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PoE security camera system perfect for security

Keeping your homes and businesses secured from any threat of theft or unauthorized infiltration is a crucial task today. Apart from the valuable belongings you preserve, even the information may be at risk. Therefore, deploying the best PoE security camera system would be essential and wise too.

These days, most of the homeowners and entrepreneurs prefer security cameras with excellent connectivity for remote surveillance. You can avail innovatively designed products with great features. Technology makes your security systems effective and user-friendly. You can rely on the PoE security cameras for comprehensive surveillance of your premises.

Power over Ethernet (PoE) is among such latest technologies. Your security cameras usually require a power cable and a data cable for effective functioning. However, the latest PoE Technology enables the passage of power through the network cable itself. So, the PoE security camera system is easy to install.

Selecting the best PoE camera doesn’t remain a tough task today. You can get numerous options at your fingertips through the popular online shopping portals. This is one of the most convenient methods to upgrade security systems for residential and commercial properties, as you get the desired products delivered at your doorstep.

10 Best Rated PoE Security Camera System Available In The Market:

1. SANNCE 1080P POE Security Camera System

SANNCE presents one of the most sophisticated PoE Security Camera System with advanced features. You can avail of this set, including four cameras, a high definition video recorder. The unique Motion Detection feature makes this the best PoE security camera system. It has Hard Drive storage facility, with a memory space of 8 TB, ensuring long-lasting recording.

Features and Benefits:

  • This PoE security camera (set of 4 cameras) has a resolution of 2 Mega Pixels with 3.6 mm lens that ensures clearer and accurate images, with a better coverage.
  • The cameras are technically capable of capturing images from a distance of 30 meters during nights.
  • PoE technology enables easy installation, as only one cable is to be connected between the cameras and the control unit.
  • 1080P Full High Definition Footage, NVR, and Infrared LEDs enable crystal clear footage even during nights.
  • The cameras can be easily connected to your handheld devices such as smartphones and tabs. So, it is convenient to access the footage from remote locations.


  • The manufacturers need to take initiatives to improve the quality of cameras for added durability.
  • The manufacturer needs to establish proper synchronization between the motion sensor and the recordings of footages.

2. Reolink 16CH 5MP PoE Home Security Camera System

If you are looking for round the clock surveillance for your home or business, this PoE security camera system would be the perfect choice. This system consists of 16 High Definition cameras and provides video output through a monitor or HDTV. Surprisingly, 4 cameras can play at the same time. You can avail convenient access to this PoE camera system via Apple or Android smartphone, and Windows or Mac PC as well.

Features and Benefits:

  • 5MP cameras offer a spectacular resolution, and thus, you get a stunning display all the time.
  • You can conveniently record the footage of all the cameras round the clock. So, this best PoE security camera system is ideal for round the clock protection.
  • You get the PoE advantage as well, as you need to run only one common Ethernet cable for power and network. Thus, this best PoE camera is easy to install and service.
  • You can easily access live streams and recordings through devices such as smartphones, tablets, and computers.
  • This system detects motion and triggers instant alerts in case of any dangerous or suspicious activity. Thus, you can rest assured that an ‘eagle’s eye’ is always keeping close watch on various corners of your premises.
  • The monitoring system can be easily integrated with 5MP, 4MP, and Wi-Fi cameras for round the clock flexibility through live streaming, playback, and motion alerts.


  • Some users reported shorting of some cameras in the system after installation.
  • Effective after-sales service is necessary.

3. SMONET 8-Channel Home Video Surveillance 5MP Security Camera Systems

SMONET is a leading name in the security camera systems for about a decade now. The company offers 8 channels 5MP PoE NVR security camera systems with fantastic features. This is a reliable PoE security camera system comprising four security cameras and an advanced monitoring system. The 8 channel NVR has a 1 TB Hard Drive for uninterrupted and long-term recording of footages.

Features and Benefits:

  • This best PoE security camera system is waterproof, and thus, you can use it in all the seasons for outdoor applications.
  • 5MP cameras, 18 infrared LEDs, and a comprehensively sustainable temperature range ensure splendid performance through clear and detailed images.
  • The manufacturers have designed this PoE camera system as ‘plug and play’. So, the system is easy to install, operate, and maintain.
  • This PoE security camera is ideal for indoor and outdoor applications. 
  • NVR or WAN routers allow you to access this system from wherever you are, through different devices, including Windows and Mac PCs, or smartphones and tablet phones.


  • Significant improvements are expected in the software and app for ensuring great remote access
  • The manufacturer needs to provide a well-designed and detailed instruction manual for the effective operation of this system.

