Best Chairs For Back Pain | Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

how to select a Best Chairs For Back Pain

For the people having the best lifestyle, visiting their office regularly is part of their routine. It entails sitting on a chair for about eight hours and working on your laptop or files.

Is this easy?

Believe us, not at all.

People ought to suffer from back pain issues because of sitting upright for a more extended period. And why wouldn’t they feel the same as the back pain is known to be a real threat after all.

By just helping yourself with the best office chair, you can get relief in your back pain. The buying guide below will allow you to come with many ideal options for yourselves.

Why should you buy a unique chair for your back pain issues?

If you are still alien to the above idea and think that any chair could able to give you any relief in back pain. Then we are here to claim that it is not one of the right ideas you should look for as the back muscles are quite stiff. After some time for sitting for hours, people realize their back have started to tingle and the same thing can be seen converted into unbearable pain.

If you leave it untreated, the time is not far when it can create a chronic condition for you in no time. In addition to the standard office chairs, people ought to face the back pain, and if you are ignoring the same and using ordinary chairs, then the chances are high that your spine can be forced to be at an uncomfortable position. These things result in long-term defects known as “Bad Posture”. And in the end, the user cannot sit in upright position or stand most of the time. It can result in many societal as well as physical issues for the user.

Well, the solution is just specialised chairs for you!

Things that you should consider while buying the best chairs for back pain

buy a best chair for back pain

If you like to buy the chair for back pain then conduct your research for purchasing an office chair or any best home chair for the lower back pain. Keep up the below things in mind before you make your purchase.

Product Construction:

It doesn’t matter at all which product you buy out, but you need to know how it is built. Try to be sure of its damage control and longevity of your purchase. Always look for office chairs that can confront wear and tear in the best possible way. Spending a few hundred on a chair and then a few more hundreds to repair the same is not the best bargain for anyone.

Look forward to the chairs where your investment us safe and are long-lasting to use.

Ergonomic design:

As you are buying the chair to counter your back pain issues. The chair with ergonomic design can help you as it allows you to keep your back in a straight line. They keep you in a perfect posture as everyone knows that a bad posture is known to be a primary cause for instigating the back pain.

People at times tends to ignore the armrests while buying the chairs for home. While working, keeping your hands under a posture when your wrists are not in strain can help you with many issues.

Cushioned Seats:

People love to sit in a strict posture when it comes to back pain. But yes it wants the office chairs to be comfortable for them. For the same chairs with the seat cushions are preferred, so always try to buy the leather fitting memory foam chairs for your office. Many people prefer chairs with seat cushions and decide to purchase leather-fitted chairs with memory foam. Many users prefer the waterfall design like the shape of the sears as it keeps the edges of the seat in the perfect form. Checking for durability, the cushion used should be thick and should not trap any heat inside.


Most of the chairs selected for office purpose are not equipped with strong back support. These are the few fragile things that tend to come or break off easily. They should have their demanding conditions in order. Do ensure only sturdy materials are used in backrest. It is known to be quite helpful if these chairs are chosen for their reclining function to offer the comfortable position.

Some people like handy hearest. Not every chair needs to have them, but if you find them try buying them out. Always make sure the chair you are buying have both headrests and back well-cushioned to sit comfortably.

Lumbar support:

People will take home and office chairs that can offer the best back support. Leaning chairs are not the best against the back, and often we tend to leave our end quite unprotected. The lumbar support should be placed ahead than other typical issues. Well-cushioned, preferably made up with memory foam, are considered as one of the best.

Chair Swivel and its customization:

Swivelling chairs are in trend from the time of launch as people love them not only in the office but to be kept at home as well. The chair can swivel within the range of 90-180 degrees. Remember you can buy a chair that can turn up to 360 degrees.

These chairs also have a lock to be used at the variable heights as they are some of the best office chairs for the lower back chain.


Heavy office chairs can’t be taken from one place to another, due to their heavyweight. But the lighter chair, on the other hand, is quite comfortable to move. The users are always in the favours of sturdy casters, as through them the chairs can be moved by merely pushing them. Always remember buying out one of them that have casters rolling well on the type of floor you are using. It can be hardwood, tiles or carpet the casters never get stuck, and people do follow their choices by choosing the kind of chair they require. For instance, you can choose nylon casters as they are the best one and are durable and can stand for long term usage.

