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alexa intruder alert meme

Interesting, technology changing people’s life. Coming years will see more transformation and dependency on the gadgets and will bring revolutionary changes in the lives of people. Alexa has already drawn much of the attention with their Alexa Intruder alert Meme and is looking forward to giving the upper hand to the people to create and innovate new things and spread it with the support of social media applications.

Introducing Alexa to our families is one of the best things which we all have already been through in the past. Starting was awkward, as dreaming about a device which listens to our voice and acts accordingly was a bit difficult to believe for all of us. But eventually, we liked it and its various extensions as they can listen to you act accordingly and can stop in the middle if wished and can continue if desired by the owner.

The year 2019, have come upon with an extension of Alexa Meme responding to the owner’s language but in a funny way. A person started it and soon became viral with the people testing out the same in their homes and posting their reactions in social media. To start with we should know about Alexa and its various extensions like Alexa Intruder alert Meme.

What or Who is Alexa?

Alexa means voice enabled speaker

Many times this question came across about what or who is Alexa, so it is a voice-enabled speaker. In other words we all know the relationship of Siri with Apple similarly Alexa serves its relationship for Amazon. The Alexa is said to one of the voice that ask questions and receive answers, say what Meme like What is the temperature today in Malaysia? The Alexa are been integrated in many Amazon services and can be used with many other products like Amazon Echo, Amazon Echo Spot, Amazon Dot, etc.

But how does Alexa understands your voice and answers you back? Whenever the user ask a questions about what you are doing for communication with the help of cloud-based service. The Amazon is said to have designed the AVS or Alexa Voice Service in order to mimic the real conversations and apply intuitive voice commands for attaining the service and performing many tasks. “Alexa” word is like wake up word for the device that alert them to start listening to the user’s voice. In most of the devices, you need to say, Alexa followed by your command.

Alexa has the ability to set up your routines where a single command can perform many actions for you, say what MemeAlexa! Intruder Alert”  or if you say “Alexa Good Night”, the device tends to lock the doors, shuts all lights, sets your alarm for the morning and can allow your coffee pot to switch on at a particular time. The device also have a whisper up mode for the people who do not want to wake up their partner, and on setting up, can give their commands in whispers.

Alexa and Intruder Alert:

Alexa devices can be synchronized with the lighting, music, and various devices of your home. Acting like a shield for home people are looking forward to using Alexa for informing the incoming of the intruder to the insiders. The reason is apparent everybody wants to be safe in their own home. There are multiple reasons why Alexa intruder alert is the best in detecting the intruder entering your home.

The reasons for choosing Alexa for its safety features:

  1. Responsive: Alexa devices are found to be quite sensitive for alerts and respond at single commands. They are quick and adaptable as per the demand. This is one of the ways why Alexa can be chosen to protect your home from any activity caused by an intruder.
  2. Customized Alarm: For you to know about the intruder entering your home, it is best to keep your Alexa switch on and remember the alarm you have set for intruder alert. The user can choose the color of light, light intensity, the song to be played, etc. as per his preference.
  3. Never Sleeps: The best part with Alexa is it never sleeps like our other devices. The moment we think about their silence, and your single command can make them active in a moment. They keep on being detecting the alert in the background and working as desired from them.
  4. Know your Meme: Knowing about your Alexa Meme can be helpful for you if you are looking forward to a trustworthy device. As you know what to say to your Alexa to bring desirable alerts and for fun lovers, it is another activity that will allow them to enjoy by asking Alexa about jokes or to play their favorite songs.
  5. Flawless Performance: The best part with Alexa is their performance, which cannot be compared with anyone and never fails. They are to be believed and stayed in the industry.

Besides, do know Alexa requires you to have an active Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection, to remain active and should be switch on to stay working all day along.


Alexa Meme started through Reddit when the user known as EsG_Nitro, who passed the bunch of instructions lately at a time. The Alexa Seems to be responding to the user with the clarified meanings.

“ Alexa! Intruder Alert”

Once the Reddit has published the Alexa Meme, there are many more types of Memes which have become quite famous these days. Let’s know the original or other Memes versions used by the Alexa Lovers:

Original Version for Alexa Intruder alert Meme:

Bunch of instructions that can be automated together with the first instruction known as “ Alexa! Intruder Alert”.

The command is known as “Alexa! Intruder Alert”, showcases a bunch of different commands in various domain.

intruder alert by alexa

 The image above reflects the same as by saying the “ Alexa! Intruder Alert”, the user tends to execute all of the below actions:

  1. Floor lamps turn on, 100%, and reflect a red color.
  2. The volume is set at 10
  3. Speak “ Resistance is futile. Time to die.”
  4. Start Playing “Imperial March”

All these bunches of commands in just three words called “Alexa! Intruder Alert”. The commands were viral, and people start using with their Alexa to know their reaction, and surprisingly, it was the same across the globe. If you want to add any other action, you can go forward by customizing the responses and choosing from the domain.

The Alexa intruder Alert has become very much famous, and people are looking forward to the new Memes to be launched so that they can be introduced to new technology advancements.

There are many versions which allow you to tune your Alexa device. And few of those are listed in below images:

Alexa device tuning  versions

This is fun isn’t it and allows even seniors to be a part of it. Different Alexa Memes are posted all around the year; some users found them quite funny while others look like they have seen the weirdest thing in the world.

There are various other commands too like “Away Mode,” which can bring an alert into your notice by playing the loud music in your room. The tracks can be customized from the audio tracks to the conversations between two people. The mode allows people to remain safe at home and make sure that the house is guarded and the owner is informed about the security.

Wrapping up:

With time Amazon is adding up with many new capabilities everyday with many skills and adding up with device compatibility. Alexa, the device has come upon with a different kind of Meme that has helped people in coming up with another application of intruder alert. The device now is an essential part of any household, and through its one of the communication, angles help people in making their life a lot easier than before. With the new Alexa Meme being introduced now and then allows people to be sure that no stone is left unturned to source comfort in their lives. Alexa’s Meme for intruder alert will surely come upon with the best of both the world’s and allow you to remain carefree while enjoy your experience at its best.

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