How to Organize Kitchen Cabinets – Step By Step Tips

manage kitchen cabinets by best ways

The kitchen is the heart of any household. This is the territory in a home where the most significant and continual activity of cooking and serving food to the families and guests goes on. The homeowners and also the homemakers passionately lookout for the remedies regarding how to organize kitchen cabinets.

What are the kitchen cabinets?

A kitchen is a place where food is prepared and served. Cooking is a multi-dimensional activity and would require a variety of facilitation for different processes. Ultimately, you require various utensils, electrically operated kitchen-ware and much more to perform cooking effectively.

The kitchen cabinets are the ready-to-use, built-in-furniture pieces that can be installed in various parts of your kitchen, mainly for storage of food, cooking utensils, equipment, dishes and other required objects for serving food on the dining table. It is also essential to integrate significant kitchen appliances such as dishwashers and ovens into cabinetry.

In this article, we are attempting you educate you regarding the most effective ways to organize your kitchen cabinets. Again, we are going to suggest some of the most useful kitchen cabinet models that can transform your kitchens into modular and user-friendly spaces.

Effectively organizing kitchen cabinets:

For your added efficiency in kitchen, complete peace of mind while performing domestic activities especially related to cooking, and your improved capabilities to make the most effective use of available space, time and budget; you must think of transforming your existing kitchen, in three critical steps:

Redesigning the arrangement of kitchen cabinets to compliment your habits and requirements

If you are in the process of designing the interior for your proposed home, this would be the right time to think about the overall layout of your kitchen. If you have bought a used property, you can rearrange the kitchen cabinets as per your preferences. Otherwise, you can go for kitchen remodeling to improve the aesthetics and functional features in your existing kitchen too.

Thorough cleaning of the kitchen cabinets periodically

‘Hygiene’ is one of the most important factors related to the overall health and well-being of your family. Again, a thoroughly cleaned kitchen, without even a trace of dust in any corner of the cabinets and other storage arrangements keeps you happy all the time. Therefore, you need to look out for the methods and products that help you keep the kitchen and the cabinets cleaner.

Improvements in the layout of your kitchen as needed, on prolonged intervals

You may coordinate with your interior designer or the remodeling contractor for a complete or partial makeover of your kitchens. However, some important points might be missed out during the designing and planning stage. So, it would be wise to remain open to suggestions. Again, you can plan out the improvements according to your own experiences while using the kitchen.

Let us take a look at the most appreciated products for cleaning the kitchen cabinets effectively. The following products would help you to retain the shine and hygiene in your kitchen:

i. Better Life Natural All-Purpose Cleaner

If you are looking for a complete kitchen cleaner, suitable to clean a variety of materials, this product would be the best choice. This is a multi-purpose cleaner that you can spray on the desired surface and wipe out. The formulation is suitable to remove oily, greasy and dusty particles from a variety of materials.


  • This cleaner is made from completely plant-derived cleaning agents, made from coconut, corn and soap Bark.
  • This is very effective on grease and grime. So, you can attain deep cleaning in a single attempt.
  • This is an eco-friendly product and safe to be around your kids and pets.
  • There is no alcohol, dyes, parabens and petroleum solvents and any other harmful chemical.
  • You can clean almost any surface with this cleaner conveniently.


  • Some users reported odor after using this cleaner.
  • Most of the materials need rinsing after applying and wiping this cleaner.

ii. Seventh Generation Multi-Purpose Wipes, Garden Mint

If you are looking for wipes for easy cleaning of your kitchen cabinets, here are the most appreciated wipes for you. These wipes bring a great deal of convenience in your cleaning schedule as they are very easy to use. The package comes with 111 wipes. Thus, you don’t need to purchase them frequently.


  • These wipes are suitable for most of the surfaces (materials) at homes.
  • You can handle various types of messes with the same wipes.
  • It has a soothing garden mint aroma. The manufacturers make these wipes fragrant using essential oils and botanical ingredients.
  • These wipes are completely safe, as there are no chemicals, dyes and synthetic fragrances.
  • These wipes would surely serve as your cleaning companion due to ease in use.


  • Some users felt the fragrance stronger than necessary.
  • The designers need to improve the formulation for better cleaning capabilities on various surfaces.

Steps to organize the kitchen cabinets effectively:

perfect way to organize cabinets in a kitchen

Now, let us dive into the practical methods to organize your kitchen cabinets. It is important to pay attention to details, so that you can start your positive actions, resulting in a great looking kitchen where you would love to be for the entire day.

Start from the scratch:

If you take a glance at your existing kitchen and be there for a while, you may feel that everything is already organized. However, it would be advisable to peep into every shelf, look into every corner and empty every box you might have kept before.

This activity would surely make you realize, that still a lot of work can be done to organize your kitchen cabinets. Therefore, it would be better to take out all the things from your cabinets, clean the cabinets, utensils, appliances, and tables thoroughly and begin to organize from scratch.

Try to keep the things accessible:

As you pour all the things stuffed in your kitchen cabinets on the floor. You get an opportunity to rethink your priorities while cooking and performing other activities in the kitchen. The key to organizing kitchen cabinets is to keep the most useful and frequently used objects within a reach of your hands.

