How to Organize a Small Kitchen Without a Pantry

best ways to organize kitchen without pantry

Your kitchen is always the busiest place to be, as you enjoy cooking for your families and also making coffee and cookies for your guests. It is a well-known fact that when your kitchen is thoroughly organized, you can carry out all the activities with a great level of efficiency and convenience.

Now, if you are a nucleus family; or would be in a profession that requires frequent relocation; it may not be practical to fill in extra furnishing in any part of your home. In such cases, you need to be creative to implement storage solutions without cabinets or a pantry.

Being a homeowner or homemaker fond of neat arrangements and convenience in all sorts of domestic tasks; you must be thinking of how to organize a small kitchen without a pantry. The most significant factor to attain this is the optimization of the available space through practical innovations.

In this article, we are trying to figure out effective solutions to organize your small kitchen without a pantry. While doing this, you also need to consider functionality, aesthetic appeal, accessibility of the utensils and other elements stored in the kitchen and so on. Let us peep into your existing small kitchen in a different perspective.

5 Realistic ways to organize small kitchens without a pantry:

The most important aspect you need to consider while reorganizing your small kitchen is functionality. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have those costly cupboards, closets or kitchen trolleys. It is significant to arrange things in the nearest place where they are practically utilized during your cooking.

1. Install a wall-mounted pegboard for your tools:

You must have seen car garages and workshops that repair farm equipment or electric pumps and motors. The technicians make sensible use of a board to hang their hand tools. Similarly, you can keep almost all of your hand tools on a pegboard.

You can customize the arrangement according to the sizes and shapes of your tools. The tools such as graters, butcher knife, peeler, ladle, chopping board, potato masher, and whisk; can be hanged to nails or hooks. Again, you can make use of horizontal supports to arrange your blenders, rolling pins, spatula and much more.

Wall Control 30-P-3232GV Galvanized Steel Pegboard Pack

Wall Control offers this magnificent Pegboard Pack specially designed for the kitchen. You can install this on a wall and place the hooks and make other arrangements to hang or keep your kitchen utensils perfectly.


  • This 32 inches X 16 inches metal pegboard has holes and sections all over its surface to accommodate hooks and brackets.
  • You can conveniently customize your storage by placing hooks, pegs, shelves, and brackets to keep your existing utensils.
  • As this pegboard is made up of sturdy galvanized steel, it prevents the holes from wearing out or widening with time.
  • This pegboard has a pre-built flange of ¾ inch. This separates it from your wall.
  • You can easily install it with studs or steel rock. Thus, this installation doesn’t require additional framework along the wall.


  • This Pegboard Pack is designed to be installed vertically. The hooks and shelves can be fastened to the pegboard when it is in the vertical position.
  • The sheet should have adequate thickness for durability and perfection in the fastening of the hooks.

Wall Control KT-200-DLX B Slotted Storage Panel Deluxe Hook Assortment

Now, when you are about to implement the idea of having a pegboard; it is equally important to get the hooks, shelves, and pegs that suit the pegboard. Wall Control presents this fabulous set of hook assortment made as per the slots and openings on the pegboard.


  • All the hooks, pegs and shelves are constructed with the best quality steel. So, they are sturdy and durable.
  • You avail of an attractive finish that doesn’t get scratches.
  • The arrangements for assembly are designed considering the holes and other openings in the pegboard particularly.
  • The black color of these fittings complements the colors of the pegboard, ensuring eye-catching appearance.
  • The manufacturer avails a one-year warranty for this product kit.


  • The fastening arrangement with the pegboard must be perfect to ensure easy assembly and great stability.
  • Some of the users didn’t appreciate the quality of this set compared to the price.

2. Go for floating shelves:

Organizing your small kitchen requires practical ideas. You can choose the best suited floating shelves to accommodate your dishes, pans, and other utensils. It would be unique to be ‘minimal’ in styling. Again, you can bring a ‘wow’ factor by keeping your favorite recipe books and even plant pots on these shelves.

Peter’s Goods Rustic Floating Wall Shelves with Rails

This stylish product redefines the storage solutions for your small kitchens, through the antique looks and splendid performance too. The metal frame increases the appeal and utility of these shelves too. You can use this to store dishwashing utilities above your sink in the kitchen or at any other suitable place as per your preference.


