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ideas of bathroom doors

You lead a busy lifestyle today and using your bathroom would be an affair taking very little time. The activities in the bathroom to freshen up during the mornings play a crucial role in your peace of mind throughout the day. It would be fascinating to think of and implement some of the most creative bathroom door ideas.

A creatively designed bathroom door not only enhances the value of your bathroom but also improves your mood as you enter your bathroom through the stylish door every day. The selection of the perfect bathroom door would be your personal choice, yet there are some significant factors that you need to address while making your purchase.

Thanks to the emerging trend of online shopping at the most popular portals. Today, you don’t need to travel places driving your car on the busy roads to find the right bathroom door ideas suitable for your bathrooms.

You can cruise through the wide range of variety availed of at your fingertips and can place your orders through some clicks or taps on the screens of your internet-connected devices. Let us go through some of the most admired bathroom door ideas and relevant product range available at the popular shopping portal:

Innovative Bathroom Door Ideas:

Innovative Ideas of bath room doors

Cozy barn doors:

In most of the modern homes, the entrance to your bathroom would be through your bedroom. So, the stylish barn doors can bring a lot of elegance to the decor. Again, the simple yet interesting sliding mechanism adds a touch of modernity to your bathrooms for sure.

You can creatively separate your bathroom from your bedroom using these eye-catching barn doors that are available in wide-ranging varieties of materials, colors, and sizes to suit your requirements.

SMARTSTANDARD 42in x 84in Sliding Barn Door with 8ft Barn Door Hardware Kit & Handle

This spectacular barn door creates a vintage style appearance for your bathroom. This Natural Cyprus Wood barn door has a glossy look and has a soothing natural aroma too. The barn door comes with the entire hardware kit; so that you can easily install it along with the sliding mechanism.


  • The Natural Cyprus Wood used for this barn door is tough, durable and flexible.
  • The door has durable glue and paints colors that don’t split while nailing.
  • The barn door offers better sound and hear insulation and restricts the odors as well.
  • For added versatility, you can paint this door in your preferred color to suit the décor theme.
  • This barn door comes with DIY assembly instructions. Thus, you can install it with minimal efforts and technical specialization.


  • The hardware kit must include the precise hardware for assembly.
  • Significant improvements in the packaging and forwarding of this product are expected.

Pocket doors for space-saving:

Pocket doors that disappear within the compartment provided in the adjacent wall would save you space. Again, these doors add a great sense of glamour to your bathrooms too. These sliding doors are available in different materials, sizes, colors and finishes to suit your overall idea of décor for your bathroom and the bedroom through which you enter.

Johnson Hardware 1500 Soft Close Series Commercial Grade Pocket Door Frame for 2×4 Stud Wall

If you are looking for the all-inclusive pocket door hardware set, this product would resolve your difficulty in all respects. You can choose the desired set out of the available options in sizes. So, the installation of a pocket door for your bathroom becomes simple with this all-rounder solution.


  • This is a commercial-grade hardware kit for pocket doors into a 2X4 stud wall.
  • You can attain complete privacy as a standard door, eliminating the space requirement for swing.
  • The manufacturer is upgrading to all-steel studs for better durability and performance.
  • This hardware kit offers reliable soft close and open operations for years to come.
  • You can install this set conveniently, following the DIY assembly instructions.


  • The manufacturer needs to improve the quality of this product.
  • While shipping, the inclusion of all the parts in this set is the must to avoid service issues.

Elegant French Doors:

French doors are used in a variety of interior setups. Although, they are not very popular for bathrooms; you can create a unique styling element by utilizing a French Door for your bathroom attached to your bedroom. These are swinging doors through hinges for each door and meet at the center. Again, the French Doors have glasses installed to see through.

Pinecroft 852728WT Traditional Divided Glass French Bifold Interior Wood Door

This is among the most creative bathroom door ideas that allow you to get the beauty of wood and glass. These bifold swinging doors are ideal for the bathrooms attached to your bedroom, to ensure privacy. Again, you can always have additional separations through shower enclosures and tub doors.


  • These French Doors have unique clear stiles and tails design and there are no finger joints.
  • You can get pre-finished white or unfinished wooden doors to choose from.
  • You get true divided light tampered glasses on these French Doors, ensuring durability.
  • The package includes heavy-duty hardware precisely as per the specifications.
  • DIY Assembly Instructions enable hassle-free assembly.