How can your office chair perfectly for supporting your back?

best living room chair for lower back pain

If you have the right chair at home, then to you desire to use it in the right way to help you out though.

Set up Right:

Once you receive your chair, employ yourself to set up at the place of your desire. Like if you want to set up with your chair and desk, try putting it up next to your office and here is the best part that you can explore the options for adjustable height of the chair to the comfortable position as desired by you.

The height of your chair depends upon the desk height too and the kind of work you want to perform while sitting on it. Taking care of all these considerations now set up the height of your chair. Many chairs do have a lever to adjust height correctly.

Always try to use your entire seat of the chair:

In this section, most people assume the wrong conception. They work hard to find a comfortable chair and then choose to sit on the edge of the same. Many people even use half of the seat, but if you want to sit comfortably, try using the entire seat of the chair. This way, your legs and upper body receive support and stay relaxed too.

Always keep your elbows in a comfortable position:

While writing, typing for a prolonged period, you should always keep your elbows at rest so that your wrist never take blunt stress. For back pain, try using cushy furniture to make you’re sitting comfortably.

Many people avoid elbows but do know to give them proper rest will help you to work for extended periods.

Place your lower back correctly:

For keeping your lower back successfully with the chair, try pushing your bottom towards the seer edges and get your backrest in order too. Also, ensure that you have you a rolled-up towel and soft cushion nearby to help you out.

The lumbar support and adequate lower back support is essential if you require to take strain or load off from your back. Never lean far from your backrest or be upfront while working for hours. It is ought to put stress on the users lumbar disk.

Thighs to be kept in the right position:

People with varied heights explore different levels of comfort going through. Keeping your legs at the right place is essential whether you are taller or a short person. For the same, you can adjust the chair’s height.

9 Best Chairs For Back Pain Available in 2019

Herman Miller Embody Chair:

Adjustable, comfortable and beautiful for regular use. Marked with a hefty price tag, the chair serves six ergonomic functions to support your spine. Rightly positioned the chair; it enhances the oxygen, and blood flow makes you feel improving and better relaxation and focus at your desk. The padding applied on the chair and material used help the user in keeping themselves relaxed regardless of the probability of the HVAC system installed in office. The chair is said to be comprised of a 12-year warranty and is available in many colors. The chair is suitable for people with different sizes and heights as it has an adjustable back settings for everyone.


  • Featuring 12 years of warranty, and poses correct weight distribution which can help you in alleviating your back pain caused by your poor posture.
  • Tested for about 300 pounds with the users, the armrest is removable as they have two screws for the same.
  • In recline dor forward position, the lumbar support attached to the chair stays with you.
  • The chair has a narrow back which allows you to reach and twist automatically with the spine adjusting to your body’s curve.


  • Sturdy and ergonomic
  • Made up of breathable fabric
  • Comfortable for all age groups


  • Available in only one size

The chair is one of the best steals for the people who have back pain and is looking forward to minimizing it with the help of the right chair at the workplace and home.

Modway Articulate Ergonomic Chair:

Featuring one of the reliable, ergonomic supports the chair articulate breathable mesh at the back and lumbar support in passive form for the users. The best thing with the chair is it is generously padded with about 6 inches thick seating solution. Available in a variety of colours the chair can hold the weight upto 331 lbs and is perfect for daily use. The chair is attached with adjustable armrests and is equipped with a lock and tilt system, swivel of about 360 degrees and is sturdy. The Modway chair is known to have one-touch height settings feature for users with varying heights.


  • The chair is considered to be one of the versatile choices for workstations.
  • The backrest height is for 22″H and armrest rest height can range between 27.5” H – 32″H.
  • Arms attached are removable and can be adjusted as per the requirement of the user.
  • Manual assembly


  • Breathable and affordable
  • Reclined effectively
  • Fully adjustable chair
  • Lasts long


  • Armrest found to be quite lower

The chair is best known for its durability and its various functions attached to provide comfort to the user. Looking ahead of the same try out using the chair for your household or office furniture.

