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best ways to organize a pantry with deep shelves

Every homemaker is passionate about making her kitchen the most modular one with all the modern facilities and keeping it well-organized. You need to implement space-saving and creative ideas to keep your pantry well-organized all the time. Therefore, how to organize a pantry with deep shelves would be a significant matter of concern.

Your pantry is the place where you store new things and consume them for your routine cooking activities. Pantry is the home for your groceries, baking ingredients, fruits, poultry, meat, seafood, snacks, sausages, and much more. We are trying to explain some of the most interesting ways to organize your pantry with deep shelves.

This article takes you through the innovative ideas and solutions to rearrange your pantry. Effective use of the available space, clear visibility of the stored items, easy access to your food items, and décor of your kitchen are the major factors you need to consider while organizing your pantry.

 For every size of the pantry, deep shelves are advantageous in many ways. We would go through some ideas for storage and also the products available on the most popular online shopping portal that help you to attain it. We are suggesting only the most appreciated products and thus, we are attempting to help you in organizing your pantry with deep shelves.

Interesting tips to organize your pantry with deep shelves:

perfect ways to organize a pantry with deep shelves

It is a well-known fact that the demand for food supplies, baking ingredients, and other products never ends. When you have holidays on your cards, these things pile up far more than your regular wish-list. 

However, it is not necessary to make a complete renovation of your existing pantry. You can implement some ideas to make the most effective use of the available space using deep shelves to organize your pantry for sure. Usually, you try to organize your pantry at regular intervals.

That rearrangement brings temporary efficiency in access and view of the items. You find the same mess after a few days. Most of the times, one zone of your pantry where you keep daily essentials remains pretty easy to access. However, the items that you need for baking and other cooking activities once in a while would be lost in your deep shelves.

Another factor is significant if you have a baby or a toddler. You pamper your kids; however, sometimes you cannot keep the hazardous supplies out of their reach. It is not practically possible to keep a watch on these mischievous members throughout the day. If they try to drag out something, the jars may fall on the floor, creating a big mess!

Now, let us think about the improvements you can make to achieve better access and efficiency in your pantry:

Label your containers clearly:

Most of the time, you keep the groceries in plastic zip-lock bags and stuff these bags in large-sized containers. This makes your search tedious; as you need to remove all the items stored in them.

Labeling your containers is an easy step that can bear unbelievable results while organizing your kitchen with deep shelves. This creative yet practical solution brings a great deal of easy access. It would be advisable to get a clear glass or food-grade plastic containers for visibility and label them.

This may seem to be a time-consuming task in the beginning. However, as you cultivate this habit, it saves you a lot of time regularly during your coking and other routine activities.

I) Large Plastic Airtight Food Storage Containers 5.2L / 176oz, Vtopmart 4 Pieces BPA Free

You must be looking for the ultimate practical alternative to your over-flowing flour bags. These storage containers help you to keep solid food ingredients, snacks, and much more in a well-organized manner. You can arrange your sugar, flour, oats, and much more conveniently with these storage containers that are designed considering deep shelves in your pantry.


  • Each container can hold 5.2 liters of solid food content. So, it resolves the storage issue.
  • These storage containers are made of High-Grade BPA Free Plastic and are ideal for food storage.
  • The clear plastic allows you to see through the item stored inside.
  • The side-locking lids are designed for the complete security of the food stored in these containers.
  • You can conveniently stack these containers in your deep shelves in the pantry.


  • The quality of the lid should be improved.
  • As the shipment arrives, some users found it too difficult to separate these pre-stacked containers.

II) Talented Kitchen 14 Glass Spice Jars w/2 Types of Preprinted Spice Labels

This is a complete spice rack set that you can utilize to store your spices and keep them labeled. This is a set of 14 jars and other useful supplies to label them and fill in the spices as well. You get shift and pour shakers and another type of shakers to sprinkle the spices evenly as and when required.


  • These jars are made of commercial-grade premium quality glass and thus last longer.
  • You get a silicon funnel to ease your refilling in and out of these jars.
  • The jars have Classic French Square Design and can keep your spices visible in the rack.
  • You can create a uniform look keeping these 14 spice jars in your pantry. Thus, you get great aesthetics, ease in access and keep all the spices in one place conveniently.
  • You get PVC Clear Labels and Chalkboard Labels included in this set.


