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manage your home with smart home manager

Just think of the number of devices connected to the home Wi-Fi network right now. Then imagine the number of devices of the other members of the family, connected to the Wi-Fi. You may have some of the smart appliances like the smart TV, smart phones and the other security systems. If you are a technology lover then your refrigerator may also be smart and connected to the Wi-Fi. Getting so many devices connected to the Wi-Fi network often makes it difficult to control everything. You must have wished if there was someone who could handle every connected device on your behalf. Your wish comes true with the smart home manager by AT & T. It is your personal home management system that would function in a smart way. It can handle each and every device that is connected to the Wi-Fi network.

How to get an AT & T Smart home manager?

at&t manager for your smart home

To get an AT & T smart home manager you need to first transform your home to be an at&t home. To do so you will be one among the huge list of satisfied AT & T customers. Once you are an AT & T customer you will have the best of the att wifi experience with the most powerful tool being offered by AT & T. You can down load AT&T App for Android and iOS.

With the att home manager you can have a complete control of each and every device that is connected with the Wi-Fi. This way you will be completely free from any sort of hassles to manage Wi-Fi devices. Now you will be having a great control over the number of devices connected to the network. So with the help of smart manager you can automate your home very easily and control the devices connected to your network.

AT&T manager has the potential to make you home a smart home. Now a days there are several devices that are in the market that can be connected to the wi-fi network. Through the establishment of such connection it is possible to have a complete control of each and every device – all you will need is a smart phone.

An att smart phone will enable you to have a complete control of each and every device that will be connected to the wi-fi network. ATT smart home manager is one of the most powerful ways to have a better wi-fi experience. So far this development in the wi-fi is one of the biggest development that will surpass the other companies when it comes to smart home experience.

How to control home devices with smart home manager?

a smart manager for your smart home

To personalize the Wi-Fi experience of the home users the smart home manager is being presented. The controlling of the devices can be done with the help of a personal computer or any smart phone. Thus with att smart home manager you have the power and the advantage of controlling various device that is connected to the Wi-Fi. Now, managing and personalizing a Wi-Fi device will not be any hassle with the at&t smart home manager.

To have a control on the devices you need to log in to Once you are a customer of AT & T you will be provided with an AT & T User ID and password. All you need to do is to sign in with given user ID and password. Once you have login successfully your smart home manager will give you the confirmation. Once you are connected you will see the number of devices that are connected to the home network. With the smart manager you can change the Wi-Fi network password as many time you want to.

Now, that you are logged in. You will have the list of devices to be viewed in the device tab of the page. To have a better customized feel you can also get the devices renamed. Alongside viewing the devices you can have the solution for the common issues associated with the internet. The web page also has a connection health check option that allows you to have a detailed view of the connection strength. This web page can also be used for the purpose of finding the area of your home where the wi-fi signals are low.

Alongside finding the same the application can also help in enhancing the signal and thus, helping the wi-fi experience to be much better. The following application is also available in the google play store and for I phone users as well.

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Other features available with the smart home manager

att wifi that can manage network of your home

The at&t smart home manager has several tools that would make your Wi-Fi experience easy and smooth. Apart from the above mentioned functions the smart manager can also perform other tasks. With the at&t home manager you can also setup guest network. This means that when an outsider comes to access your network you don’t have to tell or write down the password. With the guest network a person can easily log in to your network, of-course with your permission. Alongside offering you friend a wifi network you can also see who else is connected to the Wi-Fi. This way you can also detect if some unwanted person is connected to the network or not.

With a personalized names of the devices an unwanted device can easily be recognized. In the circumstance you see that there is a threat to the network. You can just follow some of the quick steps and completely change the network name and the password. This way you can have a complete control and easy access to the wi-fi network.

Advantages of at&t smart home manager

smart benefits that you will get from att manager

There are several advantages of the at&t smart home manager. One of the greatest advantage is the fact that with this smart home manager your network can get completely safe and secured. In an at&t home it is difficult to infiltrate network. This is one of the reasons why the at&t smart home manager is one of the safest ways to connect to the internet. Another advantage of having the att manager for your smart home is that with you will never have to share your password with anyone else.

A Wifi password is extremely secured and you need to keep it to yourself. However, a guest coming in to your place cannot be denied the access to your wi-fi network. In such circumstance it is inevitable to share the password. However with your smart home manager you can avoid the same by creating a guest network and keeping the password of your smart home secret from everyone.

It is also an advantageous of having an at&t smart home manager that with this you can manage every device with your smart phones. An application is specially developed by AT & T to be installed in the smart phone and also a version of it is available for the IPhone.

Thus, the total control of your wi-fi network is in your grip with a smart manager for your smart home.

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Troubleshooting common internet issues with at&t smart home manager

manage your internet issues with AT&T manager

It is extremely easy to troubleshoot issues with the help of at&t smart home manager application. Once you have logged in to the application or the website all you need to find is an option call “Network health check”. This will provide you a graphical details of all the devices connected to the Wi-Fi.

There is an option called the advanced option which helps in detecting the health of your Wi-Fi connected devices. In the circumstance you find a warning icon you need to know that there is an issue with the device. Now that you got the warning icon you need to select the icon to have details of the issue. Recommendations will also be provided in the smart home manager application to improve the strength.

In the circumstance there is a slow speed you can select the network strength option and find the strength of the network in an easy way. Once you see the strength of the network is less you need to find out the reason. Among the several reason some of the common reasons are having too many devices at the same time, weak connection from the broadband and various other reasons.

Concluding Lines

To have a great experience with your home wi-fi  at&t smart home manager  is one of the best options. This is one of the advancement in the home wi-fi technology that gets the home users the best possible wi-fi experience. An at&t home is considered to be a smart home wiih a smart application that controls various Wi-Fi device. With the help of the application wi-fi devices can completely be controlled. This also keeps the internet network strong with various trouble shooting options available in the application or the website. The process of logging is very easy and all you need to do is log in to get various instruction and tips to improve the network issues and have an excellent Wi-Fi experience. With at&t smart home manager you issues with the internet completely ends.

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