Ergonomic Mesh Computer Office Desk Midback Task Chair

Office chairs are not only allowed to be comfortable, but they should be long-lasting too. Comprising of the full seat, reclined upto 135-degrees with adjustable height, the chair is a convenient option for people looking for the best option to alleviate their back pain. The desk uses a high-density cushion, with a middle back design and can provide best lumbar support to you. The chair uses a breathable mesh back to allow the users to feel comfortable while using their machines.

The cushion used in the office chair can fit perfectly to the body size and the nylon base attached can give you the comfort you are seeking. The ergonomic design of the chair allows you to improve posture and reduce the stress on your shoulders and spine for you. The chair is comprised of extra thickness kind of gas lift, fast down and up, to make you feel comfort, convenience and safety at the same time.


  • All accessories arriving with the chair are BIFMA certified and guarantees personal safety for the user.
  • The chair allows the user to the 250lbs weight.
  • Arrives with an instruction manual and it takes about 15 minutes to fix your chair as per your specifications.
  • Nylon mesh to support your back is perfect for the users.
  • The desk chair is comprised of a massive metal base, and another arm supports to have an attractive black finish having a lock for height controls.


  • Easy and manual installation
  • Wider seat
  • The lumbar area supports excellent for the back
  • Arms are detachable you can use them as per your requirement


  • Durability can be a concern.

The chair is best for the people who are suffering from back pain as it tends to offer every possible support to the user to sit at their comfort daily.

Ergohuman High Back Swivel Chair with Headrest, Black Mesh & Chrome Base

The chair is one of the best for the lower back pain, and it’s back angle adjustment allows you to recline properly. The rear angle adjustment has three positions to tilt-lock to adjust for the user easily. For the same, you can lock your back into three different areas or can use the tension control settings for controlling the amount of force to sit up or recline. Pneumatic cylinders allow the user to lower and raise the chair quickly.

The seat cushion, back and headrest can help all users in adjusting and accommodating their needs. Adjustable height  and contoured lumbar support can provide long-term comfort to people. The seat depth settings and synchro-tilt mechanism can ensure users to sit adequately and seek the assistance desired for sitting in an upright position or reclining. The chair is adjustable in height, and its pivotal armrests offer a variety of tasks and postures.


  • The dimensions of the chair are known to be 26.5″ x 29″ x 46-52″ for (W x D x H), the dimensions for seats are 20.5″ x 18.5″ (W x D), the height of the seat is 18.5 at the lowest point and 22.2″ as the highest point.
  • Known to be made up of more than 90% recyclable parts and is certified with green guard for air quality.
  • The parts of the chairs are BIFMA or ANSI certified to provide the best quality standards for users.
  • It is known to feature about eight ergonomic functions to provide maximum support all day.


  • Improves posture
  • Easily adjustment for reclination
  • Customizable as per the user’s requirement
  • Breathable fabric attached


  • Best for tall people

The chair is customized for people desiring the back support while working or for desk users. The Ergohuman chair arrives with the best available functions in the market and the accessories to be installed certified with the best standards.

X Chair X4 Leather Executive Chair, Cognac Leather with Headrest

Opulent cognate leather and gorgeous design make this chair a perfect solution to be kept at home. This is one of the premium features that can attract anyone to have this chair at their workplace. The chair arrives with two wonderful features for your back pain, and they are its sci float infinite recline and dynamic lumbar support. These features have a distinct function for soothing your back and minimizing tension throughout the body.

The chair is received with its dynamic lumbar or can also be called as DVL. The active lumbar support angle and tension needs to be adjusted every time you tends to change your posture or try to recline at different angles. The DVL auto recline feature allowed you to lie down with your back as you recline, sitting up straight or even in pivotal posture. The chair can help you with its back support throughout the day for its users.


  • The chair is equipped with four-dimensional arms and allows you to adjust the height, depth, angle and width throughout the day.
  • Adjustable lumbar height allows you to stay comfortable for long hours.
  • Independent headrest arriving with the chair can help in adjusting angle and height
  • Equipped with floating infinite technology allows you to be in motion all day


  • Adjustable seat depth
  • Soft leather available in many colours
  • Recline angle exceeding to 138 degrees


  • Expensive to buy

The chair placed at the workplace can help the users in sitting in the right posture while working. Its multiple features are quite successful in keeping your body in perfect positions and can function with flawlessly for years.

