Best Shower Valve of 2019|Reviews And Ultimate Buying Guide and Tips

Shower Valve best buy

Shower valve was first used in the early 19th century. The first designer shower was created by The English Regency.

‘Shower valve’ is one of the unseen essential smart parts of a great shower which plays a huge role in operating the shower works. It mainly performs two basic functions; controls the water temperature and the flow of water in the shower. Also, it maintains the water temperature by mixing hot and cold water in a different proportion from two different supply pipelines.

Here we can recommend best shower valve and best shower valve reviews which will help you in understanding the best brand and model. Some of the best shower valve brand are here.

Delta Faucet Universal Tub & Shower Valve

top rated Universal shower valves

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This is the best shower valve system of Delta Faucet Company which includes a brand new feature for easy switching of shower functions. Style of this valve is good and also very easy to install. It accepts single and dual thermostatic cartridge.


  • Accepts both single and dual cartridges.
  • Includes back-to-back capability.
  • It is a product of durable brass material.
  • Easy to fix without much plumbing alteration.


  • It is not compatible with all types of showers.
  • The trims can be sold separately.

KOHLER Pressure-Balancing Valve

best shower valve rough in

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This valve prevents any kind of scalding or freezing by perfectly controlling the water temperature. The water temperature can be navigated manually.


  • Have the ability to prevent any extreme temperature by perfectly controlling it
  • Contains a high-temp limit functionally allows the users to set a maximum hot temperature
  • It also allows it from freezing and contamination with its authentic style
  • For keeping the right temperature it has an optimum comfort zone function


  • The valve trim of KOHLER Pressure-Balancing Valve is separate from the actual valve and must be bought at another time

Moen Pressure-Balancing Cycling Shower Valve

balancing shower control

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It comes with its own Moen M-PACT trim kits, which makes it unique from other shower valve brands. Moen Pressure-Balancing Cycling Shower Valve also has a PosiTemp feature that allows it to properly regulate the temperature of water.


  • Comes with ½ inch CC connections and also with ¼ turn stops
  • Has the PosiTemp valve for optimal water maintenance and a limited lifetime
  • Includes a 1222 cartridge perfect for back-to-back installation


  • This product is not very durable.

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Grohsafe Pressure Balance Valve

inline shower diverter pressure balance valve

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Grohsafe Pressure Balance Valve is the most efficient and effective valves for family usage. It is very durable and also it works as a protection wall against scalding and freezing. This ultimate shower valve includes an inbuilt diverter. Also, it has a diaphragm cartridge and checks valves.


  • Very durable
  • Works as protection against scalding and freezing
  • Includes a very efficient temperature control system
  • Very nice designs and also has a wide comfort zone for regulation


  • It is of a high price.

Pfister Tub & Shower Valve (Rough-In)

top rated shower valves

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Pfister Company has had 100 years of experience with water plumbing products that it is able to provide such a good product. It is a top-quality product which is made of solid brass. And it also has a lifetime warranty that covers the program’s finish and function. The main product package includes union nuts


  • It has a 3 hole installation along with ½ Union inlets and ½ I.P. outlets
  • Covered by a lifetime warranty
  • Includes all the union nuts needed for installation in the product package


  • It is very tough to install

SR SUNRISE Single Function Shower Mixer Valve

Shower faucet for hard water

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It is a well-known company in the shower parts industry. They are known for creating well-concealed shower valves. They have several best products available in the market with the mounted design. It is a dual function shower valve.


  • Includes a fixed shower head combo with water supply
  • Durable
  • It is a product made of ceramic
  • Comes with an attractive square and mounted design


  • Installation instructions are not very simple and quite hard to understand

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Danze Single Handle Thermostatic Shower Valve

best thermostatic shower

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Danze Single Handle Thermostatic Shower Valve allows its users to control the water temperature with very sharp precision. This precision made the product attractive to the customers. This valve can able to deliver a flow rate of 16.6 GPM at 45 lbs/sq inch.


