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best smart hub for your smart home

Nowadays, with the rising of smart homes, people have started looking forward to making their home a smart hub. The making of smart hub desires the blending of the device from the manufacturers, and you can quickly want to get them together and preferably accumulate them in one application. The smart hub can serve as a tie between all the smart home devices to bring them together.

As the smart hub is known for connecting to the home internet as it requires you to set up all your devices to the cloud. It is mainly used in many smart homes and is known for intelligent locks or smart lights and can be connected with the internet. The Bluetooth or WiFi are the two options that can be explored for connecting.

Once you have connected them to the smart hub, you can control these devices remotely and can set up the following trigger actions between them like other smart home devices. The smart hub is said to bring all devices online for the interconnected functionalities for the rest of your homes.

The smart hub allows the user to control all the devices remotely with the help of any compatible voice assistant or smartphone applications. Also, try setting up trigger actions for the various smart home devices from the decentralized app.

Also, you can easily set up one of the centralized apps instead of using multiple apps, one at a time. Creating routines for your smart lights will tell you to begin with dimming after a particular hour when you start preparing for bed, and the thermostat starts lowering of the temperature. All these features are synchronized in one gadget i.e. smart home hub.

Smart Home Hub Operation

The smart home hub allows all the technical devices to synchronize to make your life easier. If you have the smart bulbs from various manufacturers and you were looking forward to using them all in the same room, controlling them as one system. For the same, you need a hub of one kind.

Also, remote access is one such solution that only the making of the hub can resolve. If you want the heaters to be turned on before you return to your home or look for scheduling your lighting while you are on holiday, you desire to offer the secure and remote access for your stuff especially if the smart hub has the WiFi connection to communicate with your smartphone.

Which smart home hub is right for you?

controllers for home automation

There are many dedicated smart hubs present in the market, and they don’t guarantee that you can throw all the hubs you have been looking forward to. However, they are equally good.

Most of the smart hubs are launched with their hubs and require you to unify every single point of control.

The smart speakers like Google Home and Amazon Echo also act as hubs, and they will not allow the replacement of white boxes that have already arrived with the existing tech. Before selecting the right bridge or smart hub look for the features you desire or wish for and then place your order.

Must-have features of Smart home hubs

controllers automation for home

Have a look at the features before buying a smart home hub so you can manage your home smartly.


The smart hubs can connect with your home internet options with the help of a wireless or wired ethernet connection. Try to be sure you have connection options in your smart hub and in case if the wired connection you will need a free port for your wireless router to fit in the ethernet cable.


For making things attractive for the consumers, the smart hubs will be compatible with the full range of devices inclusive of Amazon, Next, Wink, Apple, etc. Some of the smart hubs are said to work only with the small scale of gadgets that are known to match the manufacturer. The more your device is compatible, the better the support of the smart hub is, and the more expensive it is.

Wireless Protocol

Smart hubs are well-known for working with the Bluetooth ZigBee, Z-Wave, and WiFi. The WiFi protocol used by them is equally essential for connecting with smart home devices. They required you to use for communication and also ensure that you use the same protocol for them.

Voice Control

Many smart home hubs are allowed to work as smart speakers and to make changes and issue various commands with the help of the smart voice assistant. You need to confirm that the smart hub is compatible with the one you have or is comfortable for learning about the new one.


The technology and the sensor of the hub you can be thoughtful about requires you to know the place for keeping the smart hub in your home for avoiding the interference caused and making the functioning smooth with the help of smart home devices.

Routines and Scheduling

Besides these trigger actions, the smart hubs allow creating many schedules for every smart home device with the method syncing together with multiple devices. For example, you, as a user can create a plan for your thermostat and lights to follow with your wake and sleep schedule. Even a bedtime routine can be designed for your device to help you in falling asleep. As tuned at a certain point of time the smart hub will dim your lights, allow the thermostat to cool down and confirm that your smart locks are locked.


IFTTT or If This Then That, is a type of free web service allowing to set up the trigger actions and chains of activity known as “applets.” If the smart hub is known to have IFTTT, then you can look for setting up the routines triggering the multiple devices for performing an action based on another trigger. For example, if you are using IFTTT, you can use the trigger for dimming the lights anytime to switch on your white noise playlists.

Mobile Applications

The home smart hub does have its dedicated mobile app. Through their mobile app, they can connect to various portable devices, create IFTTT routines, check status, and set up schedules through their methods. The app can send the notification whenever they find any unusual activity like someone is trying to approach you from the front door. Just try to ensure that the mobile app should be compatible with your smartphone, and the app store has screenshots to make it possible to look comfortable. Remember, most of the smart hubs are compatible with Android and iOS, and Windows OS are less used for the same.


