Best Recliner For Back Pain | (Ultimate Reviews And Buying Guide)

recliners which is best for back pain

A recliner is a specially designed chair for the purpose of relaxation which comes with several added features. The best recliner for back pain comes with back support, a headrest, heating and massages pad, a motor, and a footrest. This is specially designed to keep your body muscles relaxed and helps to relieve back pain.

The year 2019 brings an array of options for the people suffering from back pain. You will have some of the best recliners for back pain this year. With thorough research, this article presents ten best recliners for back pain that is worth having a look.

1. Best Recliner With Ottoman-Flash Furniture BT-7862-BK-GG Contemporary Black Leather Soft Recliner

If you are looking for a maximized space in your recliner yet having a sleek model then this one of the models you will just love. The chair comes with an exterior that is very attractive.

The factors of comfort are also kept in mind and this is one of the reasons why the recliner is considered among the best recliners for back pain.

People with more height face problems with regular recliners because of the lack of more backspace. These chairs have more backspace and it is best suited for tall people.

These chairs are easy to put together and it can also swivel. This recliners for tall people are good in appearance but the comfort levels are a little to be looked down upon.

If used for a longer period this chair does lower down in the comfort levels because the leather used in its making is not real.

However, its appearance and its suitability in a well-furnished apartment this chair get a thumbs-up among its users. Also, the use of a comfortable pillow can cut down the discomfort level and can make it among the best recliner for back pain.

This chair is best suited for small apartments with stylish appearance and is available at a good price.


Weight 7 pounds
Dimensions 27.2 x 39 x 37.5 inches
Model Number BT-7862-BK-GG
Height 37.5 inches
Width 39 inches
Length 27.25 inches
Pros Cons
Pocket-friendlyPleather makes I look cheaper
Various adjustments of seats Needs some effort to assemble
Fits well in urban houses Comfort is sacrificed for style
Reclining and swiveling options Quality is comparatively low
It does not slant in the forward direction

2. High Weight Capacity Recliner – Cozzia Dual Power ZG Recliner

This recliner by Cozzia is best suited for people who are looking for a chair with stylish appearance and also takes care of their back pain. These are the best recliners for back pain which have a one-touch gravity button. This button makes it easier to control the chair and reclines it to a position take keeps the knees right above the heart, which is considered as a good posture for people with back pain problems. Also, the quality of leather used is of high quality faux and it has a solid base made of beech wood.

This is one of the most versatile recliners because of its ability to allow independent operation of the foot and the headrest. This chair gives you more flexibility and provides a footrest so that when you sit upright you feel comfortable.

For people with back pain and aching muscles, the dual power ZG recliner has a massager attached that helps to ease the pain. Hence making it one of the best recliners for back pain.

With its high-end specification and customization for people with an aching muscle, these are the best recliners for back pain but from the cost point of view, this is a bit expensive. Although, chairs with such features are priced even higher than this.


Weight 95 pounds
Dimensions 42 x 31.5 x 46 inches
model number AG-6000 Black
Pros Cons
Relieves stress while promoting blood circulation with its zero-gravity feature Padding in the seats are comparatively lesser than that of the other chairs available in the market
Comes with a feature suitable for massages
Comes with a heat therapy feature
Operated with power
Design is modern
Comes with a high weight capacity of 400lbs

3. Best Recliner With A Great Durability-Flash Furniture MEN-DSC01078-BRN-GG Plush Leather Rocker Recliner

This is the best choice for people who like to sit upright. It is very comfortable and cozy. The design is made as such that the bodyweight put upon your legs is kept at a minimum.

People with back pain look for a chair that is oversized chairs. It gets difficult for them to sit in one position and need more space to move around. These are the best lounge chair because of its design.

It is made as such that the person can adjust the recliner according to his/her comfort and get more room to move around. These chairs provide the best back support and it can be used an s rocker. Such a feature help the people to get their mind off the back pain and relax.