  • The shakers don’t fit on the jars in some cases.
  • The sellers need to improve the packaging and forwarding of this product.

III) 252 Pre-printed 3” X 1.5” Clear Pantry Labels Set w/Extra Write-on Stickers for Jars, Bottles, Containers & Canisters

You can simplify the task of labeling your pantry containers, jars, and canisters with these ready-to-use labels. You can choose from a clear, gold spice, gold pantry, black spice and black pantry versions of the labels. Thus, you can get easy access to the items in your pantry with deep shelves.


  • You can label your pantry jars and containers and find an easy reference through a uniquely designed reference sheet availed of with this label set.
  • This is the most comprehensive pantry labeling set with 252 labels.
  • You can add labels to your existing jars, containers, and canisters.
  • The labels are easy to read and eye-catching as well. Thus, this label set can be a great aid for organizing your pantry with deep shelves.
  • All the labels are durable and water-proof. So, you can expect them to be on your pantry jars and containers for years to come.


  • The labels cover mostly pantry items and the spices are limited.
  • The sellers should include some more items on the labels.

IV) Kitchen Pantry Food Organization Clear Labels

This is another fantastic pre-printed water-resistant clear label set to help you organize your pantry with deep shelves. This is a set of 85 labels covering most of the important pantry items. You can conveniently stick them to your pantry containers, jars, and canisters.


  • You get artistically pre-printed labels for added convenience.
  • These include 17 blank labels to customize your storage.
  • You can easily peel these labels off and reuse them on the other containers.
  • These labels are availed of in 7 different sizes. The size of the labels is based on the volume of the usage of the particular item.
  • These clear labels don’t create an obstruction in visibility of the food ingredients stored; again, they provide a fascinating aesthetic appeal to your pantry too.


  • Some users noticed that the labels may bunch up and bundle. They don’t go easy on the containers.
  • Some users felt that the font size is too large.

Make productive use of the corner spaces:

It is critical to utilize the entire pantry space available. Most of the time, you store important and bigger containers, jars, and canisters at the center and the corner spaces remain unutilized. You can implement some innovative storage solutions to accommodate some of the small to medium-sized containers in the corner space.

It is advisable to avoid deep shelves at the corners, as they become a ‘hiding place’ for your oil bottles and other supplies. Again, your containers and jars may be large to fit in the corners. So, keeping only the smaller items at the corner can help you to improve access and visibility of the stored items. Lazy Susan could be a fantastic solution.

I) mDesign 2 Tier Lazy Susan Turntable Food Storage Container for Pantry, Cabinets

This rotating lazy susan brings added functionality to your pantry with deep shelves. You can arrange the spice bottles on the two tiers and reach the desired bottle by gently turning this. The Lazy Susan looks stylish and adds a fantastic storage solution.


  • The items can be easily reached, even when this rotating lazy susan is placed on the upper shelves.
  • It has deep outer walls on both the circular tiers. So, the spice bottles and other items remain safe.
  • The two-tier construction creates a space-saving storage solution for deep shelves.
  • The Easy Glide rotates on the best-quality stainless-steel ball bearings ensuring smooth operation for years ahead.
  • The size of this rotating lazy susan is ideal for the storage of small bottles and containers.


  • The spinning mechanism should be much smoother.
  • The sellers need to avoid the delivery of damaged products.

II) mDesign Plastic Lazy Susan Spinning Food Storage Turntable for Cabinet, Pantry

This is a one-tier spinning spice bottle organizer that helps you save space and keep all your spices in one place. This has sturdy yet clear walls to retain the bottles on the spinning tray. So, it is easy to keep and find the right spice at the right time. You can keep it on a corner of your pantry to optimize the space.


  • The rotating lazy susan is made of BPA, chlorine and shatter-free plastic. So, it is safe for food storage.
  • The bottles would be safe in place when the plate is spinning, due to the side walls.
  • The rotating action improves the reach of the small bottles on the deep shelves.
  • The spinning lazy susan is perfect for the storage of spices, coffee, condiments, baking supplies, and snacks.
  • The easy glide allows 3600 rotation. Thus, you can pick up any desired item through your deep shelf quickly.


  • The spinning action of the lazy susan must be smoothly functioning.
  • Some buyers felt that the price is a bit on the higher side compared to the quality of this product.

