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best reclining sofa

Are you looking out for that ‘exotic touch’ to your living room? Adding the best reclining sofa can be a fascinating move, making your living room a truly welcoming space for your guests and loved ones. The seating arrangement in your home is a significant factor in creating the ‘first impression.’ Therefore, it is necessary to make your choice wisely.

A recliner sofa brings a great deal of luxury and convenience to its occupants. Your guests or even the family members would enjoy the reclining mechanism. These sofas have the arrangement to tilt their backrests to lower them. Again, the user can also raise the front portion of the sofa. The reclining feature enhances comfort for sure.

 The best reclining sofa has several other fantastic features. You can look out for the reclining sofa with heaters and massagers installed on the backline. You can operate these additional features very quickly and enjoy the rejuvenation. The manufacturers design luxurious reclining sofa for your ‘home-theatre’ experience.

The manufacturers in the modern era come up with excellent ideas for the use of a variety of materials and making the design of the best reclining sofa much more luxurious and aesthetically attractive. You have plenty of choices to make availed at your fingertips today.

Let us take a glance at some of the best options in comfy reclining sofa available in market:

1. Seatcraft Anthem Home Theater Seating Leather Multimedia Power Recline Sofa

Seatcraft brings a fascinating reclining sofa for home theatre features. This sofa is built from the best quality 7000 upholstery leather for added comfort and great aesthetics. The layers of gel foam add to the remarkable cushion effect that you will feel. The reclining sofa is available in three most eye-catching colours: black, brown, and red.

Features and Benefits:

  • The most beautiful quality leather used for this reclining sofa for your home theatre is among the best raw materials. So, you can get the best of textures and appearance.
  • This best reclining sofa comes with adjustable headrests. So, you can easily position the headrest depending upon the position you would love to sit.
  • The middle seat of this reclining sofa has a magnificent table, provided with two cup-holder grooves. Thus, you can conveniently keep your coffee mugs or even the wine glasses in the cup-holder while watching your favourite movies or shows.
  • Every seat has a power control panel, provided with USB charging ports to charge your devices. Again, you can use the buttons to adjust the reclining position of your seat independently.
  • Wireless charging rings can be used to charge your QI-enabled devices as well.
  • The reclining sofa has armrests provided with ample of storage space to place your tray table, remote controls, and so on.
  • The base lighting option adds to the cool look of this reclining sofa. Again, this feature helps your guests and loved ones to make their way when the lights in the room are switched off.
  • The unit is easy to install. Though the base is a bit bulky to move into position; it takes a few minutes to assemble the excellent home theatre sofa.


  • The hand-rests need to be a bit bigger to accommodate the tray table adequately.
  • Leather needs proper maintenance for long-term use
  • The placement of the cup-holders needs to be designed considering ergonomics. Presently the users need to rest their hands on one side of their drinks.
  • The lights provided on the middle headrest need to be lower in intensity. So, there wouldn’t be any disturbance to the users while watching movies in a darkened room.

2. Divano Roma Furniture Classic and Traditional Dark Grey Fabric Oversize Recliner Sofa (3 Seater)

Furniture Mania offers one of the best power recliner sofa options. This reclining sofa has soft linen upholstery fabric for the vibrant looks and added comfort. If you are looking for extra-wide seating options, this recliner sofa could be the most appropriate choice. Bring an eye-soothing elegance to your living space or a dedicated home-theatre setup ordering this magnificent recline sofa.

Features and Benefits:

  • This comfortable reclining sofa comes with classic style oversize seats. So, you can sit comfortably and have more space for movements.
  • The best quality linen fabric is stuffed nicely for an added cushioning effect. This feature allows your body parts to rest securely and in a hassle-free manner.
  • The sofa comes with a double recliner. The middle seat doesn’t recline. However, you can have a relaxing sitting position on the rest of the two places.
  • The seats are extra-wide. So, this best reclining sofa could be the best mode in your living room or a home theatre to sit with added comfort.
  • The seats have a width of 63 inches and a depth of 21 inches. As you recline the seats, you can get a depth of 60 inches and a height of 30 inches. Thus, this is an ergonomically designed option for humans of any build and size.
  • The reclining sofa requires a minor assembly. You can follow the DIY instructions provided to assemble this sofa. Again, all the necessary hardware for the assembly is also included in the product package itself.
  • This reclining sofa comes with a power recliner. So, you can adjust the seating position as per your requirement through the touch of a button conveniently.


