Top 10 Best Headlamp For Hunting | Reviews And Buying Guide


This generation and the timeline is all about having fun while doing crazy things. Scouting, hunting, campaigning and many more like this are being done by the youth in the name of vacation. Not only youth but also other stages of human species gets excited to go on for such vacation.

But before that taking, prior precaution and necessities are very important. A source of light is one among very important things to carry while going on for adventures. Just not any source of light. Getting the best headlamp for hunting is what important. It comes with an advantage of easy to carry. Just put up it to the head and can have a light source in your path of vision.

If you are searching for Best Headlamp for Hunting than you are at right place. In this article I will explain you in details regarding few best headlamps for hunting which can be very helpful while going on adventures.

Fenix HP25R Headlamp

Fenix Hp25r Headlamp for hunting is one of the best-hunting Headlamps. There no objection in saying this is the favorite for the users because of its inbuilt rechargeable battery. It gives out the brightest light density even in the thickest forest.

This Hunting Headlamp can beat up the brightest torchlights. Likewise, You can be worried regarding that it is manufactured in China but regardless the quality is good for hunting and campaigning purpose.

Hunting headlamps sometimes have an issue when it comes to weight. But Fenix Hp25r Headlamp is balanced mostly between front and back but a bit heavier at backside than the front side. The best part of this you can adjust the lighting manually according to your choice which is a noteworthy feature to be noted.

The rubbery buttons in this Hunting Headlamps help in finding anything with ease as a result it is easy to handle. When coming to its structure it is built with the plastic and aluminium chassis seems like its strong one. The straps attached are comfortable in a way while making use of it.

Key Features:

  • Highest water Resistance – 1 meter
  • Rechargeable 4AA Batteries.
  • Warranty- 3 years.
  • Battery Warranty – 1 year
  • Have a tilt range of 60 degrees.


Brand: Fenix
Model: HP25R
Weight: 184 Grams (without Battery)


  • Very Bright centre spot beam – 360 Beams
  • Low costing, warranty, easy to use.
  • Inbuilt SOS.


  • Having a weak Flood beam which is only useful as far as for reading books.
  • The orange colour can be a problem while checking out near objects.
  • Heavy at the backside comparative to the front side.

Petzl Ultra Vario Headlamp

Petzl Ultra Vario one of the highest pricing among hunting headlamps. Its the top rated headlamp for hunting and can be used in any climatic condition. This has the ability of instant power on and helps in a situation where brightest constant light is required. It is one of those rechargeable headlamps for hunting but also a long-lasting battery life. The strongly built structure makes it impossible to break unless you choose to which is certainly a good thing to go with. Likewise, you need to crack upon the particular lens strongly to break the thing apart.

Key Features:

  • ACC2 Battery pack (2 batteries)
  • Auto power on
  • Strongly built
  • Water Resistance


Brand: Petzl
Model: Ultra Rush
Weight: 370 grams with 160 g Battery pack


  • It is the best-led headlamp for hunting as it has 6 Led beams.
  • Goes with all the activities.
  • Manual settings are available.
  • Bright spotlight for the centre.


  • For runners, it’s not best.
  • Highly expensive.

Black Diamond Icon

Among the Black Diamond hunting headlamps, it is the brightest one. None other led has green light headlamp other than this. This is not any Rechargeable batteries Headlamps which comes handy for the people who hate charging the batteries. Just pick up a pack of batteries and can make use of it. Mostly it’s useful for the one who travels much like not stopping at many intervals.

This Hunting Headlamp is nothing like the others in case of structure but can be used in the same tasks due to this it is unique and different from other similar products.

Key Features:

  • Non- Rechargeable Batteries.
  • It emits the light at a distance of as low as 15m to the max of 110m.
  • It has 4AA batteries.
  • Have 1 quad power and 1 Double power led types.

Specification :

Brand: Black Diamond
Model: Icon
Weight: 230 grams


  • Dimming the light can be done according to the surroundings.
  • Just with a tap can make the high mode power off/on.
  • The drop and water resistance is high compared to the other hunting Headlamps.
  • Best spotlight.


  • Balancing can be difficult
  • Rotation for this hunting headlights is limited.
  • Need to check every time with the brightness level.