Weight 117 pounds
Dimensions 40 x 66 x 42 inches
number MEN-DSC01078-BRN-GG
Height 42 inches
Width 66 inches
Length 40 inches
Pros Cons
Has the features of rockers and recliners Maintenance of the material is difficult
The chair is oversized for a great comfort
Made of high-quality leather
Sits uptight when not reclined
Armrests are comfortable
Comes with high durability

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4. Best Recliner With Orthopedic support-Mac Motion Oslo Collection Recliner with Matching Ottoman in Cobblestone

This is the best classic recline chair are suited for people who work from home. This chair can move around 360 degrees when it is reclined by the use of a handle. Also, these chairs come with ottoman and it gives good leg space.

The best quality leather used in its making and a foam setting core attached to the chair makes it extremely comfortable. This chair has a very stylish design and is very easy to put together. It can fit in your living room or workspace.

For people suffering from backaches, these chairs are best suited to give more space to move around and relieve stress. These are the best recliners for back pain as it is very much adjustable and is designed with good quality material. It has good longevity and it comes with tools that are required for the purpose of setting it up.

With its sleek look and polished finishing, this is one of the most sorts after chairs. You can use this recliner for reading a book for long hours because it provides the best back support so you can say this chair is one of the Best Reading Chair as well.


Weight 87 pounds
Dimensions 31 x 30 x 43 inches
model number 54-LO3-32-103
Height 23 inches
Width 30 inches
Length 35 inches
Seat Height 18.5 inches
Pros Cons
Made of pure quality leather Armrest needed to be wider
Designed with orthopedic recommendations The price is comparatively a little higher
The lower and the upper back support is great People with short height have difficulties to sit
The headrests are adjustable
Easy to assemble

5. Recliners For Tall People – Homelegance 9668BRW-1 Glider Reclining Chair

An American styled chair with a highly sophisticated look is one of the most sorts after recliners for people looking classic Furniture. Best quality leather used in its making which gives it more longevity. Bonded leather is used in the seats and faux leather for the body.

The chair gives good headrest and back support because of thick padding and lumbar settings. People suffering from back pain and muscle ache can get maximum comfort by reclining the chair by the use of a lever.

The level ensures adjustment of the chair in the best position. The rocking motion is replaced by a smooth gliding motion that makes it best recliners for back pain.


Dimensions 42 x 38.5 x 40 inches
Weight 95 pounds
Manufacturer Homelegance
model number 9668BRW-1
Customer Reviews  3.8 out of 5 stars
Pros Cons
The design of the chair has a classic touch to itPeople with short heights are not comfortable with the chair
Great lumbar support
Has a smoother gliding motion
Seats are comfortable
Assembling is easy

6. Best Back Support – Real Relax Full Body Massage Chair Recliner

The chair is made of leather which makes the chair a great experience to sit on. The ergonomic armrest linkage system is one of the systems that help you keep your body posture straight while you are sitting in the chair.

This chair comes with a zero-gravity button that makes the chair virtually weightless and your body feels completely relaxed. Another unique feature of the chair is that the chair comes with 8 different massage rollers that are located in the backrest and the footrest.

The chair also comes with a built-in heater for your waist which is being used for various therapeutic functions. If you are overwhelmed by the complexities of the mechanism of the chair then you need to know that the chair also comes with a user manual and an elaborate installation video that makes the process of installation easy. With all these features the chair is one among the best recliners for back pain.

This chair is having a VFD display which makes it easy to adjust the posture and lets you sit in the most comfortable position making this chair ultimate recliners for back pain.

To be one of the best recliners for back pain this chair has all the necessary qualities and this is one of the reasons why this is one of the chairs that is being preferred by many customers. The back support mechanism of the chair is designed in the most scientific ways allowing the best back support available in a recliner.

Another important thing that needs to be noted is that this recliner comes in two packages. Both the packages are having almost the same features but there is a variation in the size of the chair. Depending on the size of your space and your own comfort you may choose one of the chairs.