  • The product needs to be properly finished.
  • Some of the customers received damaged parts.

Frosted Glass Doors & Films:

The frosted glass doors are one of the most preferred bathroom door ideas as they provide both privacy and style for your décor. You can install a frosted glass door and have a stylish entrance for the bathroom. Again, you can have shower enclosures and tub doors made of this type of glass too. These glasses restrict visibility, yet transmit light partially.

You can get door films that create this stylish opaque or frosted glass effect. This is suitable for the entrance doors of your bathroom. Again, you can install dedicated frosted glass doors for your shower and bathtub ensuring added privacy. These shower and tub enclosures help you keep the other portions of the bathrooms dry.

Bloss Static Cling Non-Adhesive Window Film Frosted Glass Film Bathroom Door Glass Decoration

This beautiful foster glass film creates privacy and provides UV protection as well. The floral design of this film create an all-new look for your bathroom door. You can also install this frosted glass film on the other interior doors, windows and glass cabinets.


  • This film creates privacy and offers better UV protection, and heat insulation too.
  • This is a static cling film that doesn’t require any kind of adhesive to remain on the desired surface.
  • You can trim it and combine it to beautify the bathroom door, shower door, tub door and any other door or window in your home.
  • It may take some time to peel it, however, it spreads evenly on the door or window glass.
  • The visibility blurs as the distance from the door installed with this film increases. So, it can be ideal for your bathroom door.


  • Clear installation instructions must be included, as many of the buyers find it difficult to stick.
  • It is advisable to choose the right pattern while ordering.

Delta Shower Doors SD3172720 Linden 60″ x 71″ Semi-Frameless Contemporary Sliding Glass Shower Door

A shower door always enhances the functionality of your bathroom. You can choose this marvelous shower door made with Transition Glass and make your shower a dedicated place, separating it from the rest of the bathroom. Again, you can keep the other parts of the bathroom dry.


  • This shower door is designed considering the standard door with a height of 71 inches; an opening of 58 ½ inches.
  • You can accommodate out of plumb conditions.
  • You also get an aluminum anodized hardware tracking kit for corrosion resistance and durability.
  • This door is made of ANSI certified, tampered glass with Spot Guard Coating for easy cleaning.
  • The horizontal handles allow you to dry the towels.


  • The doors need to be made leakproof.
  • Improvements expected in the packaging and forwarding of this product.

ELEGANT 58.5 in. – 60 in. W x 57 3/8 in. H Bypass Sliding Bathtub Door

Elegant presents this beautiful tub door that brings a great deal of privacy and separation in your bathroom. You can install it just above the bathtub. Thus, you can open this door and get inside your tub. This helps you to keep the floor dry and also offers another private portion inside your bathroom. The frosted glass used for this door is tough and durable.


  • This tub door has brushed nickel finish ensuring stylish appearance and durability.
  • This door is made of tempered glass of ¼-inch thickness. It provides additional privacy, yet allows light to pass through.
  • The vinyl door seal strip makes this tub door thoroughly waterproof.
  • The best quality tracking hardware makes this door easy to install.
  • Excellent customer support is assured.


  • Detailed parts descriptions and assembly instructions expected.
  • The glass may stain with watermarks if you are closer to the glass.

Stained-Glass Doors/ Films:

Most of the homeowners are passionate about creating an antique and royal appeal for their interiors. The stained-glass doors would be a fascinating décor option even for your bathrooms. You can bring the feel of the ancient architecture with a touch of modernity by installing these doors to your bathrooms.

However, this art and science of making the stained-glass doors are restricted to specific locations that possess the rich tradition and relevant manpower. Thanks to the online stores that help you to bring home the most beautiful creations. The best alternative would be the films that provide the stained-glass appeal.

Artscape 01-0113 Magnolia Window Film 24″ x 36″

Bring an artistic look to the door of your bathroom with this truly fabulous stained-glass film. This is offered as a window film. However, you can combine multiple pieces conveniently, due to the repeated pattern. So, it is advisable to measure your door before you place your order.


  • This door film brilliantly creates the effect of stained-glass or textured glass.
  • The colorful floral pattern on the film looks elegant on the bathroom door.
  • You can apply this film to your bathroom door without any adhesives.
  • The patterns repeat. So, you can cover the entire bathroom door with multiple pieces.
  • You can get attractive discounts when you order packs with multiple pieces.