  • The railing and towel rod help you to keep the towel in place and also protects the jars and other utensils from falling.
  • The shelves are spacious and the added protection through the railings make it ideal for storage.
  • You get these shelves in a pre-assembled set of 2. You can easily assemble and install these shelves in the desired part of your small kitchen.
  • The matt black metal frame and natural wood create a robust, industrial style appearance for your small kitchen.
  • The powder-coated frame and wood are durable and can withstand scratches, rust, and other damages for years to come.


  • It could be better to provide additional mounting holes for lasting installation.
  • Workmanship needs improvement to ensure hassle-free assembly and installation.

Homissue 31.5-Inch Industrial Pipe Shelf, 3-Shelf Metal Bookcases Furniture, Retro Brown

If you wish to create a Retro look and get the advantage of the durability of the industrial water pipe design; this product would suit your expectations for sure. This is a shelf available in 2-Tier, 3-Tier and 4-Tier models according to your requirement. You can store jars and glass bottles and some other utensils conveniently on this.


  • This shelf is made of non-solid wood and iron pipes. So, it looks great and lasts longer. Every shelf can bear a weight of about 50 lbs.
  • You get a vintage look through the pipe design and retro brown colored shelves.
  • You get a height of about a foot between the shelves; so, your jars and bottles can be easily stored on these shelves.
  • You can set this up in almost no time, as it is very simple to assemble.
  • This shelf provides a perfect place for decorations and storage of pantries, without being a traditional pantry.


  • The covering on the shelves should be durable.
  • The manufacturers can use different durable wood instead of the particleboard with a sticker.

3. Use a Rolling Kitchen Cart:

Making the essentials portable could be a great idea for organizing your small kitchen without a pantry. Eventually, the carts can add glamour to your small kitchens and help you take the significant supplies for everyday cooking, or serving delicious food to the guests too.

You can cruise through tons of options to select the most appropriate kitchen cart as per your preferences of styling, aesthetics, and utility. As the carts can be moved from one room to another, they can serve as the most convenient storage and conveying solutions too.

Seville Classics UltraDurable Commercial-Grade 3-Tier NSF Utility Cart

Seville Classics offers this magnificent cart that serves as a tremendous storage solution in your small kitchen. It has three shelves and an optional steel handle to carry this cart conveniently. You can make the most effective use of the storage space you get. Again, you can move this cart anywhere in the kitchen and the other parts of your home too.


  • This is a spacious cart with ample space to store your food, utensils and other supplies.
  • This good-looking cart is made of industrial-strength steel with UltraZinc plating.
  • It has three shelves, a handle, and four caster wheels, out of which, two are lockable.
  • This cart is available in different sizes.
  • You can also go through the other product ranges such as work-tables, sliding drawers, wire shelving and so on.


  • Some difficulties are found with the slip sleeves while assembling this cart.
  • Significant quality control measures before packing and forwarding this product are expected as some customers received rusted parts.

Mr IRONSTONE Kitchen Microwave Cart 3-Tier Kitchen Utility Cart

Your search for a multipurpose storage cart ends here; as this beautiful cart resolves many issues in your small kitchen. You can keep your microwave oven on the sturdy top shelf and utilize the other spacious shelves for storing other significant utensils, food and so on.


  • This cart is made of P2 MDF Vintage Board and Metal Frame. So, it is sturdy and durable.
  • You can utilize the top shelf for storing your microwave oven or other kitchen appliances such as a grinder; and use the other shelves for other appliances such as a toaster, other tools such as a grater and much more.
  • You can utilize the available space as per your needs. Even you can arrange a flower-pot on the top and use it as a coffee table.
  • The height of the middle shelf can be adjusted as per your needs.
  • You can use the hooks to store your hand tools.
  • Two of the four flexible wheels are lockable to ensure safety.


  • The manufacturer needs to improve workmanship to ensure hassle-free assembly once the product is shipped.
  • The designers need to work on improving the stability of this cart.

4. Smartly hang your coffee mugs on a rack:

The coffee breaks are the most enjoyable events of your day-to-day life. Therefore, you want your coffee maker, concerned utensils and the coffee mugs to be properly organized. Instead of occupying too much space to stack your coffee mugs, you can think of hanging them below a rack or shelf.

This idea keeps the coffee mugs easily visible and all at the same place. You can fix the hangers or hooks above your sink or dishwasher; or even prefer to arrange the coffee mugs just below a rack next to your countertop. This would ultimately keep these things within the reach of a hand.

