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Brightest running headlamps

Do you plan to spend some time outside playing or indulging in thrilling activities or sports? May be go out for a run in wee hours of the morning? A must include thing in your kit is an ultralight headlamp. In fact, running headlamps are the most useful gear any outdoor person or explorer can own as it offers you to navigate the darkness easily and hands-free. Whether you are setting up a tent at night, camping in the middle of forest, or plan to hike, you need a headlamp at any cost.

And, to help you out in choosing the best running headlamp, we have curated a well-researched guide to help you buy a durable, long lasting, and easy-to-use powerful headlamp in 2019. In this article, we will tell you everything about buying brightest headlamp for running to hiking and backpacking to camping, put together by our team of experts. Keep reading to find out more.

Benefits of Best Running Headlamps:

Headlamps are a handy device that helps you out during many activities. A ultralight headlamp offers unlimited benefits and uses a brightest headlamp on the market allows you to take a run after sunset, camp outside in the dark, or plan a trip in the mountains. Not only outdoor, a headlamp also helps you inside your home for any work. To understand why a headlamp is important, we are highlighting its 3 major benefits. Here we go:

Makes your hands free

One of the most important job of a powerful headlamp is to make your hands free while you focus on other important tasks than holding a torch or light. Suppose, you’re fixing your car and have to slide inside next to the floor, wouldn’t it be better that your hands are completely free from holding any torch, allowing you to focus completely on the task? That’s the main work of headlamps. These little gears make you free!

Provide emergency light

What can be worse than finding yourself stuck in the middle of forest at midnight while you go out to camp or hike? Well, something can be much worse and that is having no lights! A powerful headlamp allows you to move freely in the dark by illuminating your path. It comes handy when you prefer to go for a run at night or early in the morning, while you are backpacking to some remote corner of Antarctica, or camping at the hilltop. 


Yes, you read that right. An ultralight headlamp allows you to read or study late till night without switching on the main lights in your home. It helps you by providing ample brightness to do your task and helps others by allowing them to sleep in darkness.

The benefits and uses of best running headlamps are endless. You can use it in unlimited ways and during difficult conditions like hunting. A powerful headlamp is necessary buy for any home or by an individual. Scroll down below to find out the options of top 10 best running headlamps on the market. Happy shopping!

Top 10 Best Running Headlamps

1. Danforce Headlamp

Danforce’s headlamp is a simple yet powerful headlamp available in the market today. It is powered through two 2200 mAh rechargeable batteries, and is completely waterproof. It has five light modes of operation including High, Medium, Low, Flashing, and Red light to suit any outdoor conditions. Its main light is 1080 lumens, which is enough to provide a swift and powerful response during any situations. The product is built to last in all weather conditions. Its airtight rubber sealing ensures that the brightest headlamp is protected from dust, ice, and water. Also, the adjustable sizing makes it perfect for a family. From an adult to a child, it can be customized to fit anyone.


Weight: 10.6 ounces
Power Source: Two 22oo lithium batteries
Max brightness: 1080 lumen

Pros Cons
Waterproof Expensive
Comes with warranty Little heavy
Adjustable sizing  

2. Vont LED Headlamp

Vont’s LED running headlamp is a pocket friendly product packed with some great features. The waterproof ultralight headlamp comes with five lightning modes, an adjustable strap, and a lightweight design. The three AAA batteries provide 6 hours of continuous and non-stop usage. The powerful headlamp has IPX4 water resistance and can easily withstand water splashes and fall. Its 160 lumens are enough to light up a dark path and help you in rough conditions.


Weight: 2.5 ounces
Power Source: Three AAA batteries
Max brightness: 160 lumens

Pros Cons
Adjustable strap Max output is only 160 lumens
Extremely lightweight  

3. Lighting EVER LED Headlamp

The Lighting EVER LED headlamp is a compact and powerful design. This best running headlamp features 4 lightning modes, 3 level of white light brightness including 2, 10, and 18 LEDs, and a red flashing mode. The elastic headband allows great flexibility. IP44 rated water resistance protects the powerful headlamp from water splashes from all angels. Beam distance of upto 20+ ft is enough to light up dark corners and roads.