4. GW Security Super HD 8 Channel 4K NVR Security System

GW Security offers a wide range of PoE camera systems with various numbers of cameras, such as 4 cameras, 6 cameras, 8 cameras, 12 cameras, 24 cameras, and 32 cameras. So, if you are looking for complete coverage for your office space, factory premise, a warehouse, or a multi-storied apartment, you can choose the right option with an adequate number of cameras.

Features and Benefits:

  • This best PoE camera offers crisp and clear high-quality images due to its 5MP cameras.
  • You can avail 4K quality recording through these cameras and the monitoring system.
  • RealView Pro App enables you with fantastic remote access.
  • The innovation through H.265 video can compress the videos, and thus, you can save up to 50% of the network bandwidth and video storage space.
  • This PoE security camera comes with an inbuilt Hard Drive of 2 TB and 4 CATSE network cables with one year warranty. You can avail lifetime technical support from the professional service providers in the US.


  • The manufacturer needs to improve programming and network access features.
  • The base provided for the cameras is quite shorter in size.

5. 5MP PoE Security Camera System Outdoor Surveillance

HFWS offers this magnificent security camera system, ideal for domestic use. You can install four cameras for the front door, backdoor, backyard, entrance gate, garage, and so on. Every PoE security camera has 18 infrared LED lights for clear night vision. Again, this system can be conveniently embedded with your devices, such as computers, smartphones, and tablet phones, for easy remote access.

Features and Benefits:

  • This PoE security camera system offers stable signals compared to the wireless cameras. Again, there would not be any interruption of these signals because of Wi-Fi.
  • You can install four high definition cameras across various corners of the exteriors of your home or business premise and get all-round protection.
  • You can make effective use of 1 TB Hard Drive for recording videos for seven days, without rewriting. Thus, you can avail thorough footages, significant for investigation.
  • The PoE security cameras have 8 PoE ports for quick connectivity with the NVR video recorder. 
  • The best PoE security camera system is compatible with a variety of brands.


  • The cameras and monitoring system work effectively. However, improvements are expected in the app and mobile connectivity.
  • User Interface on this unit is less user-friendly.

6. Wandwoo 4Pcs Wired Outdoor 1440P PoE IP Cameras

Your search for an economic PoE security camera system should end with this. Wandwoo presents a tremendous security camera system with almost all technological features at the best of its price range. You get four PoE connected cameras and a comprehensive monitoring system with an inbuilt 1 TB Hard Drive for a good amount of storage space.

Features and Benefits:

  • This PoE security camera doesn’t require any specialized skill set to install. The PoE cables need to connect the cameras with the video recorder.
  • You can quickly and conveniently view the faces, license plates, and other details in the images through the high-resolution cameras.
  • This PoE camera system conducts 8 channel video recording at the same time. 
  • You also receive instant motion alerts in case of any doubtful activity. You can get real-time images on your smartphones, tablet phones, or computers.
  • The manufacturer offers 60 days money-back guarantee, two-year warranty and lifetime technical support in the select territories.


  • It is necessary to upgrade the mobile access feature.
  • There should be improvements in the packaging and forwarding of this product.

7. Hiseeu (4MP 8CH) PoE Security Camera System

This is another best PoE security camera system offered by Hiseeu, with four 4MP, Audio IP cameras with a provision to expand the system to 8 cameras. So, this is among the latest technology-driven products offered with enormous features, at a reasonable price. You can easily add cameras to cover more area under round the clock electronic surveillance. 

Features and Benefits:

  • This PoE security camera has the audio feature. So, you can get to listen to the sounds along with the videos captured by the cameras. 
  • User-friendly installation as only one PoE cable is required.
  • The video recorder has a great video compression ratio. So, the 1 TB Hard Drive can accommodate video recording of considerably higher duration.
  • You can customize the motion-sensing feature focusing on a critical area. This feature helps in reducing false notifications due to various incidents such as raindrops, snowfall, and movements in the neighboring premises.
  • The manufacturer offers one-year replacement warranty for defective parts.


  • Packaging quality of the product requires improvements.
  • Difficulties noticed in connectivity to the Hard Drive; this causes a stoppage in video recording.

8. ONWOTE 5MP 8CH Dome PoE Security Camera System with Audio

ONWOTE presents this Super High Definition Audio, Video 5MP PoE security camera system for keeping your homes and businesses recurred in an uninterrupted manner. You can rely on this best PoE security camera system for years ahead, due to its tremendous performance in all conditions.

Features and Benefits:

  • This PoE security camera comes with an inbuilt microphone, with a range of 15 feet. So you can avail of clear sound along with the video.
  • The NVR recorder is designed for 8 cameras. So, you can conveniently expand the system by adding four more security cameras, without any additional alterations to the unit.
  • You can get easy remote access for live streaming and recording of the footage.
  • This PoE security camera system comes with real-time motion alert through the effective motion sensors.
  • It has a simple ‘Plug and Play’ installation due to user-friendly PoE cables.