  • Some users reported fading of the colors on the texture.
  • Proper installation instructions are needed. In the multiple piece packaging, the products must be shipped with straight edges, so that the users can easily combine the sheets to cover their doors.

Innovative Storage Solutions Connected to Your Bathroom Doors:

You carry out various activities in your bathrooms right from brushing your teeth, shaving, hair removal, bathing, hairdo and makeup and so on. For these activities, you require a lot of tools and gadgets. It would be a fantastic idea to store these tools and other stuff on the bathroom doors.

If you look out for the most practical storage solutions for your bathroom at the popular online shopping portals, you can find fascinating ideas that save you space and efforts, as you can organize the necessities at an easily accessible place. Let us go through some of the most appreciated products that would help you in organizing your bathrooms, making the most effective use of your bathroom doors:

Simplehouseware Over Door/Wall Mount 4 Clear Window Pocket Organizer

Using this over-door-organizer, you can organize a lot of necessary toiletries and other significant things in the bathroom. This organizer has four large pockets to accommodate your shampoo, shower gel, toothpaste and brushes, shaving kit and so on. So, you can keep almost all the bathroom essentials in one place.


  • The organizer has four big sized pockets ideal for the storage of necessities in your bathrooms.
  • You get large clear window see-throughs; thus, you can easily search for what you need through just a glance.
  • You can easily hang it on the bathroom door internally.
  • This organizer is made up of durable material in a grey color that suits a variety of interior themes.
  • These four pockets allow you to store the belongings making the zones for activities.


  • This product cannot sustain too heavy objects.
  • The hangers must be included in the package for ease in utilization.

Franklin Brass 193153-FN Over the Door Triple Towel Rack with Hooks

You must be wondering about a proper place to hang and dry your towels after regular use. This triple towel rack with hooks can be a splendid solution. You can easily place this hanger behind your bathroom door and hang your towels. This sturdy hanger lasts longer and can serve as a marvelous storage solution adjacent to the bathroom doors.


  • This door mounted towel rack has a unique tiered design to allow sufficient airflow to dry your towels after use.
  • The hooks fit on the doors with up to 1.57-inch thickness. So, you don’t need additional hardware and tools to assemble and install it behind the bathroom door.
  • This product serves as the best storage solution for smaller bathrooms, especially in the dorms and apartments.
  • The rack includes three towel bars and a couple of bottom hooks. So, you can hang your towels, washcloths and other items conveniently.
  • This towel rack is available in beautiful satin nickel and bronze finishes that add glamour to the bathroom décor.


  • It would have been better if the three tires of the towel bars have different projection horizontally. This would have improved the air-passage for drying your towels.
  • Some users noticed this towel rack over sized, as it bangs the wall when the bathroom door is opened.

Toilet Tree Products Bamboo Wood & Stainless Steel Over-The-Door Towel Rack, 3 Hooks

This is another simple sort of towel rack that allows you to dry your towels on the bathroom door. You can slide fit this rack on the bathroom door internally and utilize three hooks to hang your towels. Apart from the towels, you can also hang other items such as your caps, umbrellas, napkins, and much more.


  • This stainless steel-bamboo wood organizer serves as the ideal place to hang your towels, bathrobes, and pajamas.
  • The over-the-door design makes it simple to install and clean as and when required.
  • The design with bamboo wood slat and stainless-steel hanging pegs and the clits make this towel rack look glorious in any kind of bathroom décor.
  • As you can fit this behind the bathroom door, you can keep the towels and other things off the floor and out of the way too.
  • Apart from the bathroom, you can also fix this rack inside your closet to hang your coats and umbrellas.


  • Some users noticed the hooks to be too smaller to hold a large towel.
  • There should be some obstacle at the edge of the hook, to retain the towel or other items hanged on it.


Most of the homeowners fall prey to a misconception, that if their bathroom is older, or they are planning to live in a used property; they must go for a complete bathroom remodeling. You can be a little creative and search for the bathroom door ideas that can transform the appearance and functioning of your bathrooms. We have tried to put together some of the practical and innovative bathroom door ideas in this article. At the same time, we hope that the storage solutions connected to the bathroom doors we have suggested would prove to be helpful to attain space-saving and make value addition to your existing bathrooms.


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