Weight: 2.85 ounces
Power Source: Three AAA batteries
Max brightness: Up to 20 feet

Pros Cons
Waterproof Limited beam distance
Extremely Lightweight  
Flexible headband  

4. Foxelli MX20 Headlamp

The Foxelli running headlamp is a little monster packed with some excellent features. The super bright CREE-3W LED technology allows it to provide beam distance of up to 200 feet. Powered through 3 AAA Energizer batteries, this powerful headlamp offers good durability and 45 hours of non-stop usage. The ergonomically designed elastic headband makes it flexible and comfortable to wear. The headband comes with an SOS mode offering an extra layer of safety to the user. The build-in timer function allows you to turn the light off with just a press of a button making it hassle free to use.


Weight: 3.2 ounces
Power Source: Three Energizer AAA batteries
Max brightness: Up to 200 feet

Pros Cons
Waterproof Does not offer much flexibility
Great beam distance  
Good battery life  

5. Cobiz Headlamp

The Cobiz headlamp is a multi-purpose and one of the brightest headlamp available in the market. The powerful headlamp powered through 2 lithium ion batteries gives you a beam light of up to 6000 lumen. The four light modes including low, medium, high, and strobe offers ample flexibility to suit any given conditions. The light can be rotated to 90 degrees helping you bright any dark corner. An indicator light on the battery compartment tells you about the battery levels and charge. The waterproof wiring and switching makes it comfortable to wear near water.


Weight: 10.3 ounces
Power Source: Two lithium ion batteries
Max brightness: 6000 lumen

Pros Cons
Great beam light Little expensive
Comes with warranty  
Adjustable sizing  

6. Vitchelo V800 Headlamp

Vitchlo V800 is a compact and comfortable powerful headlamp providing great durability. The running headlamp is powered through 3 AAA Panasonic batteries provides you with a beam light of 168 lumens and up to 120 hours of run time. It enables you to see roughly up to 110m. The soft and elastic ultralight headlamp provides complete safety and comfort and fits on any head size. This brightest headlamp is perfect to use inside your tent while on a picnic, wear while going for a run, and to use during hiking.


Weight: 2.8 ounces
Power Source: 3 AAA Panasonic batteries
Max brightness: 168 lumen

Pros Cons
Comfortable to wear Better products available at same/lower price
Adjustable sizing  

7. LuminoLite Headlamp

This ultralight headlamp from LuminoLite is a simple and compact product. The running headlamp powered by 3 AAA batteries provides beam light up to 160 lumens and allows you to see 262-inch range. The 45-degree adjustable angle provides good flexibility to view things in long distance or around you. The headlamp offers dual button control for each light, a super comfortable and elastic headband, and IPX6 water resistance.


Weight: 2.6 ounces
Power Source: 3 AAA batteries
Max brightness: 160 lumen

Pros Cons
Comfortable design Low brightness
Lightweight Average battery life
Adjustable sizing  

8. Energizer Vision HD+ Headlamp

super bright headlamp for running in the night
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Energizer Vision HD+ LED Headlamp is a perfect fit to wear during outdoor activities like running, hiking, and other mountain sports. The ultralight headlamp available in pretty green color offers beam light up to 250 lumens and reaches up to 70m. It consists of 4 light modes: spot, flood, spot + flood, and red light. The adjustable and washable headband allows you to direct light as per your needs. The headlamp offers IPX4 water resistance and damage resistance from drops up to 1 meter. This powerful headlamp can run for 7 hours in high mode.


Weight: 2.4 ounces
Power Source: 3 AAA Energizer MAX batteries
Max brightness: 250 lumen

Pros Cons
Comfortable designBetter products available at same/lower price
Drop resistance up to 1m  

9. GRDE Super Bright LED Headlamp

The GRDE Super Bright LED headlamp is an excellent multi-functional and multipurpose device. The powerful headlamp is powered via 2 rechargeable batteries and provides great brightness up to 1800 lumens. It offers 3 light modes: Low, mid, and strobe. The 3-in-1 multi-function capability allows it to be used as a headlamp, waist lamp, or desk lamp. This brightest headlamp is perfect to use in outdoor activities and to light up extremely dark corners.