  • The users need to be careful while operating the reclining mechanism.
  • The product packaging needs some significant improvements.
  • The back of this sofa is quite low in height, and the users may face difficulties to rest their head correctly.
  • There is an unnecessary gap between the base and the back when the seat reclines.
  • The lock for keeping the chairs reclined needs to be more productive.

3. Homelegance Rosnay 3 Piece Reclining Sectional with Console, Gray

This 3 piece reclining sofa, presented by Homelegance, adds glory to your living room. Being a sectional sofa, you can manage to install it in the corner of the room. As this best recliner sofa accommodates 6 people, this is the perfect choice for family movie hangouts at home.

Features and Benefits:

  • The reclining sectional sofa accommodates 6 people.
  • It carries two consoles with cup-holders and tiny compartments.
  • Expect better comfort through the pillow cushioned armrest and headrest.
  • You can choose the durable upholstery polyester fabric covering this reclining sofa in grey, grey fabric and chocolate colours for added elegance.
  • This sofa requires minor assembly.


  • Improvements in packaging and forwarding of this product are necessary. Some customers find the compartments behind the cup-holders missing.
  • Manufacturers can switch to much durable fabric than the current polyester one.

4. Homelegance 9990 Yerba 70″ Microfiber Double Reclining Sofa

Homelegance brings a magnificent addition to your home for spending a great time with the family. This reclining sofa adds glory to the living space through the vibrant quality leather and attractive colours, including dark brown, grey and dark grey. The reclining seats ensure enjoyment and relaxation during your leisure time.

Features and Benefits:

  • The microfiber fabric in attractive colours covers this reclining sofa.
  • You can enjoy plush seating during your lazy hours.
  • The centre back can be dropped down to get a convenient tabletop. This tabletop has two cup-holders and a console for convenient storage.
  • This lovely reclining sofa has two reclining seats.
  • The reclining mechanism provides an extra reclining length than the average recliners.


  • The arrangement design for the centre tabletop needs significant improvements. The pillow usually falls down as the centre console unit is dropped down.
  • The recliner mechanism of the two chairs needs to be more durable, for long-lasting functioning.

5. FDW Single Reclining Leather Sofa

Bring home a spectacular reclining sofa that looks elegant complementing your interior. FDW proudly presents this stylish reclining sofa that combines comfort with the mind blowing styling. This reclining sofa is made up of best quality wooden frame and exceptional quality leather covering.

Features and Benefits:

  • This can be the perfect addition to your living room for a variety of purposes, including sleeping, lounging, reading, watching your favorite shows on the TV and ultimate relaxation.
  • This beautiful reclining sofa takes nearly 2 minutes to install.
  • The design of this best reclining sofa is suitable not only for homes, but also for cafe and business spaces.
  • The push-back design offers comprehensive support and a great deal of relaxation.
  • The leather covering is completely waterproof and thus it is very easy to clean and maintain.


  • Proper assembly instructions are required. Again, some misalignments are found for placing the back on the base.
  • Some issues are reported about the footrest raising mechanism. Significant design and manufacturing improvements to attain better quality are expected.

6. ANJ Leather Padded Durable Recliner Chair

Your search for comfortable manually operated leather recliner should end here. ANJ offers this fantastic reclining sofa covered with the best quality leather. This best reclining sofa is very smooth to operate. You can quickly take it to various reclining positions, reclining the back and taking the feet upwards for maximum comfort.

Features and Benefits:

  • This glorious reclining sofa comes with study wooden frame and durable bonded leather.
  • You can attain maximum comfort and stability through its Laminated Veneer Lumber Technology.
  • This reclining sofa has contoured seats, thick armrests and smoother reclining mechanism ensuring perfect comfort.
  • The manufacturer provides 1 year warranty replacements for damaged or missing parts and technical issues with the installation of this reclining sofa.
  • You can avail a user manual for making the assembly easier.