You need to be particular about the size of the objects that you need to store. Again, optimizing the available space is another important aspect. Let us go through some of the relevant products offered online at the most popular shopping portal:

i. Rev-A-Shelf 448-BC-6C 6.5 Inch Pull Out Wood Base Kitchen Cabinet Organizer

This is a customized kitchen cabinet organizer that can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen. You can avail it in three different sizes. It can be installed just below your counter-top, along the wall. You get adjustable shelves with this base organizer and thus you can arrange various things in a place.


  • This best kitchen organizer has a unique “tri-slides” ensuring extra stability.
  • This is a pull-out kitchen cabinet organizer with adjustable shelves.
  • You get a wood organizer at the top portion and required mounting hardware.
  • The slide system extends fully and sustains a weight of about 100 lbs.
  • You can easily install this full-height frameless cabinet.


  • This cabinet organizer doesn’t have any drawers. You get a single wooden pull-out without any divisions possible.
  • You cannot release the side locks to separate the base. You need to install the entire unit without any separation.

ii. Simple Trending Stackable 2-Tier Under Sink Cabinet Organizer with Sliding Storage Drawer, Bronze

If you are looking for a cabinet organizer to utilize the space below your sink in the kitchen; this product is excellent. This is a fantastic sliding basket organizer that you can utilize to stack various things. Most importantly, as you can fit it below the sink, you can make optimum use of the available space.


  • This basket organizer allows for versatile storage.
  • You get a couple of removable drawers to keep various things.
  • It has a mesh design to allow you proper visualization of the objects stored in the sliding baskets.
  • This sliding basket organizer is constructed with sturdy metal square tubes, ensuring its durability
  • The anti-slip pads prevent scratches


  • Some of the customers reported missing parts. The sellers need to be particular about shipping the entire package.
  • Some of the consumers faced several difficulties in its assembly. The designers need to improve the fastening arrangements. Again, a user manual with clear assembly instructions is expected.

iii. AmazonBasics Mesh Sliding Basket Drawer Storage Shelf Organizer, Silver

This is a single sliding basket organizer that can be used in your kitchen, bathroom, office and so on.  You get a partition within the drawer for convenience in storage. You can utilize this basket organizer to store cutting tools required for cooking such as knife, grater and different types of cutters.


  • This sliding basket organizer is versatile and can be used for several storage purposes.
  • This has durable stainless-steel construction.
  • You can easily pull out the basket with the help of a handle, and can completely remove it for cleaning.
  • It helps you to keep the important belongings handy in the kitchen and various other parts of the home too.
  • This sliding basket organizer is provided with a stable frame and rubber feet that avoid scratches and other kinds of damages to floor and table-tops.


  • Packing and forwarding of this product need to be better.
  • The manufacturers need to improve the craftman ship to attain better finish and aesthetics.

The above products would help you keep all the useful items easily accessible to you. Make sure that you arrange all the items in such a way that anything could be taken by removing only one item, after opening the door or sliding out the cabinet.

Make zone-wise rearrangement of the necessary items:

It would be wise to sort the items as per their actual utilization. Secondly, you can set the stacking arrangement in the relevant area of your kitchen. This further improves accessibility and adds efficiency in most of your activities in the kitchen in the long run.

For instance, it would be better to keep your glasses, cups, saucers, dishes, spoons, forks, knives and so on; just next to the dishwasher. Thus, you can easily rearrange these things after washing them. Again, as there would be a dedicated zone for these items required to serve food; you can easily remember the place of storage.

i. Bambusi Expandable Drawer Organizer – 100% Natural Bamboo Kitchen Silverware Organizer

Your search for the organizer to keep all the cutlery items in one place would conclude at this spectacular product. This horizontal organizer is most suited to be placed in drawers. This organizer is made of organic Bamboo wood. So, it is eco-friendly and completely safe for use in the kitchen.


  • This organizer drawer comes with 8 compartments of various sizes. So, you can organize your silverware and cutlery conveniently.
  • You can easily adjust and expand this drawer organizer. So, this can accommodate various sizes of items in various quantities as per your priorities.
  • This product ensures versatile use. You can adjust the divisions as per the size of your belongings.
  • Being made of organic bamboo wood, you can rest assured about safety in the kitchen.
  • The manufacturer ensures complete satisfaction.


  • The manufacturer needs to use better material to ensure the durability of this product after placing it in a drawer and keeping utensils on it.
  • Some users doubt whether the material used is pure bamboo or not.

ii. SUNDOKI Suction Cup Hooks, Kitchen Towel Hooks Removable Wall Vacuum Holder for Smooth Tile

These are hooks that can be attached to plain tile walls through the suction cups. Thus, you don’t need any drilling and nailing to install these hooks. You can hang coffee mugs, napkins, scrubbers, brushes, and other kitchen utensils used for serving food conveniently.


  • These hooks are easy to assemble. The suction cups are designed to stick to the walls.
  • The hooks can easily carry a weight of 11 lbs.
  • You can remove these hooks and reuse them as and when required.
  • The manufacturer avails a clear user guide with easy to understand assembly instructions too.
  • These hooks with the unique suction cups are compatible with various surfaces for prolonged adhesion.