It seems like It has all the features to be in the top rated headlamps for hunting. Why not it has a white light beam, has long-lasting batteries. The structure is so good for wearing and comfortable too. This headlamp can be very useful while you are running too as it is light weighted. So you can also say, this is one of the best head lamp for running as well.

Key Features:

  • Best while running.
  • Batteries


Brand: Olight
Model: H2R
Weight: considerably low


  • Battery built up with lithium ION
  • Lightweight
  • Has a vast coverage area.
  • Has an option of choosing the brightness level.


  • Can’t use it for the tasks where the speed level is very high.

Coast HL7 Headlamp

Coast HL7 Headlamp is very useful for wildlife adventures. You can say it’s perfect in words of best-hunting headlamps. It’s not similar to the other products from Coast. It gives out 285 Lumens to the maximum distance of 119 meters.

It has the option of adjusting beam focus for spotting one particular thing. It’s not suitable for running tasks more suitable for wildlife-related tasks.

Key Features:

  • Battery – AAA
  • It has pure Beam optics.

Specification :

Brand: coast
Model: HL7
Weight: 125 grams


  • It has a good balance in weight between the front and back side.
  • Has Institutive controls.


  • The battery is AAA which is low.

Energizer Hard Case Rugged Headlamp

This headlamp comes under those Hunting Headlamps which has a reasonable price. Certainly the option of having two beams which are beam and flood which can be operated by the buttons given respectively made itself as a simple but unique one.

Seems like, In past, these used to have the bulbs which illuminate 200 lumens which considerably low beaming focus lights. While now it is upgraded to the best-LED headlamp for hunting by getting the Led which illuminated 325 lumens.

It doesn’t have white or light colour light which few of you might prefer and has the orange light. But it’s a warm colour to eyes which can be considered as good for people.

Key Features:

  • 325 lumens illuminating batteries
  • Have flood and beam both


  • Brand: a casual one
  • Model: hard case rugged headlamp
  • Weight: specifically low


  • Useful for many activities (but not for cycling)
  • Less expensive


  • Has no constant brightness – Decreases with the battery strength.
  • Orange light – which can be a bit uncomfortable.

OLight H2R Nova Cool White

Olight H2R Hunting Headlamp is one of those headlamps which is for groups. For the reason that It’s a bit costly than the others. As a result, it’s better to buy for a group. It is the Top rated headlamps for hunting for a group is for sure. It is made up of aircraft aluminium which is strong and can make a design out of it.

You can make use of this headlamp while running, walking, cycling so many such. It won’t matter if the activity you are doing is slow or speed. If you are going hunting in or near any water bodies then this will be the best-led headlamp for hunting.

Key Features:

  • Good for Hiking, running activities, under or near water and perfect for many more such activities.
  • Best lightning.


Brand: OLight
Model: H2R
Weight: can be handled.


  • You can easily convert this headlamp into flashlight just by removing a strap.
  • Has a magnetized strap which helps when you stick it up to any metal.
  • The operation is very easy with just one button.
  • The headlamp is costly but not the batteries. The batteries are cheap.
  • There is no orange tilt it has white light.


  • It is very difficult to find a con but there is only one and that too the device might get hot at 2,300 lumens. Just be careful and check it time to time while using just to avoid it.

Petzl Nao+ Plus

This is one of the top rated led headlamps. It was in the 3rd position last year and in this year it’s in the 2nd position and I don’t wonder if it gets to the number one position. You can say that the price is still an issue but you can say it is certainly worthy of what we can make use of it.

If you have an issue with weight and you are a bit sensitive regarding the weight then this hunting headlamp is the best one. This is one among the lightweight headlamps in the list.

The most wanted and an interesting most noteworthy feature in this product is that the light is auto-adjusted according to your surroundings. And the best feature is it can be connected to your smartphone through Bluetooth. By this connection, due to this you can customise your light through your smartphone and can enjoy your vision in different colours.

Key Features:

  • Tasks like Hiking, running and all.
  • 2600 mAh battery.


Brand: Petzl
Model: Nao+
Weight: Light Weight


  • It’s the best for camping.
  • Has the rechargeable batteries.
  • Bluetooth connection – can use customized lights.
  • The light is evenly emitted, bias in the centre.
  • Water resistant even in the heavy rain.


  • The batteries are a little bit expensive.