  • The designers can make this chair a bit spacious for comfort.
  • Packing and forwarding of this product need improvement.

7. FDW Sectional Recliner Sofa Set

This glamorous reclining sofa would be a great addition to your living room, as it ensures complete comfort to you and your family during the lazy hours. The study wooden frame has support from all the sides for additional stability and durability. This reclining sofa also comes with overstuffed pillow armrests making a perfect for your napping during the afternoon.

Features and Benefits:

  • You can easily operate the recliner mechanism with the lever.
  • This manual recliner sofa taken to any desired reclining position quickly.
  • This best reclining sofa is covered with thick and durable poly fiber also has high resiliency foam cushions.
  • The sturdy frame constructed with wood and steel and PU cover ensure its great performance for years ahead.
  • This is an oversized recliner sofa for your comfortable seating, and convenience in getting in and getting out of it.


  • The supplier needs to arrange for doorstep delivery of this product in a professional manner.
  • The designers need to pay attention to make this product more durable.

8. JUNTOSO 3 Pieces Recliner Sofa Sets

The enthusiasts looking for perfect 3 piece sofa set to make their living rooms look glorious can choose this reclining sofa set. This sofa set is available in three eye-catching shades of chocolate that bring modern styling to your interiors. You can quickly raise the leg-rests using a foot pedal and recline the sofa conveniently.

Features and Benefits:

  • You can quickly get this reclining sofa to the desired reclining position through the user-friendly lever operated system.
  • Ergonomic design adds to your comfort.
  • The frame and the Air leather covering are durable.
  • This elegant reclining sofa is easy to install; and it can be placed 3 inches from the walls.
  • This is the perfect loveseat for spending great time with your loved ones.


  • The designers need to make the assembly of the back and reclining mechanism truly functioning for years ahead.
  • This product needs some more aesthetic appeal to make it ‘value for money’.

9. Homall Single Recliner Chair Padded Seat PU Leather Living Room Sofa Recliner

Homall brings the most exciting recliner chair that looks excellent in its beautiful color shades such as brown, black and beige. This is the perfect recliner for your living room, bedroom or recreational area. So, bring home the pleasure of comfortable seating and praises from the visitors as well.

Features and Benefits:

  • The best quality PU leather provides a nice touch and feel and looks great as well.
  • The seat and the back of this comfy recliner sofa are padded and thus offer better comfort and support.
  • You get double padding for the footrest, ensuring great relief to your feet as you sit back and relax on this recliner sofa.
  • You can see contoured, wide armrest for additional support to the arms.
  • You can quickly adjust this recliner sofa in the desired modes as per your requirements.


  • The manufacturers need to make the locking system more effective.
  • The padding in the seat and back need to be uniform.

10. JUMMICO Fabric Recliner Chair Adjustable Home Theater Single Recliner Sofa

Are you looking for a linen covered recliner sofa for your living room, bedroom or entertainment area at home? Jummico offers this wonderful recliner made up of a steel frame, linen upholstery fabric covering and had rubber feet for added protection. The soft and durable linen fabric offers comfort and styling as well.

Features and Benefits:

  • This user-friendly manual recliner sofa has a convenient push-back mechanism for reclining.
  • The rubber feet protect the flooring.
  • The seat and the back have extra padding for better cushioning effect.
  • You can rest your arms comfortably on the uniquely designed curved armrests.
  • You can freely adjust the footrest as you recline this sofa.


  • The reclining sofa needs to be sturdier for durability.
  • Effective fastening arrangements for the hardware to assemble are badly needed.

11. Signature Design by Ashley 7620489 Mitchiner Reclining Sofa with Drop Down Table, Fog

Signature Design by Ashley presents the most glorious looking reclining sofa for enthusiasts like you. The colour, size and fit of this beautiful reclining sofa suit all interiors and environments. You can enhance the magnificent appearance of this reclining sofa by adding throw pillows of your choice as well. 