  • Some users have noticed the resolution of the cameras not up to the mark, for 5MP cameras.
  • Proper testing of the products before dispatch is recommended, to avoid the disappointment of the customers, as some cameras didn’t work.

9. Jennov 3MP POE Security Camera System NVR Kit with 8 Outdoor Surveillance Cameras

Are you looking out for a reliable PoE security camera system with 8 cameras? Jennov offers this magnificent system that proves ideal to cover a larger area or to cover a number of crucial points for continuous electronic surveillance. Install this best PoE security camera system and connect the video recorder with your smartphones or tablet phones for complete security.

Features and Benefits:

  • You can install this system through a single Ethernet cable, even when a power outlet is not nearby.
  • The best PoE camera automatically switches to night mode, as it turns dark. So, you can get a clear visual experience even during nights.
  • The PoE security camera comes with a waterproof casing and has a wide-angle for better coverage.
  • You can receive smart motion detection alerts on your smartphones through the app.
  • The manufacturer avails 30-day returns, 1-year warranty, and lifetime technical support.


  • No Hard Drive is included in this system. You need to order it separately.
  • There can be some compatibility issues while integrating these devices with other brands.

10. ZOSI 1080p PoE Home Security Camera System (Surveillance CCTV Bullet IP Camera)

ZOSI presents this PoE security camera system to deliver the best night vision, better angle of projection, and reliable connectivity between the cameras and video recorder, and also with the remote devices. You can bring this home and rest assured that all your worries about the thorough surveillance would be finished. 

Features and Benefits:

  • These PoE security cameras come with a 1080 P 8 channel video recorder.
  • The cameras have a projection angle of 1050 ensuring wider coverage.
  • The PoE security camera is ideal for night vision.
  • This system offers better connectivity compared to wireless camera systems.
  • ZOSI app offers convenient remote access through iOS and Android devices, and ZOSI client software enables Windows and Mac PCs to get remote access to the cameras.


  • The quality of the Infrared LED lights for night vision needs significant improvement.
  • The connectivity of the NVR system should be foolproof as the product arrives at the customers’ end.

Buyer’s Guide

How to choose the best PoE Security Camera System?

poe camera system best for security of your home

Choosing the best PoE camera becomes essential, as it is concerned with the safety of your loved ones and your business premises as well. There are several factors that determine the utility and technical capabilities of security camera systems. Let us figure out some of the most significant criteria:

  • Quality and resolution of the camera: The technical specifications related to Mega Pixel and resolution determine the video quality, so it is an important consideration.
  • Field of view: The PoE security camera should have a maximum coverage projection angle. You need to look for the type of the camera, such as dome type, bullet type, or hidden cameras; and choose the most appropriate one for wider coverage.
  • Night vision capability: The best PoE camera usually has infra-red LED lights for night vision.
  • Memory space: It is better to have a Hard Drive with adequate memory space for uninterrupted recording of video footage for a considerable duration. This helps in proper investigation in case of any suspicious activities. 
  • Outdoor or indoor application: It is vital to decide whether you need to keep a close eye on the exterior of the premise to avoid unauthorized trace passing, or on the interiors to keep an eye on the activities of the staff in your absence or to make sure that your family members are safe.
  • Real-time alerts and accessibility: The modern PoE security cameras can be easily connected to your devices such as computers, smartphones, or tabs. The motion sensors in the cameras are integrated to provide real-time notifications in case of any suspicious movement in the field of view.

Benefits of PoE Security Camera Systems:

secure your home with poe security camera system

In the modern era, when we have plenty of options to choose from in the range of security cameras; it is vital to make out the advantages of PoE Security Camera Systems over the conventional two-cable systems and the modern wireless security camera systems.

Benefits over conventional security camera systems:

Technically, the conventional security camera systems used to have two cables: one for power supply and the other one was network cable. The installation, troubleshooting, and maintenance of these systems were quite laborious. The technicians had to run two wires throughout the system. Again, the power outlet had to be nearby for added convenience.

However, in the case of a PoE security camera systemthere is only one cable that serves the purpose of network bandwidth and power supply at the same time. So, the installation of the best PoE security camera system is very simple compared to the conventional two-wire systems.

Benefits over wireless security camera systems:

Usually, you may consider going wireless as being technologically advanced. There might be many sophisticated technical aspects that make wireless security camera systems advanced for sure. However, there are a few significant factors where the PoE camera system proves to be better.

Most importantly, the wireless security camera systems would have frequent technical issues related to connectivity. However, as the PoE security camera passes the power and network bandwidth simultaneously, there would be the least amount of connectivity issues with these PoE based security camera systems.


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