III) Copco 2555-0187 Non-Skid 2-Tier Pantry Cabinet Lazy Susan Turntable, 12-Inch

Your search for a lazy susan with perfect non-skid surface should conclude here. This two-tier lazy susan looks fantastic. This has three pillars to hold two tiers together and an additional obstacle (rimmed edge) along both the peripheries to keep the bottles safer.


  • You can turn the surfaces all around and easily lift the lazy susan through its pillars.
  • The surfaces on the turnable are non-skid. The profile retains the glass bottles and other small items in their place firmly.
  • The rimmed edge offers additional safety from falling.
  • The turnable rotates quickly and easily ensuring added convenience in deep shelves.
  • The turnable are molded into the platform ensuring stability and durability.


  • Some users felt that the quality of plastic should be improved.
  • Some buyers found it difficult to accommodate in a standard 12” upper cabinet.

Pull-out Drawers:

When it comes to organizing your pantry with deep shelves, the accessibility to the items stored in the back-rows is of major concern. As you arrange the bottles, jars or containers on a deep shelf, the items in the first row would be visible. It is important to make the other stuff kept behind this row easily accessible.

The pull-out drawers made with clear plastic or mesh would be a fascinating storage solution for deep shelves. You can easily keep the jars and canisters into the basket or drawer; view it through the clear plastic or mesh. Again, you don’t need to keep the items in the first row aside, to access the items stored behind.

You can take out the drawer through the handle and sliding mechanism and pick the desired item conveniently. So, the other things kept in the drawer remain as they are, while you can take out the required ingredient quickly.

I) Sorbus Cabinet Organizer Set-Mesh Storage Organizer, White (2-Piece)

This mesh storage organizer is a splendid storage solution for your pantry with deep shelves. You can accommodate a considerable number of containers, bottles, jars, and canisters in the deep drawers. Again, you won’t need taking out all the items in the front row to access those in the last row.


  • This pull-out mesh drawer helps you optimize your storage space.
  • All the items stored in these drawers would be visible and can be accessed quickly.
  • You can gather similar items to keep them organized and get whatever you need quickly.
  • The mesh material is durable.
  • The pull-out drawers are available in attractive black, silver and white colors for added aesthetic appeal.


  • The sliding function of these pull-out drawers must be functioning for a prolonged duration.
  • Some users reported shipment of damaged parts.

II) STORi Mod Stackable Kitchen Organizer 4-1/2″ Tall Drawers

If you are looking for a stylish storage solution for your tea bags and coffee pods in your pantry with deep shelves, this kitchen organizer would be a perfect choice. You can either stack these drawers or keep them side-by-side. This is a glamorous storage solution available in great colors and has fantastic aesthetic appeal too.


  • This is a space-saving storage solution for deep shelves.
  • You can view the contents in these drawers quickly.
  • You can easily access the contents taking out the drawers using handles.
  • You can also organize your belongings in the coffee bar zone using these drawers.
  • You can choose the desired height as per your requirements.


  • Some users felt that the size is too small to accommodate supplies in the pantry.
  • Improvements expected in the packaging and forwarding of this product.

III) DecoBros Mesh Cabinet Basket Organizer, Bronze (Large – 10 x 15.8 x 7.5)

If you are looking for stackable mesh drawers for organizing your pantry with deep shelves, this product is made for this application. You can store items inside the drawer and also on the flat top cover. So, by storing large items on the top and medium to small items inside the drawer, you can organize your pantry with deep shelves conveniently.


  • For stacking, you need to buy a medium and a large-sized; or both large-sized drawers.
  • You can utilize the split card to divide the storage space inside the drawer.
  • Sturdy construction ensures durability.
  • The mesh allows the proper view of the stored items.
  • You can take out the drawer using the handle and smooth sliding mechanism.


  • The top restricts the height of the items being stored in the drawer.
  • There are no rollers in the pull-out mechanism; so it is not as smooth as expected.


Organizing your pantry with deep shelves is a challenging task. You need to reconsider the availability of space, the corners, height and depth of your shelves and implement precise storage solutions to make your pantry duly organized and easily accessible.

Through this article, we have put forward some practical solutions that can help you find the answers on how to organize a pantry with deep shelves. We hope the ideas furnished are helpful and easy to implement. We wish to assist you with organizing your pantry, rather your entire kitchen for added efficiency and convenience.


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