Features and Benefits:

  • This sofa is made up of upholstery fabric for a glamorous appearance.
  • Middle seat can be used as a table.
  • You can use the tabletop created by dropping down the middle seat for keeping your devices, books and magazines.
  • You can recline two corner seats using the tab provided for ultimate relaxation.
  • The best reclining sofa is available in the foggy grey shade for lovely looks.
  • Upholstery polyester fabric at the top adds elegance and proves to be durable.
  • The reclining sofa measures 87” W X 40” D X 42” H and weighs 70” in the fully reclined position. This is quite spacious for added comfort.


  • The table provided through the middle seat should have the cup-holders.
  • Packaging and forwarding of this product need to be more professional and damage-free.
  • Proper care and maintenance of the polyester fabric are necessary.
  • The mechanism to operate the middle seat dropdown should be functioning and easy to operate.

12. Flash Furniture Harmony Series Chocolate Brown Microfiber Sofa with Two Built-In Recliners

Flash Furniture brings a greater balance of comfort and relaxation. This elegant microfiber reclining sofa is available in contemporary chocolate brown colour. Again, you can choose the leather sofa as well, availed in brown leather. Spend hours together comfortably while watching TV, working on the laptop or hang out with your loved ones.

Features and Benefits:

  • Marvellous contemporary style sofa for added elegance to your living room.
  • Padded arms and plush pillow back cushions ensure complete comfort and relaxation.
  • Lever operated reclining mechanism for simplicity in operation.
  • This best reclining sofa offers considerable lumbar and neck support in the reclining position.


  • Some issues are noticed regarding wring packaging and shipping of the wrong parts.
  • The recliner mechanism needs to be a bit more durable to function on a long-term basis.

13. FDW Recliner Sofa PU Leather Set 3 PCS Motion Sofa range:

If you need a complete 3 piece reclining sofa set to bring a ‘grand’ look to your living room, this can be the most appropriate reclining sofa set. This sofa has a sturdy wooden frame and pillow armrests. This construction ensures your added convenience while spending lazy hours during the afternoon or even while spending a great time with the loved ones watching movies.

Features and Benefits:

  • As you pull the lever to take the sofa in a reclined position, it takes you to almost a horizontal position. 
  • You can enjoy napping in the reclined position. The sturdy wooden frame and the dense sponge on the sofa make you comfortable in the nap mode.
  • The product packaging arrives in pieces with a maximum width of 23 inches. So, it is very convenient to take the boxes through a door.
  • As this sofa requires a little wall space to recline, it is the best reclining sofa in the class from the space-saving point of view.
  • This set includes a 3 seater sofa, a 2 seater sofa, and an individual chair. So, it would be comfortable to accommodate six persons at the same time.


  • As PU and wood are the major constituents of this reclining sofa, the users need to be careful regarding the fire hazards.
  • Some improvements in packing and forwarding of this reclining sofa set are required to avoid damage during transit.

14. USA Jewel Embellished Reclining Loveseat

Global Furniture USA presents an exotic reclining sofa that brings the ‘wow’ factor. The guests would love to be seated on this elegant reclining sofa for sure. The jewel-embellished tufted design and the attractive blue, black and white colours on the upholstery velvet fabric make this the most appealing reclining sofa. 

Features and Benefits:

  • Splendid appeal due to extra-contemporary elegance.
  • Tremendous comfort through the plushly padded seats.
  • Two reclining seats with a smooth reclining mechanism.
  • Center storage console with cup-holders.
  • Extra-wide seating ideal for lazy hours and napping.


  • Proper care and maintenance of the velvet upholstery fabric essential
  • The colours suit specific themes of interior design, wall colours and flooring or carpets.

15. Common Home CH0067 Harriet Oversized Reclining Loveseat

Common Home, the reputed furniture makers for household must-haves and product ranges for a variety of budgets, offer a magnificent oversized reclining sofa. This reclining sofa made of upholstery polyurethane brings alluring style to your living rooms. Additionally, it is quite spacious than the other options for extra comfort.