Package 1

Voltage AC 120V 60Hz
Power: 20-230 Watts
Weight 171.6 pounds
Dimensions 43.9″  x 29.1″ x 26.6″
Package Content Real Relax Massage Chair Remote Controller User Manual

Package 2

Voltage AC 120V 60Hz
Power: 20-230 Watts
Weight 40.7 Pounds
Dimensions 49.4″ x 26.1″ x 10.2 ”
Package Content Real Relax Massage Chair Remote Controller User Manual
Pros Cons
Comes with a pre-set of four different messagesSome of the parts like the air pipe are fragile
The seat has 50 airbags located Needs a very careful installation
Easy to install
Comes with a pad for waist heating

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7. Best Automated Recliner – Luraco Technologies iRobotics 7 Medical Massage Chair

This is one of the best recliners for back pain that is researched and developed is being designed in a scientific way. This is a recliner that is having several medical benefits and this is one of the reasons why the recliner is not only used for home usage but is also used for the purpose of professional and medical usages.

This recliner is certified by the FDA. Alongside this recliner is also recognized by CE and UL as one of the best recliners for back pain. This recognition indicates the fact that this is one of the recliners that is one of the top choice recliners for back pain.

Some of the features that make this recliner one of the best home chair for lower back pain include the fact that the recliner is technically updated and advanced. This is one of the recliners that is designed keeping in mind each and every aspect of safety parameters.

The robotic mechanism of the chair is fast responsive and has various smart functions. This mechanism also adjusts according to the body structure of an individual. It is worth mentioning that this is the one and the only massage chair that is being designed in the United States and this is one of the chairs that is being well researched and designed.

The touch screen control of the chair makes it easy to control the chair according to the need of the person sitting in the chair. With the features such as the heating system, the 3D robotic system, and various other mechanisms the food and the administration of the drugs has stated that this is one of the chairs that is to be considered as a medical therapy device.

The mechanism being used by the chair is used for treatments of stress, back pain and also used for increased mobility. This chair also comes with a high-quality Bluetooth speaker which can be used for recreational purposes. 


Weight 265 pounds
Dimensions 60 x 38 x 48 inches
model number 893640001212
Length 81 inches
Pros Cons
Approved by FDA Relatively pricey
Comes with a warranty of five years for parts and a warranty of three years for the workmanship
Comes with a touch screen control which is users friendly
Fits different body types

8. Best Zero Gravity Recliner Full-Body Kahuna Massage Chair Recliner LM6800 with yoga & heating therapy

This is one of the best recliners for back pain based on the techniques of Shiatsu. This recliners for back pain is a sophisticated model and is having several features. In this chai, you have a control panel that helps you operate different features of the chair.

In case you are comfortable using a remote control this recliner for back pain offers you remote controlling support as well. The chair is built in such a way that it puts zero force in the stress point of your body and there is various relaxation procedure available for the chair like rolling, kneading and tapping.

This recliners for back pain is not only used for home usages but it is also used in various massage parlors

This unique design of the chair helps you get the best of the benefits and this is one of the reasons why this considered to be one best recliner for back pain. While sitting in the chair you can have different messages like the Tai Chi massage and the Hula technique massage that will keep your body calm and stress-free.

One of the unique features of the chair is that the chair comes with various techniques that function once it is activated and while you are having a massage in this chair you will completely be re-energized and rejuvenated. This is the only chair that comes with a yoga stretching program that allows you to get all the toxic waste out of your body.

The chair fits different body shapes and hence it is one of the most preferred recliners for tall people. This chair is designed in a way that it can be placed in rooms with limited space.

Another feature of the chair that is worth mentioning is that the chair comes with a dual foot roller that hits the acupuncture points of the feet and offers complete relaxation.

The chair has airbags that are placed under the armrests which inflate and deflate in a pattern to relax you. These are the features that make the chair one of the best living room chair for back pain


Dimensions 46 x 48 x 31
Weight 200 pounds
model number: LM6800
Customer Review 4.4 out of 5 stars
Pros Cons
Leading seller among all the recliners Intensity adjustment on a specific area is not available
A roller system in the L track pattern that functions from neck to lower lumber section
A heating pad that is designed for the calves and the lower back
Registered with FDA
Great returns on the investments upon the chair
Inclusive of three years warranty

9. Best Recliner For Relaxation-RELAXONCHAIR MK-II Plus [Redesigned] Full Massage Chair with Built Heating and Air Massage System

This chair is not just a general massage chair for back pain. This is one of the specially designed chairs which is also known as the L-Track massage chair.