FURVOKIA Creative Mug Holder Under Cabinet Hooks

This Mug Rack offered by FURVOKIA can hold 12 coffee mugs. You can install it under a rack or shelf conveniently. The mug rack is availed in attractive red copper and black colors. So, you can choose the appropriate color to suit the other interior elements in your small kitchen.


  • This mug holder is made of fine quality iron material ensuring durability.
  • As you can hang the coffee mugs upside down, the mugs can be easily dried.
  • This unique design expands the storage space; as you can store the coffee mugs below the racks.
  • You can easily install this mug holder with screws in the upper rack or shelf.
  • Apart from the coffee mugs, you can also use these hooks to hang other kitchen utensils.


  • Some users felt that the cost is on a higher side.
  • Some users didn’t appreciate the way the coffee mugs hang.

YYST Mug Cup Holder Cabinet Hanging Organizer Rack

This is another exquisite design of a coffee mug holder that you can install under a shelf. Importantly, this set of 4 hooks, accommodating 8 mugs, comes with the required screws for installation. This is an easy storage solution to make effective use of the space and looks stunning too.


  • The hooks are sturdy and have a beautiful finish.
  • The set of 4 hooks holds 8 mugs. So, it is sufficient considering the number of family members and expected guests.
  • The package includes 8 screws of adequate capacity and accurate size for ease in installation.
  • These hooks help you save space, storing the coffee mugs below a shelf.
  • You can adjust the hooks while installing in the desired position, to create a decorative look after hanging your coffee mugs on them.


  • The screws provided for assembly are longer than expected.
  • The thickness of the handle of your coffee mugs matters. If the handles are too thick, it becomes difficult to accommodate a couple of mugs on one hook at the same time.

5. Decorate your counter tops with cooking essentials:

While organizing your small kitchen, you prefer to keep the essentials handy. It would be wise to get the jars and vessels in attractive and artistic shapes and sizes. Thus, you can beautify the counter tops in your small kitchen, arranging the cooking necessities on them.

Glassware and ceramic are preferred for food storage since the ancient ages. In the modern era, you can also find options made of food-grade plastic. The most important element you need to look into is the aesthetic appeal these storage jars or vessels can create.

Food Grade Clear Glass Jars – Set of 3

This glass jar set brings a vintage style look to your small kitchen. The jars are made of food-grade glass material. So, they are safe for food storage. Again, as the groceries you keep in them are visible; you get added convenience during cooking. Your countertop would look glorious when you arrange different grains and other necessities in these jars.


  • These clear glass jars are safe for food storage and the material is FDA approved.
  • These jars can hold 3 gallons of material. So, these are sufficient for a common household.
  • Apart from grains, you can store your favorite cookies, baked products, sugar and cotton balls and so on. So, it is a versatile food storage solution.
  • The glass is quite sturdy and durable.
  • You can easily clean them with water and soap.


  • The sellers need to make sure that the products reach without any damage.
  • The glass is thick; however, some users feel that it is of inferior quality. The manufacturers need to improve the quality of the material.

Bellemain 4 Piece Airtight Acrylic Food Storage Canister Set

This is a canister set made of food-grade acrylic material. These canisters come with an airtight lid with clamps and thus, you can rest assured regarding the safety of your food items from moisture and other conditions. Importantly, these jars are unbreakable. So, you can remain safe even some jar slips from your hand.


  • These containers are crystal clear. So, the material stored inside is visible.
  • The lids are designed for total safety. The silicon gasket and clamp keep your food items inside the containers completely away from any contamination.
  • The containers are break free. So, even if you or your kids drop them, they won’t breakaway.
  • This set includes 4 jars of 4 different sizes. So, you can keep the desired item in the desired size for added convenience.
  • The containers don’t have any chemicals to leach your food items. So, you can even store perishable items in these canisters.


  • Some users didn’t find the silicon gasket reliable to avoid ants.
  • The material must be practically unbreakable.


You must be always looking out for the most effective storage solutions; especially when your kitchens are considerably small. We have tried to gather some innovative ideas and suggest relevant products so that you can enjoy being in your kitchen. We hope you would admire the fresh new perspective of organizing small kitchens without a pantry. We are sure that the solutions presented in this article would resolve your storage issues.


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