Many smart hubs are also called as dedicated smart hubs by their users. The same refers to their design of the smart hub in the first place. There are many smart hubs known for being entertainment smart hubs, and they primarily serve for entertainment needs but can also function as one of the efficient smart hubs. Besides this functionality, the smart hub looks for acting as an entertainment hub and may also include TV, speakers, libraries, music, etc.


The smart hubs work with the electrical power and make sure that you can plug in the smart hub in the wall to start its working. As the smart hubs do require safety-focused devices like smoke alarms and locks, including the battery backups so that the machine keeps working well in the outrage.

Our Top Smart Home Hub for you

There are many smart hub gadgets available on online platforms. We have tried our best to bring the best equipment for your abode in order to serve you at best. Have a look at the below-listed products to know about the smart hub and to buy the one suiting your preferences:

1. Samsung Smartthings Smart Hub

Samsung best smart home hub

Samsung smart things one of the leading gadgets in the industry. The gadget can be connected wirelessly and can control a big range of smart devices with more than 40+ partner brands inclusive of lights & switches, sensors, cameras, voice assistants, etc.

Home automation devices can be set up for the routines to work throughout the day. So we can also consider this gadget as one of the best smart home managers that can manage your home smartly.

The devices connected work 24/7 and can alert if any unexpected activity is found at home. The voice commands are used for connecting devices, and Google’s assistant helps them in answering. For initial set up download application to know more about it.

To operate smart things, you desire an internet-connected WiFi router and the installed free smart things application iOS version 11.0 or the latest and Android version 6.0 or the latest.


  • Arrives with one year of warranty
  • Third-party devices can be connected with the cloud server
  • Can add many SmartThings sensor or other ZigBee, Z-Wave or internet-connected products for enhancing your experience.
  • It can detect smoke, security, and water-leakage in your home.


  • A user-friendly and robust device for users
  • It supports a wide number of devices with similar compatibility
  • Small footprint with the battery back up


  • The device does support No GSM failover options.

The gadget connects wirelessly to the devices at your home and works with them. The Samsung Smartthings is one of the compatible routers that can be synchronized with a large number of brands. If you are buying any new device for your home, do check the phrase “Works with SmartThings” on them to know about the compatibility. With Samsung Smartthings allow your home to be connected with a brain that can run it while you are away.

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2. Wink 2 hub – Best Home Automation Hub

Wink 2 hub for smart home

It can easily connect and manage your home ecosystem. The gadget is compatible with all significant categories of home products like alarms & security, appliances, doorbells, cameras, and many more.

For the voice control system, the Wink hub two can be paired with Google Assistant and Alexa. The users can control all his smart home devices through a single application in their smartphone.

The gadget also pursues multiple options for setting up, i.e. Ethernet port or 5GHz WiFi. The Wink 2 hub supports Kidde, Z-Wave, Bluetooth LE, Lutron Clear and ZigBee connects.


  • The product arrives with AC adapt, Quick Start Guide and Ethernet Cable.
  • The device can support up to 130 smart devices.
  • Supports the Stringify App.
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Can program many recipes with the IFTTT


  • Easy to set up
  • Advanced connectivity with other devices as you can go wireless with WiFi
  • IFTTT and Alexa support
  • Support most of the protocols available
  • Auto-discovery set up


  • The product does not support a USB port and no battery back up

The Wink 2 hub, is one of the best devices to be used for the smart home set up. The device is easy to set up. In addition, they can work as wireless and can be connected with hard-wired devices as well. With their distinct features the Wink 2 hub, has impressed most of its subscribers and is tend to add more updated in the coming months. Available at an affordable price the device is considered as one of the great security assets for the users.

3. Vera Control VeraSecure Advanced Smart Home Security Controller Hub

Controller Hub for your smart home security

The Vera Control device is said to combine home security and control features in a single device with absolutely no monthly fee. The device is compatible with Viera link, Z-Wave, Bluetooth BLE, ZigBee and WiFi to work with hundreds of tools and some of your favorite brands inclusive of Amazon Alexa, First Alert, Schlage, Nest and many more. The device brings to access functionality and can use a mobile app for Android or iOS in your everyday life.

The device has a built-in siren alarm system to alert neighbors about intruders, free mobile backup to ensure that users stay connected even if the internet connectivity is lost and built-in batteries for keeping your home in no power time as well.


  • Alarm system and home automation in a single device
  • One-year warranty attached and does not require any subscription
  • Equipped with a memory of DDR3 512 MB and a single USB port.
  • The internal battery of 2400mAh/18Wh is attached to the device for functioning well for hours even if the power is out.