  • Have a flow rate of 16.6 gallons
  • It has a PSI of 45
  • Integrated check valves
  • It also has screwdriver stops
  • Includes ¾ inch FPI outlets and inlets


  • This product is only compatible with Danze 5620 thermostatic trims
  • It requires a separate control of water volume
  • With a single showerhead, it doesn’t work too well

Kohler Thermostatic Valve

Reviews of Best thermostatic Shower Valve

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In the market of shower valves, Kohler is one of the more well-known names.  There is an integrated volume control and stops included in the Kohler MasterShower Thermostatic Valve. This volume control makes it easier and more accurate to control the water temperature and flow.


  • It features an innovative shuttle design
  • The shuttle design allows the valve to give tight precision and accuracy for controlling water temperature
  • This shuttle design also features a strong flow rate that can also be controlled
  • For allowing the pre-setting of exact temperatures it has a featured thermostatic valve
  • It has a standard comfort setting
  • Its temperature is default at 104 degrees Fahrenheit
  • It comes with a sophisticated high-temperature limit and consistent control


  • It is very expensive

KOHLER Half-Inch Ceramic Wall-Mount Valve System

best shower diverter wall mount valve

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It is a ceramic valve, which is able to stay clean even after a long period. It has tight control of the water flow. The valve body is made of durable brass material. This ceramic valve resists debris and hard water buildup.


  • This is a one-piece ceramic valve
  • It features an ergonomic handle rotation for easier water control
  • Includes an efficient diverter function
  • It is a solid brass product


  • It Is not compatible with many normal showers

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Delta Faucet Multichoice Universal

top rated universal shower valves

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This product features diverter functions for bathtubs and shower combos.  It comes with several great designs that are easily compatible with any showers. This shower valve includes back to back capability along with universal fitting. It allows an easy change in shower function.


  • Delta Faucet Multichoice Universal has the feature of keeping the water temperature at +/- 3 degrees Fahrenheit
  • It has a one-piece valve body, which is good for back-to-back installation


  • It can only be used for rough-ins
  • It is very heavy to handle

Danze Single Handle Shower Diverter Valve

best single handle shower valve

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This product is available with mounting brackets and copper sweat ports. It also features a four-port diverter valve and has three outlets which are made from solid brass material. It can connect three shower systems at a single time. This shower valve includes 8 position valve channels, which flows water to one, two or all three shower systems. The mounting bracket is included with the basic product package.


  • This valve can support a total of three shower systems at a single time
  • It also features the eight-position channel for all three shower outlets
  • Comes with ½ inch IPS sweat ports along with mounting brackets


  • Danze Single Handle Shower Diverter Valve can be used only with D5608 trim kits
  • It is also an expensive product

These are some famous shower brands also there are a lot of products are available which can also be able to help the users to fulfill their needs.

Best Shower Valve Ultimate Buying Guide and Tips

Shower valves Buying Tips

There are multiple famous shower brands available in the market which can also be able to fulfill our needs. Below are some tips to consider before buying a shower valve.

Types of Shower Valve

There are different types of shower valves are available:

  • Pressure Balancing Valve
  • Thermostatic Valve / Thermostatic Mixing Valve
  • Diverter Valve or A Transfer Valve

It is very important for us to learn about the differences in shower valves as each type of shower valve has its own pros and cons. Understanding the basic differences will help us to make our choice easily while choosing or remodeling showers brands and also we can be able to fix minor problems without any hassle.

  • Pressure Balancing Valve

It is the most common type of best shower valve rough-in used in our homes. This pressure balancing valve has a single control and a handle. Just after turning the tap on the water comes out at the same force. For making the water warmer one just have to turn the knob towards left. And by turning the knob towards right one can get colder water. This valve sometimes also includes a shower tub diverter valve. By adjusting the built-in volume control knob the users can be able to adjust the spray speed as per their requirement.  The pressure balancing best shower valves always controls the water temperature to maintain the hot water supply in the system.

  • Thermostatic Valves

It is the second most popular type of shower valve. It has an inbuilt thermostatic system which maintains the temperature of the water and also allows its users to have better control over water temperature than the previous type of valve.

The user can control the water temperature even before turning on the water. This valve includes a temperature dial that allows its users to control the temperature even before turning the water on. This thermostatic valve eliminates the problems caused by fluctuation in the temperature.