This chair is one of the best recliners for back pain that delivers the longest massage strokes. This means that the chair is having the massage function that makes the longest strokes that stretches from the neck to the buttocks.

These strokes will make you completely relaxed and you will get a good amount of relief from the back pain. This is one of the best recliners for back pain because of its multiple massage function.

One of the unique features of the chair is that the chair mimics the process of human massage and with the process of scanning your body it targets the tight tissues and helps it relax. The mechanism detects the muscles at the back and finds the point where the message needs to be provided.

The scanning mechanism is one of the most effective mechanisms that help the chair to understand the right points where the pressure needs to be given. The chair also comes with an option called the deep tissue massage option and this is one of the ways the chair hits the deep tissues and helps it relax.

If you have back muscles that are tight then the chair will give you the best back support ensuring the fact that the massage helps to heal the back muscles and helps you relax completely. The message system also focuses on the neck muscles and the neck massage is so relaxing that you may fall asleep in the chair.

This is one of the best recliners for back pain that will let you sit for hours and enjoy the pre-set massage mechanism. One of the unique features of the recliner is that the recliner can be customized according to the requirement of the user.

The chair comes with three different speeds of massage that can be customized according to the requirement of the user. The pre-programmed massage mechanism comes with kneading, tapping and various combo massage programs that would let you sit and relax for hours and provide ultimate relieve from the back pain.

One of the reasons why the chair is considered to be one of the best recliners for back pain is due to the fact that the chair comes with a spinal decompression feature. This feature helps the spine to relax completely and in the circumstance when you have back pain the pain gets relieved very quickly.

The chair has a massage mechanism that is based on the air cells that function in a calculated move. This helps in the complete relaxation of the muscles. The chair also has the foot and the calve massager alongside having a back massager.

Another most essential feature of the chair is that the chair comes with a zero-gravity feature that lets your body completely relax. The zero gravity of the chair can be accessed in three different positions. The special feature of the zero-gravity is only available in this design and no other recliner in the market gives this feature.

Alongside having all these exciting features the chair comes with a solid warranty which makes the chair one of the most demanded recliners available in the market.       


Weight 101 pounds
Customer Review 4.5 out of 5 stars
Pros Cons
Zero gravity chair for a complete relaxation   Consumes a huge amount of space
The body can completely be stretched L-track capability massage robot technology
Comes with technology to scan the full body with the help of patented computers
Heat options for various therapy
Comes with four different automatic messages pre-set

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10. Best Recliner For Massage-Ideal Massage Full Featured Shiatsu Chair with Built-in Heat Zero Gravity Positioning Deep Tissue Massage

This is one of the best recliners for back pain with a design based on Shiatsu. The chair has the power to massage up to 30 minutes. The chair comes with various massage options but one of the most important features that make it one of the best recliners for back pain is that the chair mimics the Shiatsu massage that is done by a real human. Thus, it does all the clapping, rolling a tapping that is being done in a Shiatsu massage. Alongside the Shiatsu massage, the chair comes with four different massages pre-sets.

This chair comes with a remote control that helps the user to control the function of the chair according to the needs and comfort. If you are fascinated with Shiatsu then you will never be disappointed with the chair.

This chair has such an amazing feature that you will feel a message being done by a real person. The chair also comes with a heat therapy feature which makes the chair one of the best back support chairs with an amazing massage mechanism.


Dimensions 33 x 55 x 49
Weight 200 pounds
Customer Review 4.3 out of 5 stars
Pros Cons
Comes with an option of zero gravity Does not come with a feature of full body stretch
Helps in the relaxation of the deep tissue musclesThe zero gravity option is not adequately functional
Comes with four pre-set massage functions Recline function cannot be adjusted
Extended massage up to the tail bone
Comes with several choices of vibration, heat massage and deep tissue massage
Extended massage up to the tail bone

Buyer’s Guide

back pain recliner

Factors that need to be considered by the buyers while buying a recliner for back pain

Every individual has a specific need that is to be considered while buying a recliner. There are various factors to be considered for the purpose of buying a recliner that would fit your needs. Mentioned below are a few essential factors that need to be considered while buying your best recliner for back pain.