  • Some users faced difficulties to stick these suction cups to a mirror.
  • Significant improvements are expected to make the suction cups stick to different surfaces, especially in the shower and near the sink.

iii. YouCopia 50100 StoraLid Food Container Lid Organizer

This is a BPA-free plastic container with enormous possibilities for convenient storage. You can store square, rectangular and circular items up to 9 inches in this tray easily. So, this fantastic product can help you stack your dishes, saucers, trays, lids and various other flat utensils.


  • This organizer is specially designed to hold container lids of different shapes, up to 9 inches in diameter or length.
  • You get five adjustable dividers. So, you can stack the flat items and container lids as per your requirements.
  • This organizer easily fits into a storage cabinet or drawer.
  • You can easily set this up without any special tools.
  • It is easy to clean and easy to operate through the handles provided.


  • The designers need to think of increasing the height of this organizer to accommodate the container lids properly.
  • The packaging and forwarding weren’t effective. Some users noticed missing parts.

iv. YouCopia 09041-01-WHT StoreMore Adjustable Cookware Rack Pan Organizer

YouCopia presents this extremely useful cookware rack that helps you to stack utensils such as frying pans, baking pans and much more. This product ensures safe storage and easy accessibility of almost all the pans and other items with similar dimensions.


  • You can organize bulky pans, platters, pot lids, etc. conveniently with this organizer.
  • You get 6 adjustable dividers to organize the items of various thicknesses and heights in a vertical position conveniently.
  • The dividers are made of steel wires with a smooth coating. Thus, the costly pans and lids would be protected from scratches and other damages.
  • This kitchen cabinet organizer comes with a slip-free foot, ensuring proper storage of pans inside a cabinet or drawer of adequate size.
  • You can easily wipe this organizer with a damp cloth.


  • Some users felt it difficult to adjust the dividers.
  • As the dividers and height of the pans or pan lids to store in this organizer would be tall; it requires a similar cabinet for proper accommodation.

Making effective use of unused space:

There might be spaces in your kitchen that you might have thought about to use for storage. You need to choose the right storage solution. You can organize kitchen cabinets in such a manner that any unused drawer or shelf should not be missed out. This helps you to accommodate more items in the same amount of space.

Here are some products offered at the most popular online portal that help you to optimize the usage of unused spaces:

i. Love-KANKEI Corner Shelf Wall Mount of 3 Tier Rustic Wood Floating Shelves

If you are looking for a stylish and creatively designed corner shelf in the kitchen; this product would resolve your problem for sure. This corner shelf has three shelves made of wood boards and powder-coated metal brackets. This shelf can improve the appearance of your kitchen and help you make the most effective use of the unused space.


  • This organizer shelf creates a rustic appearance and also enables practical usage of the unused corner of your existing kitchen.
  • You can use this shelf to display and stack useful items near your sink or other parts of the kitchen too.
  • This corner rack is sturdy
  • It easy to install.
  • The placement of the shelves helps you to get easy access to your stored belongings.


  • This shelf is not a proper solution to stack round shaped items such as cotton balls.
  • Some users feel that the material is not pure wood.

Benefits of organizing your kitchen cabinets:

perfect ways to manage cabinets of kitchen

Cooking and serving food to the loved ones would be an amazing experience for the homemakers. However, things become absolutely tedious when the floor, table-tops, storage cabinets, and appliances are not cleaner and arranged properly. Therefore, it is vital to organize kitchen cabinets and the other elements in your kitchen for efficient work.

  • Organizing kitchen cabinets would save you time while preparing food. You may neither need to clean the objects frequently and find everything in its place if you prioritize organizing your kitchen cabinets for sure.
  • You can make the most effective use of the available space, by organizing kitchen cabinets. You would keep the food, utensils and other belongings in the kitchen as per the zones you set. Thus, all the things would be conveniently accessible as and when required.
  • You can standardize the procedure of preparing your favorite food items when the places for various ornaments in the kitchen, the flame, oven, refrigerator, and so on are predetermined and strictly maintained.
  • You can cultivate a habit of cleaning, organizing and rearranging the kitchen periodically. This would help you avoid the hassle of thorough cleaning and washing after a prolonged duration.
  • Well-organized kitchen cabinets would bring a reason to smile, as you can complete your tasks in the kitchen at a faster pace and with the utmost peace of mind. This phenomenon is very critical to let you enjoy a great time with your families and loved ones.


We hope that we have come up with adequate ideas that would prove helpful for you to organize your kitchen cabinets. Our aim is to bring the spotlight on the innovative ideas that would assist you with the rearrangement of your storage solutions. This would surely tickle your creativity a bit; so that you can think of more possibilities to make your own kitchen a better place to spend hours together, efficiently.

No utensil or an item in the kitchen is crap. In fact, you might be passionate about adding appliances, utensils and other products to make your kitchen modular in all senses. You would be happy to understand the effective storage solutions to organize your kitchen cabinets now. So, spare some time to shop for creative kitchen cabinet organizing ideas today!


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