Weight: 12.8 ounces
Power Source: 2 AAA batteries
Max brightness: 1800 lumens

Pros Cons
Excellent brightnessBetter products available at same/lower price
Easy to use Little heavy
Multi-Functional capability  

10. CrazyFire LED Headlamp

The CrazyFire LED Headlamp comes with CREE XM-L T6 800lm LED light providing a beam distance of up to 20+ ft and max 800-lumen output. The ultralight headlamp provides a 90 degree adjustment and is powered by 3 AA batteries. The 3 levels of white light brightness are enough to light up any emergency situations. Its zoom able function allows you to adjust the focus of the beam as per your need.


Weight: 7 ounces
Power Source: 3 AA batteries
Max brightness: 800 lumens

Pros Cons
Compact design Limited brightness
Easy to use Low beam distance

Tip – Best Headlamp For Work

How to choose the Best Running Headlamp on the market?

best running headlamp

Choosing a headlamp is not that difficult at all. You need to understand few basic functions of a headlamp and why exactly do you need it. To help you out amid all the noise, here are some major aspects you need to look at while buying the best running headlamp on the market.

Battery life

A powerful headlamp should be able to run for a consider amount of time without being charged repeatedly. Best running headlamps mainly come with two types of batteries: rechargeable or disposable. You should choose a brightest headlamp on the market depending on why you need it. If the main purpose is to go for running, then choosing a ultralight headlamp with disposable battery is fine. It is always better to opt for running headlamps with rechargeable batteries although a little expensive, as they save you from buying batteries repeatedly.

Beam distance and brightness

The main purpose of having an ultralight headlamp is to get extra brightness in the dark. A powerful headlamp is one that offers excellent beam distance and brightness. You should note that a brightest headlamp which offers high brightness night not necessarily offer high beam light. It is best to choose a product, which offers brightness up to 300 lumens, and beam distance of at least 80 meters.


A headlamp is going to be placed on your head for long duration. It is imperative that you choose a ultralight headlamp; else, it might end up hurting your head or neck, or in some cases, cause injury.

Water resistance

A waterproof or water-resistant powerful headlamp comes handy while you get wet during running, or if you go for a scuba diving. It saves the headlamp from unnecessary damages and your money. The headlamp is measured by IEC standard 60529. The rating includes IPX1 to IPX8.

Fit & Comfort

Make sure that a running headlamp fits you well. Replace the headlamp if it makes you uncomfortable. Some best running headlamps might be tighter than others. Some might be heavier. Choose one, which fits you comfortably without using any excess force.

How to care for running headlamp?

brightest headlamp available in the market

After you have bought the product, it is necessary that you care for it to make it last long. Ultralight headlamps are after all- an electronic product, and needs optimum care to perform best. Here are some steps you can follow to keep your brightest headlamp safe and secure.

Keep it dry

This is one of the most critical step you need to follow. Make sure that your best running headlamp is kept dry. If the product is waterproof, you still need to keep it away from getting wet unnecessarily. After you have used the running headlamp and it has gotten wet, clean it with a cloth and leave it to get dry.

Keep in cool place

However small, best running headlamps are an electronic sports gear with wires, batteries, bulbs, and switches inside. Will you leave your smartphone on a dirty floor? No. The brightest headlamp on the market will not last long if you keep it without much thought. So, make sure you keep the ultralight headlamp in a cool, tidy, and dry place like a drawer or cupboard.

Clean with a cloth

It is advised to clean your running headlamp with a cotton cloth after every use. This will ensure that the powerful headlamp is not accumulating dust and dirt.

Over to You

So, now you know almost everything about the brightest headlamp on the market, you can carefully examine each feature and see if they match your requirements. Don’t get simply stunned by an attractive price or feature. Make sure the running headlamp is comfortable and compact. The better product you buy, the longer it will last.


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