a proper manner.
  • Step 2: After switching on the device you need to press the action button which is placed on the top of the device. Then checks if the device is responding or not based on your given commands.   
  • Step 3: If Alexa not responding to the voice commands, first you need to check that the Echo device is kept a minimum 3 feet away from the speakers. It indicates a lack of echo dot response. If the speakers are placed in a close distance, then it results in amazon echo not responding due to difficulty in Alexa Echo to hear the command.
  • Step 4: Another point that you need to ensure the echo dot should place away from the walls as the dust can fall from the wall. It might damage the speakers and along with that, it might be another reason, why Alexa not responding. Moreover, it can also destruct the voice path of the Ecosystem and Alexa might not be able to listen to the described commands because of the obstructions.
  • Step 5: You need to ensure that the speaker keeps in a quiet place where there will be no loud noise, it may be the one reason for Alexa not responding to voice commands.
  • Step 6: At this point of time giving a voice command is very much significant as the process ensures that your voice is natural and clear as that Alexa will be able to understand. The improper command has shown Alexa not responding.
  • Step 7: Along with that the last point combined about the importance of keeping your echo system device far from the vocal output mainly microphone, radio, TV and other connected devices. These are responsible for Alexa not responding.

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Basic Trouble Solutions:

Everybody knows that the use of Alexa is one of the best home automation Ideas. In case Alexa not responding after doing the above things, As a home automation DIY’s you need to use these solutions one by one so that you get a better result and solve your problem permanently.

Aexa Microphone not working

Solution 1: Checking the Microphone Button with Care

In certain cases, it can be seen that Alexa not responding to the command though it is working perfectly. In this case, it is essential to check whether the microphone button is turned on or off.

why alexa not responding

These buttons have been placed on the top of the Echo device and have been indicated with a Mic symbol on the top. Now, pressing the button and giving the command to Alexa to play song or report on the weather. If this does not solve and means Alexa not responding, then it is essential to press the same button to generate command again.

Solution 2: Restart Amazon Echo

In the next step, you can press the up and down volume button and press the microphone button for two times. In case of Alexa not responding after trying the above steps you can go for the below-mentioned solutions:

  • First of all, if the echo dot not responding to the voice command than check the blue color light is on or not. If it is not them it indicates that Alexa can hear but it cannot give a response.
  • In the next step, it is vital to disconnect the Echo device to form a power source. Here, it is necessary to remove the other source for 30 seconds.
  • Reconnect the wire into the Echo after 30 seconds and the wireless connection will start connecting after a few seconds gap.
  • It enables the Echo device to boot again after 2-3 minutes. Then you can use it again
  • To check whether Alexa not responding it is essential to ask about the time and date.

It is considered as one of the simplest solutions from the user end.

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Solution 3: Hard Reset Echo Device

If the above-mentioned processes cannot generate the solution then you can try for hard reset echo device with the following steps-

  • Carefully look at the reset hole at the bottom of Echo device and use a paperclip to press the reset button for seconds
  • After pressing the button it will show a blue light and later it will turn into orange
  • Wait for the device to turn off and then restart, it will ensure the Echo device is back to the original setting.
  • Alexa application on Smartphone will help in the process to setup Amazon Echo

This process works perfectly for most of the cases and it has the ability to ensure solve the problem of Alexa not responding. If the issue still exists then it is important to purchase its remote.

Solution 4: Disable or Enable the Alexa Privacy

Whenever Amazon echo not responding to voice command, then it is important to enabling the Alexa privacy-

  • It is important to press the button at the end of the Nucleus screen
  • It is going to enable Alexa and pressing the button again will make it listen again
  • You can check this through command generation

Through this, you can solve the issues of Alexa not responding to voice command.

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