Petzl Actik CORE Headlamp

This is best hunting headlamp as it has an Lithium ion battery which gives out the constant bright light. Due to this it got seventh position among the headlamps this year. This headlamp is the best for reading, slow running, trekking.

Another point to be noted regarding this product is this is the only Hunting Headlamp which has the red light strobe.

Key Features:

  • Lithium-ion battery.
  • Red light strobe.


Brand: Petzl
Model: Actik CORE
Weight: Light-weight


  • The batteries are a bit cheap – affordable.
  • The brightness is constant throughout the time you have set to it.
  • It’s best for running activities.


  • The structure is not as strong as the other Headlamp products.

Fenix HL60R

HL60R is one of those models from Fenix which has a good beam light. This product comes under the list of lightweight hunting headlamps. You can go on biking with a high beam at any speed. It has a wide flood light which is very useful while you go on caving. You can go on for any kind of campaigning and hunting with this product.

Key Features :

  • It is a 2600mAh battery.
  • 950 lumens for almost 48 minutes.


Brand: Fenix
Model: HL60R
Weight: Lightweight


  • The price is good – affordable
  • Has a great battery life – affordable batteries.
  • It is water resistance for 2 meters depth.
  • It is comfortable and it is easy to use.
  • You can use it for almost all the activities.
  • The light is a slight bit of central bias.


  • There is no auto setting and no customised profiles are available.

Hunting Headlamp Buying Guide

We all know hunting is a tough, strenuous and tiring activity. During hunting you may need to stay in the camp. Some time when you come to your camp it may be dark around you. So, you need some good source of light.

Headlamp is one of the best options for hunting light source. But before purchasing a best Headlamp for hunting we need to think about multiple things.

Light Color

Now a days Headlamp are coming with multiple color light like Red,Green,Blue,White. So we need to think first that which color light will fulfil our requirement.

Light Type

Now a days LED light is mainly used in Headlamps. It may be scattered LED light or focused LED Light. Scattered Light is helpful to see the short range or area round around us while Focused light is useful for long range or focus on a single point. So, we need to check our requirement and decide. If a headlamp has both option that will be good to choose.  

Battery Type

If you are going for hunting and you got late in the night and battery of headlamp dies. This will be a horrible situation for you.

So before choosing a best head for hunting we need to look into battery type. It may be old AA or AAA replaceable batteries or rechargeable battery.

Replaceable batteries you can replace when its batteries die but we know disposable batteries have environmental and ecological impact.

Rechargeable Battery you can recharge when you back to your home or you can carry battery charging pack. But why you require two devices if you have a good Headlamp.

So, you need to think before making any choice, however Best Rechargeable headlamps are good option if it has a good battery backup.  


Weight is another main factor that you need consider before purchasing a headlamp. Specially if you have to go for a long walk, you may not feel comfortable with Heavy headlamp. So we need to check weight before going to purchase a headlamp.  


Mostly head lamp available in the market are adjustable but we need to ensure that head lamp is fit to your head and you feel comfortable. If you are not feeling comfortable it may impact your productivity.


We know hunting is outdoor activity. When you are going for hunting, weather may be changed and you have to stay outside during rain or snow. So waterproof headlamp is necessary for hunting at that time.  


We all know hunting is a tough,strenuous and tiring activity. During hunting you may need to stay in the camp.Some time when you come to your camp it may be dark arround you.So you need some good source of light and Headlamp is one of the best option for this.

Above I have listing 10 Best hunting headlamps for you all. These all are the top rated hunting headlamps which are very useful for hunting, camping and so such activities.

Finally, I want to say that the hunting headlamps which are mentioned in this list are all water resistant and few are too very strong. You can make use of these products in many more activities few are like for running on the trail or while doing work at home etc.

In above all Hunting Headlamps you can certainly choose the best according to your activity and you need to consider even more points too. If you are going for the water body activities you should definitely go for the water-resistant headlamp rather than going for the strong one. Similarly, if you go hiking like that you need to consider the point that the product being strong.

Likewise, you need to choose the headlamp product in regarding your activity rather checking about all the features at ones. Because the product might be the best but it is probably not suitable for the activity you are going for.

Finally, I want to conclude it by saying that first check for the feature you need in the product and also the basic features. I hope this is the information you are searching for.


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