Amazon Basics High-Back Executive Chair

A stylish, affordable and comfortable chair offered by Amazon Basics can provide comfort for your back. Known for upholstered in bonded PVC, black leather, Padded seats and provides support and encouragement. The chair offers pneumatic sear and height adjustment with smooth-rolling casters and 360-degree swivel. The user receives assembly instruction with the chair and Amazon provides a year warranty with the same.

The tilt knob placed underneath the seat ensures that the chair can move freely in the way the user desires.


  • The chair can carry a weight of 275 pounds at the maximum.
  • The nylon casters attached to the chair allows free and smooth-rolling on the floors.
  • The gently curved armrests and padded back seats are fitted for enhanced support and comfort
  • The Chair offers comfortable seating, but its height is not adjustable.


  • Affordable and comfortable
  • Last long
  • Does not allow the users to lean forward
  • Wide seat


The chair is not fitted with a breathable upholstery

Zenith High Back Mesh Office Chair

back pain chair for computer

The chair is known to offer best comfort at a low price. The mesh at the back and the cushions present ensures maximum durability to breathe and make you stay comfortable for long hours of working. Being an ergonomics, the chair is known to pose the built-in lumbar feature. Apart from the same the chair is equipped with the adjustable armrest and headrest. It will help you in best sitting posture and protects your waist and neck. The chair sits on wheels and can support about 300 pounds of weight.

The integrated frame synchronized with the chair is durable and stable for working long hours. The active customer care with the product adds upon the active buying process. The free component exchange program will help you in assembling the same for you.


  • The seat is approx 4cm thickness of foam material.
  • Can bear maximum capacity of 250lbs
  • The armrest along with the mesh padding allows you to flip them over when not in use.
  • The chair allows you to take advantage of tilting and locking it over the posture.


  • Mesh support
  • Lumbar support
  • Affordable price
  • Flip-up Armrest
  • Padded backrest


  • Non-adjustable headrest

The chair is one of the best examples of ergonomic chair which not only help you in decreasing your back pain but will give rest to your whole body.

KADIRYA High Back Bonded Leather:

back pain chair for office best office chair for lower back pain

The chair is one of the stylish and made up of the bonded leather design appealing to the users. The high back of the chair is known to be quite imposing but comfortable on the other hand. The seat has a waterfall edge  It is soft-padded and can help in taking the pressure of the user off with their hamstrings. It entails that the chair can be used for hours in a stretch.

The chair can be reclined at 120 degrees, can allow to relax all day and the levers attached can help you for the same. The chair is designed in a weird way and can help you with the upright position too with the reclination. The flip-up arms of the chair are known to be quite supportive to the shoulders and arms of yours. The best part is that you can even swivel for 360 degrees and move around your work station.


  • The waterfall seat is designed for removing pressure from legs and can improve your blood circulation.
  • The user can recline till 120 degree allowing to rest periodically as they  start working.
  • Flip up arms are known to offer armless swivel option for users.


  • Durable and stable in nature
  • Supporting arms
  • Stylish and comfortable


  • Can be reclined a bit backward

The chair is well-known for its stylish and waterfall design But the best part is that it can help you in easing out for back pain.

Argomax Black High Back Desk

best back pain chair for office with back desk

The sciatica pain sufferers find the Argomax office chair, as one of the perfect chair to help them with their ergonomic system. The chair has easy and adjustable backrest, headrest and well-padded armrests too. The chair promotes best posture and the smart auto-adaptive base can help in adjusting with your weight.

The chair is quite easy to adjust by using a single lever attached and can be tilted to 135 degree. It has a three-way lock system attached. The S-shaped backrest attached in known to be anatomically correct and can provide support to the back and neck in order to ease sciatica pain.


  • The chair is SGS and BIFMA, the chair is said to have sturdy nylon and also a glass fiber frame.
  • The seat have dense foam and is padded.The foam makes it comfortable, especially if you have issues of back pain.
  • The waterfall edge attached is quite comfortable if you are sitting for long hours and the armrests are comfortable as well.


  • Supportive and Sturdy
  • Breathable mesh
  • Comfortable seats
  • Mesh Backrest


  • Need adjustable armrests

With the waterfall edge attached the chair can be known to be one of the best for the people looking for seeking comfort in their back pain.


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