  • Specific need of users: This is an important factor o be put into consideration. Back pain is to be categorized in two different ways one is acute and the other one is chronic. You first need to know the type of back pain you are suffering from. In the circumstances when you have acute back pain due to strenuous regime of exercise, normal sitting and standing positions or lifting heavy weight than before buying a chair it is essential to consult a doctor however, chronic back pain associated with health ailment, pregnancy or depression can be relieved with the help of a recliner providing the best back support.
  • Features of the recliner: The features of the recliner is an essential factor that worth attention.
    • A recliner with lumbar support ensures the fact that your back is comfortably relieved. The body weight is proportionately divided to ensure stress in the back.
    • A recliner with massage solution ensures the fact that your back is relieved from pain by putting pressure at the right place.
    • A recliner with the option of heating helps in increasing the circulation of your blood while it gets you rid of the joint’s soreness.
    • A reclining option is an important feature that needs to be considered which lets you understand the different angles the chair can be reclined. Recliners for sleeping are great examples.
  • Size: Recliner comes in different sizes. Two important factors that need to be considered while deciding the size of the recliner is the room space and your body frame.
    • In the circumstances, the size of your body is bigger than the recliner will do more harm than good
    • A recliner in which you sit and feel comfortable is one among the recliner with the right size
    • If you have a small space than you may consider buying a recliner that takes small space however has a good amount of space in the sitting area.
  • Material: A recliner is designed with different materials. Different materials are being used by the recliner to fit the taste of the customers. Based on your choice and the budget you may choose one of the best recliners for back pain.
    • A recliner made of leather material is durable. These recliners can be easily cleaned and this kind of materials are best for the recliners with a heating option as leather heats faster than other materials. However, these materials are pricy and add up to the price of the recliner.
    • A recliner with fabric material designs is highly preferred due to the fact that the materials are affordable and washable.
    • A recliner using vinyl material is also chosen by the customers due to its durability and affordability at the same time. However one of the major problems with this material is that the material starts peeling off with regular usages.
  • Budget: There are various companies that offer different prices to their recliners. You need to select the right product that fits your pocket and also provides you value for money. This guide can be of great help in that matter.
  • Warranty: Warranty is an important consideration to be made while buying a recliner. In case of damage and any sort of issues occurring with the recliner, the warranty conditions will help you save your money. When it comes to recliners there are different brands offering different warranty schemes.
    • Some of the brands offer a full warranty which indicates the fact that if any of the parts of the recliner stops functioning within the period of warranty (Which is mostly within six months to a year) than the company will replace the faulty parts or get the faults corrected.
    • Few brands also offer a money-back warranty which indicates the fact that while you buy the chair and it doesn’t fit your needs then you can get it returned and claim your money back. Of course, the money-back warranty comes with an expiry day beyond which your product cannot be sent back to get your money back. The period of expiry normally varies within the time period of 7 days to 30 days based on the brand you choose.
    • The limited warranty is also being offered by some of the brands. This indicates the fact that the company takes the guarantee for certain parts of the recliner and in the circumstance these parts are damaged the company will replace them. While the other parts are damaged the buyer has to buy new parts.

Thus, these are some of the important factors to be considered and evaluated to ensure the fact that you get the best recliner chair for back pain. This guide will provide you the options that will let you buy the best recliner as per your requirement. When it comes to recliners for back pain never compromise. Find the one that meets all your needs.


All the chairs mentioned above are some of the best recliners for back pain and each and every chair has special features that help an individual to get rid of the back pain. However, each and every chair has some of the special features that make the chair unique. Some of the chairs work on the body posture, some works on the decompression of the spines and the other mimics the human massage. These different features of the chair make each and every chair unique and allow the best back support.

It is advisable that people with back pain should consider buying one of these chairs. This is the specially designed chair, unlike the traditional chairs that help in relaxation of the tissues and the muscles that might trigger back pain. These chairs are designed with the usage of advanced technology the chairs come with a mechanism that would not only target your back pain issues but will also help you get complete relaxation. This would let the complete rejuvenation of the body and your tiredness and exhaustion will completely be gone once you sit in these chairs for a couple of hours.

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