  • Sleek and clean design
  • Affordable gadget for home
  • Easy to set up and supports all major protocols


  • Does Not have a battery backup feature attached

One of the ideal and known for its smooth functioning, the VeraSecure is one of the best-known home smart hub gadgets. They do provide the compatibility feature with many devices but the best part is that you can also customize them for the new devices. They are widely used in homes and in hotels. As their usage in commercial set up can make your revenue much higher while helping out your guests to live comfortably on the other hand.

4. Securifi AL3-WHT-US Almond 3 (White): Complete Smart Home Wi-Fi System

Smart home hub complete with wifi system

Easy to Set up Dual Band Gigabit Wi-Fi Router, Built-in Security Siren, Universally Compatible with modems – Works with Alexa.

The Securifi is one of the home smart hub gadgets that is quite easy to set up and provides the users the touchscreen experience they are looking for. With the help of your Wi-Fi connectivity, the gadget covers your entire house and functions smoothly from any corner of your home. The Securifi heart can enable the control of all the devices through their applications while you’re away from your home.


  1. The device covers about 1300 sq ft and on adding 3 almond points extra it can create full coverage of your home.
  2. Allows parental control through Wi-Fi Curfews
  3. Can monitor or block unknown devices
  4. The users tend to receive the notifications once any new device joins the network.
  5. The screen size of the product is about 2.8 inches and possesses a RAM of DDR3L SDRAM.


  • Easy to set up
  • Auto-alarm and built-in siren to keep a check on home security
  • Control connected sensors and remote functionality


  • The coverage is not uniform throughout the home.

The device with customized features is best for homes. The router has many features for blocking, scheduling and for parenting they can synchronize as per their instructions. The gadget can be used as a router, a router extender and can also create a smart home set up at your residence. Although it is not equipped with all the features that a smart hub should have but is manageable for homes and commercial setups.

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5. Philips Hue Smart Hub (Works with Alexa  Apple HomeKit and Google Assistant)

smart home hub kit compatible with Alexa, Apple, Google

The Philips Hue is known for its smart hub features as it can act as a controller for your home while you are residing or away for vacations. The best part with them is you can control the features through their applications and can resent the alarm, timers, synchronize with applications, etc. You can also pair them with your existing smart hub system to work together for the user’s comfort.


  • The product arrives with a Hue bridge, power adapter, and LAN cable
  • No battery included and is considered for 2 years of warranty
  • For a better experience, 50 Hue of lights can be added.


  • Quick to set up
  • Wireless in nature
  • Affordable in nature


  • Do check it for the smart devices list printed to know the compatibility of the gadget.

Philips is one of the best brands to come up with the best deals and arrives with good customer support. They have been delivering to their clients for years and their smart hub product stands true to the trust. Look forward to making your home as one of the best in the coming years.

6. Amazon Echo Dot – Best Smart Hub For Smart Home

Amazon ECO best for home automation

The gadget is an inexpensive substitute for other smart hubs and allows people to feel the smart home automation features.

Using Alexa for home automation is always a best home automation ideas.

The Amazon Dot can control many devices and the third generation is quite big and powerful than other models. It can help you with reading news headlines, sports scores, weather reports and other hosts of things.

features. The Amazon Dot can control many devices and the third generation is quite big and powerful than other models. It can help you with reading news headlines, sports scores, weather reports and other hosts of things.


  • Works with Wi-Fi and BlueTooth
  • Can control plugs, lights and other compatible devices.
  • Compatible with most of the devices.


  • Smaller in size and easy to customize
  • Improved and clear audio


  • No battery back up

Undoubtedly the Amazon Echo has become one of the best-sellers among the Amazon products. It is one of the smart hubs that are super easy to set up and is known to everybody. The 3rd generation is quite advanced and results in bringing the best services for the users. Amazon will keep bringing more updates by adding commands to their device to provide their users with a better experience.

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Wrapping up

The home smart hub system is one of the best among many and allows you to come across multiple compatible devices to be synchronized in one and ensuring the people to lead a technology-equipped life. The smart home hubs mentioned above are the best in their domain and make sure that the people using them receive the best services and enjoy their time in their abode with the best of the facilities.

The gadgets are a medium to live your life with comfort and all the amenities that you have always desired for. Usage of these smart devices to automate your home are always the best way to automate your home.

The above-listed gadgets are one of their kinds and results in perfect experience for the users in terms of safety, reliability, and comfort. Look forward to the one suiting your budget and requirements. Look forward in order to make the best of your time and opt for the gadget that suits your requirements.

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