It also includes a separate volume control system for every water outlet. The volume control usually controls the amount of water coming from each outlet. So the users can be able to enjoy a customized shower experience as per their requirement.

  • Diverter Valve

It is used as a combination of shower and bath units. By controlling it the user can able to control the water flow. Water only flows out of either the tub spout or the showerhead if the diverter valve is working properly.

How thermostatic valves work

Thermostatic valve working

It controls the mixing ratio of hot and cold water and also adjusts itself according to the heat of the water. There are main 4 elements inside the valve.

  • The thermostatic element is the sensitive part of the valve. This element is sensitive to the temperature of the water flowing through it. It can increase or reduce in size and it is connected with the piston.
  • Piston’s work starts when the thermostatic element expands with the increase in heat. The piston will then move across the entry portal of hot and cold water flows. And it maintains the constant temperature of the water by reducing the amount of hot water and by increasing the amount of cold water.
  • Return spring works just in the opposite way to the piston. When the thermostatic element starts decreasing then the return spring will move the piston back across the entry portal of water flow. And automatically it will increase the hot water flow and will decrease the cold water flow and will maintain the constant temperature of the water.
  • Temperature control is the temperature control inbuilt dial. The best thermostatic shower properties are the reason to choose these. By using the dial user can adjust the temperature of water flow even before starting the water flow.

How the pressure-balancing valve works

three way pressure shower valve

A pressure balancing valve maintains the balance outlet of water from the hot and cold side. This valve has a diaphragm inside the body that reacts in the pressure of incoming water supply (hot or cold) and adjusts the outflow of the opposite water supply. It maintains the temperature between the workflow of hot and cold water. It comes with single, double and three handle varieties.

How to choose a perfect shower valve

Choose a best shower valves

If you are planning to re-modify or installing a new shower then you must have to spend some time to understand the factors of choosing the perfect shower valve. It will help you to find out a perfect shower valve as per your needs and requirements in the long term.

  • Choose between thermostatic or manual

    Shower valve is available in two types either thermostatic or manual. Now we have to choose the best shower valve from these two. The difference between these two is very simple. The thermostatic valve contains an inbuilt device which controls the water temperature if it goes above a certain pre-defined temperature. A perfectly configured thermostatic shower valve assures a perfect bath by maintaining proper water temperature. The manual shower valve is very commonly used in homes. It has to be operated manually. If you don’t have the problem of fluctuating water temperature then the manual valve is the best choice.

  • Controls

    Shower valves may contain controls anywhere from 1 to 3, where a few control defines a better degree of fine control over water pressure and temperature. 1st control will use it for hot water flow, cold water flow, and water pressure. 2nd one controls will use one for controlling the temperature and 3rd one will control the water pressure. Shower valve with 3 controls will be used for those showers, which have multiple outlets. The best delta shower valve with 3 controls will be used for those showers, which have multiple outlets. Where one is used for pressure and another one for controlling the temperature and the last one will control the selection of outlet.

  • Outlets

    Shower valve may also contain 1 to 3 outlets. who makes the best shower valves? 1 outlet shower valve only contains the showerhead. Multiple outlets may help you out in various ways like you can attach a hand shower or body jets with it. As per the personal preference the user can choose the number of outlets for a shower valve.

  • Price

    One must have to go for a 3way shower valve which best suits their budget along with fulfilling their needs.

No matter what kind of shower someone has but the best shower valve will always help to regulate the flow of water and that process gives a nice shower as a result.

A shower valve is a small part that connects the two pipelines of hot water flow and cold water flow. The valves are responsible for continuously checking and adjusting the water temperature so that the user will get the desired nice shower.

Valves are the basic required parts of any shower.  It is an unseen part but it continuously maintains the water temperature. Also, a valve works as a protective wall against the scalding or freezing due to water temperature.


There are several good brands and products are available for shower valves. But one needs to take care of the durability and usage of the product. If the product fits the budget too along with fulfilling the requirements and durability then it is the best choice for your bathroom, which will give you a desired nice shower as the result.

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