Features and Benefits:

  • You get a manual reclining mechanism for both the seats. So, the mechanism is simple and durable.
  • The PU upholstery fabric available in classic brown colour looks and feels similar to leather.
  • The hardwood frame ensures better support and strength.
  • The seats are topped with memory foam. These seats have pocketed coiled cores.
  • The back cushions are fibre-filled, providing excellent support and cushioning.


  • The manual reclining mechanism can be smoother
  • For proper support to head in the reclined position, it would be better to increase the height of the back portion.

How to choose the best reclining sofa?

A reclining sofa facilitates lavish seating for your guests and family members as well. There are some significant factors you need to consider while selecting the best reclining sofa for your home. Let us try to figure out the criteria for choosing the most appealing reclining sofa for enhanced style and elegance:

Ø Look for the correct size:

The most significant factor in determining your reclining sofa would be the availability of space in your existing living room setup. Some reclining sofa options may require a considerably larger area to take them in the reclined position. Again, the size of the reclining sofa you choose should complement the overall interior in your living room.

Generally, there are three significant sizes of the reclining sofas available on the market:

  1. Compact size
  2. Grand size and
  3. Standard size

You can choose the most suited size according to space availability and suitability with the other features in the room. Again, you can select the size as per your personal preferences regarding comfortable seating arrangement allowing your knees to take the pressure off.

Ø Prefer comfort:

The reclining sofa you choose should provide optimum support, compared to the price range. The premium quality recliners may cost a bit on the higher side. However, selecting the recliner sofa, ensuring comfort and support on a long-term basis is crucial. Therefore, 

  • The right fit of the material of construction
  • Maintenance-free reclining mechanism
  • Glorious yet long-lasting finish

These can be essential selection criteria.

Ø Determine your preferences for styling:

It is not practical to expect several features and styling options in a single product. You get plenty of options today, to suit your requirement of a love seat or a fantastic sofa to sink in for relaxation. Many brands are offering a wide-ranging variety of materials and designs to choose from. Thus, it would be advisable to narrow down styling preferences.

Ø List out the ‘must-have’ features:

Manufacturers offer recliners with many features. You can prepare a checklist of the features that you desire in your new recliner sofa, and perform your search accordingly. You can choose to have comfortable lumbar support in the sitting and reclined position. Again, an adjustable headrest can be helpful to keep your head and neck in the desired place and angle.

Ø Aesthetics and price range:

The design of the best reclining couch you choose should complement your interiors. You also need to consider the span for which you wish to keep the reclining sofa. The size, shape, colour, material, and fit of the reclining couch should not look awkward, as you alter the theme of your interior design. Again, the reclining sofa should be worth the price you pay.

Types of Reclining Sofa:

best reclining sofa for your living room

Considering the reclining mechanism and other features of the most comfortable recliner sofas, we can classify the recliner sofas in the following types:

  1. Two Position Recliner: You can keep it in two positions, upright and fully reclined.
  2. Rocker/ Glider: This recliner sofa comes with multiple reclining angle options.
  3. Push Back Recliner: You can recline this sofa by pushing back.
  4. Power Lift Recliner: This recliner sofa allows you to adjust the reclining angle, the angle of the footrest and headrest with a motorized mechanism.
  5. Wall-Saver Recliner: This recliner sofa needs merely 6 inches of wall space. You can adjust it for persons with injuries and disabilities.
  6. Powered Recliner: This recliner sofa comes with a button or remote to adjust the reclining angle. This reclining sofa is a bit expensive, yet the most versatile reclining sofa.
  7. Massage Recliner: This recliner sofa is fitted with a heater and massager to massage your calves and feet. You can get kneading, knocking and vibrating for relieving your stress and aches.

Apart from these types, we can also classify the reclining sofas according to the materials used, sizes, specialized features for utilization, and so on.

Benefits of Reclining Sofa:

  • The best entertainment setup  
  • Suitable for saving space
  • Significant health benefits
  • Spectacular features for enhanced comfort


You can follow the guidelines in this article to make your wise buying decision for your next Best Reclining Sofa. So, keep your devices and credit cards ready to order the most fabulous addition for your living room, ensuring comfort and enjoyment. Happy Shopping!


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